1. C

    Annke Firmware to Hikvision Firmware: HOW TO

    Wanted to post this for anyone that wanted to switch to Hikvision firmware. I have successfully upgraded my C500's and C800's using this method where all other methods would not. The reason I wanted to was because there was a bug in the original C800's firmware that would not allow them to be...
  2. R

    VTO2000A + VTH1560BW - video issues when calling VTO->VTH, opposite direction is ok

    Hi all, I have following setup: Outside: VTO2000A - firmware V4.300 (new one with SIP) Inside: VTH1560BW - firmware V4.300 (new one with SIP) Wired with CAT6 and CAT5 cable. After firmware upgrade I performed factory reset on both. Both see each other in terms of configuration, no apparent...
  3. tmirb

    Firmware? Which one? Where?

    Does anyone know where I can find firmware updates for the following product: IPCT-NITECOLOR-DM2 When I go into the web interface for the camera I can see the following model number: HNC344-XD/LU When I go to HikVision's website, there is not mechanism by which I can narrow the firmware down...
  4. Buttan Butt

    Choosing Dahua firmware from a list of firmwares with no further explanation

    Hi guys.... Sometimes you will find yourself having to choose between different things in life. That can be a challenge but even harder if you don't know what each option means. Would you like to have "lkjh" or a "kjhlkjuy" ??! Today I was just looking for a new firmware for my...
  5. Buttan Butt

    Some Dahua Camera settings don't persist after reboot

    Hi there! I post this information here in case someone else is experiencing the same problem. Who knows, with a little bit of luck maybe someone can suggest a solution. I prefer to set encoding for both the main strean AND the substream to H.265 and and I want to have the Iframe interval set to...
  6. I

    IPCAM C6F0SoZ3N0PcL2 firmware version V19.1.13

    Hi, In the absolute remotest chance that someone may have the corresponding .pkg software, I'm posting this here - I'm looking for V19.1.13 (any version) of the IPCAM shown in the attachment The original firmware was V19. The seller sent me V19. which isn't...
  7. watkipet

    Anyone have Brovotech firmware?

    I believe I have this Brovotech camera. It's difficult to tell because I bought the camera from Amazon from the seller, EZVIS in 2016. They no longer sell the product. The manual gives the name, "insee". I can't find that company anywhere. The camera web page lists this info: You'll notice...
  8. AveryFreeman

    Dahua firmware update works on all but 1 camera - stuck at uploading

    Having an issue upgrading my friend's HFW2831T-ZS, he bought 3 from Andy's Amazon store for his restaurant The reason I started asking about firmware updates is because my friend's HFW2831T-ZS have always acted funny. We have trouble connecting to camera recordings via DMSS app. Related...
  9. masoduco

    damage language Dahua NVR

    hi after update firmware damage language Dahua NVR How to fix problem ??? NVR Model : DHI-NVR4232 firmware use : DH_NVR4xxx_Eng_P_V3.202.0000.1.R.20170221.bin my NVR in original language ? europe - English language my NVR in original language ? Chinese (PLEASE HELP ME)
  10. pallahue

    unable to flash firmware (to reset password)

    Hi Guys, I bought a hikvision DS-7608NI-I2/8P but didn't inherit the password. I thought I could flash the firmware with existing and start afresh, but I am getting an which others have posted about and I can't seem to find a solution either: Error: Open File[C:\tftp\econt_Vision-Av2000]...
  11. F

    Hikvision NVR DS-7716ni-i4/16p Bricked

    Hi, install the latest firmware to Hikvision NVR DS-7716ni-i4/16p (NVR_K51_BL_ML_STD_V4.40.015_200616) this worked without problems for 2 days, on the third day Nvr disappeared from the map, I have tried TFTP (ip- etc... without any result, my nvr was on firmware 3.4.92 before...
  12. A

    G3 AcuSense - DS-2CD2XX6G2 (IPC_G3_EN_STD_5.5.150_200927) 5.5.150 BUILD 200927

    Latest Firmware for G3 Family DS-2CD2XX6G2, 5.5.150 BUILD 200927
  13. D

    HIKVision DS-7216HGHI-SH bricked or dead?

    Bought a second hand DS-7216HGHI-SH. Was told that just power adapter is missing. I have added regular 12V DC socket in parallel, so I can use standard 12V connector. In process I have noticed that all four 470u/10V caps were swollen, so replaced all caps just in case. On board battery CR-1220...
  14. A

    IPC-HDW2231RP-ZS Latest Firmware

    Can someone please link me to the latest firmware for IPC-HDW2231RP-ZS ? I've searched the forums, google searched the forum, and I went to the sticky post @fenderman created and can't find it. Looking for an @EMPIRETECANDY post but the only one I could find similar was for a different model...
  15. M

    Issue with e-mail setup for IPC-HDBW4433R-AS

    Hello, I can't get the config for e-mail working for this camera, I have tried both Gmail and Yahoo according to the Dahua Wiki but no success I have read on the web that it might be a problem related to the companies strengthening their security and it might be solved with a FW update? The...
  16. nonix

    How to flash using SD card instead TFTP

    Hi guys, My cam has SD card. Anyone knows how to flash fw using SD card from uBoot? I guess it should/could work around “fatload mmc ...”. Just asking if someone does have an experience in this area to ease my work. Thank you, N.
  17. M

    How to change from PAL to NTSC?

    I have a 5231 turret cam, and I see that it is set to PAL and I want to change it to NTSC. Can you help me change this? Thanks, R
  18. M

    Why does the Dahua firmware upgrade process suck?

    The procedure for Dahua firmware upgrades really sucks. Jumping through the hoops..... 1) locate the firmware and DL; 2) Log into cam GUI; 3) save config; 4) reboot cam; 5) install new firmware; 6) factory reset; 7) find your cam on a subnet you are not normally using; 8) update settings...
  19. ben_r_

    Difference Between Dahua DH-NVR4208-08P and DHI-NVR42A08-08P

    One of the locations I maintain has a DH-NVR4208-08P running firmware 3.200.0000.8.R from 04-28-2015 and I'm trying to find the latest/last firmware that was released for that model. I can't seem to find a page on the Dahua Wiki pages that lists a firmware for the DH-NVR4208-08P. All I can find...
  20. DeWaFre

    Dahua DHI-NVR5216-16P-4KS2E: NEW firmware/interface?

    Hello guys, I'm new here so hi to you all (sorry for my bad english writing skills :rolleyes::rolleyes:) I would like to upgrade the firmware of my NVR to the new interface of Dahua. Its a Dahua DHI-NVR5216-16P-4KS2E (copy/paste of current web app) The current firmware is 3.216.0000000.0...
  21. ostrichsak

    Are There Any Improvements/Features Even Worth Upgrading From v5.2.5? x265? Security?

    I've got what could be a rather large issue I recently discovered where not only do I not have Admin access to some of my Hikvision cams but I also have Chinese made cams. Huzzah! /sarcasm I stream them to various devices via Blue Iris software so admin access wasn't necessary until I...
  22. I

    Suneyes IP camera - Unable to find firmware

    Hi guys, I bought a Suneyes IP camera kit (NVR+4 CAMERAS) 3 years ago but I'm struggling to find firmware for NVR and Cameras because of the Suneyes webite is not available anymore. Do you know if there is web site where can I find the files and manual ? Thanks for your support
  23. D

    Dahua VTO2000a with wrong MCU firmware

    While I was updating the firmware for the VTO2000& and VTH1550CH to the 4.3 SIP firmware, I also did the MCU updates. All went fine except a stupid mistake from my side: per accident I selected the VTH MCU firmware and installed it on the VTO via the VDP config tool :( That update said...
  24. 0x_0

    *SOLVED* Swann NVR softbricked after firmware update - Currently on uBoot console

    Good day all, Last week I went ahead and tried to perform a firmware update on my Swann NVR (SWNVR-87285H). The firmware failed to update and the system hung. After an hour, it rebooted and halts on the loading page. Oh dear. I've contacted support a number of times, and they've been no help...
  25. A

    HikVision DS-7208-HQHI-K1 bricked no lan no ttl

    Hi, I recently tried to upgrade the dvr model mentioned to the firmware version 4.21 mentioned here, but now I ended up with a dead/bricked one. It does start, the HDD starts, the fan starts, the red led on the main board is on, but no beep and no lan or serial connection shows up. I tried to...
  26. A

    English firmware for DS-7916N-K4/16P

    Hi guys, I have a Hikvision DS-7916N-K4/16P device but unfortunately the device language is only in Chinese. Option to change it to English is not available. (navigated to the system settings with the help of google translate) I have already contacted hikvision support but they can't help me...
  27. N

    xvr5104c-x1 firmware problem

    HI dears I have problem with dvr dahua xvr5104c-x1. After web firmware update, dvr keeps restarting. Only the dachua logo appear on the screen and restart. I read the topic from the link below. Is he the solution for me...
  28. B

    dahua SD65XX-HN firmware

    I am looking for updated firmware version of dahua camera model SD65XX-HN I would be appreciated if anyone can help out : Thank you
  29. G

    Need help identifying and unbricking IPC

    As the title states. I have attached some images of the IPC itself and the serial output. I tried various firmwares which none of them got the device to boot into Linux properly. Any help would be appreciated.
  30. AveryFreeman

    General questions about Dahua Firmware

    Hey So I have never worked with Dahua NVR before but am looking into getting one for a client A few questions came to mind: 1) Am I correct in thinking 5xxx firmware covers anything NVR5000-NVR599? I don't see any firmware name more specific to the NVR I'm thinking of buying - NVR5832-4KS2...