1. C

    Possibility of Oncam Grandeye disablement of multistream feature with firmware update

    I noticed that the Oncam Grandeye Evolution 12 360 degree IP camera resets or reboots significantly more often when I enable the second stream where the first stream is H264 and the second stream is MJPEG even when I don't exceed the reduced frame rate constraints associated with operating...
  2. N

    Hikvision DS-7104N-SN with device information showing DS-7116N-SN

    Hello, I just started with Hikvision and ordered a DS-7104N-SN and two hikvision camera's. After installing the NVR I noticed the Device Information showing model DS-7116N-SN. Even the serial number is showing DS-7116N-SN in the name. The box shows DS-7104N-SN. Is it possible to upgrade this...
  3. B

    HELP! Firmware changes on DS-2DF7284-a

    New to the forum. I have already found so much useful information here. Here is a list of equipment and history if it helps: I am running a 12 IP camera system consisting of the following: NVR - 7616NI-E2/8P w/ 8TB 1 x DS-2DF7584-a PTZ 1 x DS-2CD2532F-IWS 2 x DS-2CD2432F-IW 4 x DS-2CD2132-I 4...
  4. M

    DS-7608N-E2/8P - FW 3.3.1 shall I upgrade?

    Hi guys! I believe to be the noobiest of all, EVER!! :D I've been reading a while and before attempting to upgrade my DS-7608N-E2/8P (needless to say CHINESE) from 3.0.10 to 3.3.1, wanted double check with the experts I'm not going to brick my kit. I've downloaded the enclosed FW believing is...
  5. 1

    Another Bricked DS-2CD2032-I

    A little back story: Purchased the camera from Amazon. Got everything up and running smoothly. I was trying to configure the camera to stream through http and could only stream through rstp. The camera came installed with firmware 4.something. I don't remember. I figured I would go to the...
  6. hirez

    Where to get latest firmware for Dahua DH-IPC-HDBW4300R-Z

    Hi, I just purchased a Dahua DH-IPC-HDBW4300R-Z, but its firmware seems old. Dahua's support didn't give the latest, but told to ask it from the vendor. I did that, but I was wondering if one of you knew a place where to get them directly. My current FW is: Software Version2.420.0004.0.R...
  7. T

    DS-7108N-SN/P upgraded firmware no getting language mismatch on cameras

    To all you experts, I recently upgraded my Hikvision DS-7108N-SN/P Chinese NVR which was working fine (with firmware v3.0.10 Build 141128 - English) to v3.0.14 Build 150518, but now ALL cameras are reporting a Language version mismatch and are offline. They are also chinese imports but...
  8. B

    ezviz hikvision cs-c2s-21wpfr

    i've just bricked my ezviz ip camera cs-c2s-21wpfr( Neither i could tftp some digicap firmwares, the led stays in red...
  9. A

    Hikvision upgrade firmware to 5.3.0

    Does anyone upgraded to 5.3.0 from any kind of 5.2.5? Of course it's not possible in usual easy way but if anyone has any ideas or suggestions, that would help in the research, so we could find out a solution together. Thanks
  10. P

    ds-2cd2032-i bricked from v5.2.5 to v5.3.0 can anyone help

    Hi all and hope i can resolve my problem my setup is 4 x ds-2cd2032-i all Chinese imported to the uk with eng language v5.2.5 firmware on ds7604se/p nvr with a 3tb wd purple hdd updated in the nvr on 1 ipcam to v5.3.0 from after update got...
  11. A

    Hikvision Checksum

    Does anyone know how to calculate a new checksum, if I have modified something (mtd5/mtd6)? And where is the calculated checksum saved/located? Thanks
  12. Razer

    Ready to pull out my hair, help me with odd Hik issue aound setting an ip....

    Ok, so it is not like I've not setup 400 or so of these cameras now so I feel I know my way around pretty well. Yet here I sit stumped and ready to severely injure some Hik 3032 cameras...... I am installing 24 Hik cameras in both bullets and domes right now at a new site. I have about 16...
  13. Killer Kool

    Camera Clone ID PLEASE Univivi U611w

    Hello , I currently have a Univivi U611W Megapixel HD 1280 x 720P H.264 Home Security Surveillance Indoor/Outdoor IP Camera,WiFi spy camera,Wide Viewing Angle, Night Vision 30ft with IR-Cut support Andriod and iOS (white) The night vision is a total white out. The software has a place to...
  14. klasipca

    Firmware 5.3.0

    Is it available? Or at the very least where to get 5.2.8?
  15. Z

    Chinese 5.2.5 to European 5.3.0 -> Possible?

    I tend to buy from China couple of these Hikvision DS-2CD2132F-IS cams. Two Chinese dealers said to me that there is installed "multi-language v5.2.5 firmware" which I presume to be china region model "prehacked" to "multi-language". Any idea can I upgrade to v5.3.0 without having to learn to...
  16. B

    Which firmware is the best?

    I´ve read so many threads about bricked cams, firmware up/downgrades, language hacking and so on but I can´t find the answer which Firmware version should I take in general? 5.1.6? 5.2.0? 5.2.5? My china 2332 is on 5.2.0 (delivered with 5.2.0 multilanguage) and it works like it should...
  17. P

    Bricked my DS-2CD2032-I from China, need 5.2.5 firmware? Someone please help.

    So I just bought a DS-2CD2032-I off Amazon, it came from China. It arrived in a brown box, manual in chinese, etc. The firmware on the sticker on the camera itself reads "v5.2.8 141231". I plugged it into my Hikvision DVR (DS-7608NI-SE/8P), and it worked fine. So, like an idiot, I...
  18. SEO_9C1


    I've been looking into putting together a Hikvision system. I saw there was some good information posted in a few threads, here. I had planned on a DS-7608NI-SE/8P, but I am now looking towards a DS-7908N-E4/8P for what appears to be an incredible firmware update with the version 3.2.1...
  19. C

    Something to note about Amazon and HIK

    I have followed the advice here about USA boxes and checking the firmware to ensure English is listed on the firmware. Today I had a camera go bad. I called HIKVision USA and found the Camera was in fact a import from China, and not a USA serial number. To be clear this was in the English...
  20. J

    Bricked DS-2CD2432F-IW - help

    I tried to downgrade the firmware from 5.2.5 to 5.2.0 which works fine on my other cameras but it bricked my Cube camera. the camera is 5.2.8, what I have done wrong and how I can bring it back to life. SADP cannot find the camera, and the IP before firmware downgrade is not working
  21. A

    The Solution of hikvision 5.2.8 cameras problems

    Hi All I am alexander from russia, i read some threads about 5.2.8 cameras problems like chineses language, day of week chinese, language mismatch with nvr. This problems can be solved by a hacked 5.2.5 firmware. you need to upgrade the 5.2.5 firmware by TFTP tools. The firmware was supplied...
  22. D

    Firmware upgrade DS-2DC2132-I to V5.2.0 build 140721 (from V5.1.0 build 140411)

    Hi guys, I have searched in vain for some info on doing (or NOT doing!) a firmware-upgrade of my 5 cams. I have the following: As you can see, all cams have firmware V5.1.0 - but different builds! What worries me is that on HikVisions portal, only V5.1.0 build 131202 is available - i.e...
  23. Overcon

    Camera Configuration Question

    In BI, we have the option of specifying a resolution for each camera under the Video section, but I have noticed that the resolutions there do not match what my cameras can do. Meaning my 3MP cameras can do 1920x1080@30FPS and higher at 15FPS. What I have been doing is typing in the resolutions...
  24. D

    HikVision DS-7608NI-SE/P - Abnormal Shutdown?!

    Hi guys, I am still trying to figure out what's wrong with my NVR, as it frequently enters a coma. Anyway, I tried extracting information from the NVR log, searching for Major Type "Operation", and Minor Type "Local: Abnormal Shutdown". This is what I found (NVR was installed 15 November, with...
  25. RyanODan

    EYEsurv ESDV-NVRION-8 October Firmware - V4.02.R11 - 10/28/2014

    EYEsurv ESDV-NVRION-8 October Firmware - V4.02.R11 - 10/28/2014 New firmware for the EYEsurv ESDV-NVRION-8 // Some GUI Screens are updated // No Change log
  26. D

    What NVR firmware with what cam firmware?!

    Hi! I have been searching for a general guide to what NVR software is compatible with what cam software - but so far in vain.. Maybe someone here can help? :) Sorry if this topic has already been covered a trillion times; I have just not been able to find anything authoritative in this regard...
  27. lingnau

    Firmware 5.2.0 in English

    A lot of people are probably after this, so in case you missed it: In this topic the user soupratt posted a link to a file "Raptor_2_520_f_10_14_c.dav" (20.280.592 bytes) that is the working English(and all other languages) firmware V5.2.0 Build 140721, I've tested it on my two cameras and it...
  28. RyanODan

    Hikvision DS-76xxNI-SE(P) USA Firmware v2.3.9 (07-04-2014) Beta

    Hikvision DS-76xxNI-SE(P) USA Firmware v2.3.9 (07-04-2014) Beta Hikvision reposted the 2.3.9 Beta firmware for the 7608 after taking it down for a few weeks. I've been running it for about a month now and it works great. No changelog but they finally added the Virtual Host option which...
  29. RyanODan

    EYEsurv ESDV-NVRION-8 June Firmware - V4.02.R11 - 6/11/2014

    EYEsurv ESDV-NVRION-8 June Firmware - V4.02.R11 - 6/11/2014 New firmware for the EYEsurv ESDV-NVRION-8 ► More ONVIF compatibility added ► Smoother PTZ control and movement when pairing with Dahua PTZs
  30. N

    Hikvision 5.1.6 Firmware

    Was playing with the new Hikvision 5.1.6 firmware and discovered the following enhancements; TEST buttons galore, for Email, NTP Time Server, FTP & NAS Config. Now you can see if the camera can connect to these servers, before it was just a guess EVENTS - Dynamic Analysis for Motion works...