1. Zbyszek

    Has anyone tried to flash annke I51DX to the hikvision firmware?

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone tried to flash the Annke I51DX to the hikivision firmware? I'm asking because I miss the private mask option in the Annke software and I really need it. I saw a few posts that in some models changing the firmware to HIKI can improve a lot, while in some models...
  2. imran_ningolai

    I upgraded ptz DH-SD-65F230F-HNI-T with wrong firmware, now issue with SPI flash.

    I upgraded ptz DH-SD-65F230F-HNI-T with wrong firmware through ncom and tftp, Now there is an issue with SPI flash, When i am trying to upgrade, it shows error, like when i use "saveenv" it says "Saving Environment to SPI Flash... Environment SPI flash not initialized." please help me recover it
  3. TornadoAlley

    How can I upgrade a Lorex HD DVR to a Dahua Firmware?

    Hi all. I have been researching this topic heavily but I am running into errors. I found multiple firmware files but every time I try to upgrade it the DVR says it failed to upgrade. I think the DVR doesn't recognize the firmware and is blocking it. Upon opening the device I found it has a Dahua...
  4. yorkie

    Update Gone Wrong - Possibly Bricked

    Hello, I am new here but have tried for an answer elsewhere and had no replies. Basically I have an IP PTZ which is kinda old and is a rebadged Dahua SD6982 / SD6982A - the product label is IC Realtime ICIP-2001HD-IR however as soon as it connected to my network the identifier was "Dahua" and...
  5. K

    Could not find firmware for Hikvision DS-2CD2D42F-IS-IPIT

    Hi everyone, please, i could not find firmware for Hikvision DS-2CD2D42F-IS-IPIT. I'm on V5.4.3 build 160902. There's nothing about Firmware Version Property. I've tried to see on Google but nothing found. Can i upgrade it? What firmware i can use? Thanks and sorry for my bad english.
  6. D

    Need Help with Dahua PTZ Drive Belt Replacement & Power-On Issue After Outage

    Hello IPCamTalk Community, I'm reaching out to this knowledgeable community for some advice and potential solutions to two issues I'm facing with my Dahua cameras. Replacement Drive Belt for PTZ Camera DH-SD59A230TN-HNI My PTZ camera's drive belt recently snapped, and I've been unable to find...
  7. V

    Swann NVR 16-8580 bricked while updating firmware

    I had pushed a firmware update from homesafeview app on my cellphone ad next thing I see is NVR is stuck on Swann logo. Tried all troubleshooting I can but no go. Tried to connect NVR with Hikvision TFTP and using IP as and no, it doesnt work. Cant even connect camera with TFTP...
  8. cellman

    Unbrick Dahua NVR5216-8P I/L

    Hi, i need some help with my NVR. After a third Party Camera did not work correct i restarted my NVR (at this moment the 3 Dahua Cams worked fine). After a few Minutes i tried to open the Webinterface but got no response. When i checked the NVR Hardware and connect an Screen it Only shows NVR...
  9. G

    Can anyone help with decrypting md5crypt hash?

    I found this hash $1$RYIwEiRA$6EsyjpEtqze8yGdO9qcuR0 in the firmware for IP Camera Tantos and can't decrypt it. I tryed with hashcat and john the ripper
  10. Z

    Firmware Link pls

    Can anyone find the download link for firmware version V21. for device C6F0SgZ0N0PfL2 please?
  11. 2

    Hikvision 2df8c842ixs-aelw t5

    Hello! New member here! :) I have used hikvision for many years now without any issues. Have one de5425iw. And now on the latest ids-2cd7a46g0 and a 2df8c842ixs-aelw(t5) and with some questions about this camera! i bought it, mount it and firmware was updated to v5.7.3 H8 version. and it was...
  12. H

    Amcrest IP2M-866W and IP4M-1028B Upgrade Question

    I just picked back up on my project of switching my amcrest firmware to either dahua or a different brand that is equivalent to. IP4M-1028B V2.420.AC01.3.R 06/02/2018 IPC-HX1X3X-LEXUS_Eng_N_AMCREST_V2.420.AC01.3.R.20180206 I know Dahua does not make too many PTZ 4MP camera however I found...
  13. H

    Amcrest IP2M-866W To Dahua Question

    I was wondering if it is possible to switch my Amcrest IP2M-866W PTZ to Dahua Firmware. I was searching around & found a Dahua camera that is identical with the version also being the same. How would I go about upgrading if this file is correct? Current Version on Amcrest IP2M-866W...
  14. Z

    Hikvision Portal - Firmware been removed?

    Hi, Anyone knows whats up with the hikvision firmware portal? All the files have been removed and replaced with 3 tools, SADP, Batch Config and MVA. link is here before you could individually download the firmware for your device type. Hope this is...
  15. K

    Hikvision modify firmware - white light duration

    Hello every one, I have DS-2CD2387G2P-LSU/SL and DS-2CD2387G2-LSU/SL around the house. I need help with white light duration, right now I can only set from 1-60 seconds. I would like to to change the 60 second max to either 5-30 minutes. could someone please help me edit digicap.dav file...
  16. SANAMI25

    Need ds-7608ni-i2/8p bin file

    hi i need bios bin file for ds-7608ni-i2/8p if somebody has it please send me
  17. S

    Need Hikvision clone model#/firmware upgrade for LTS NVR LTN8816-P16

    The firmware is out of date and LTS support site does not provide an update, just a product manual. What Hikvision firmware equivalent is it and is it safe to upgrade/flash firmware? LTN8816-P16 16CH H.264 NVR, 4 SATA, 16 POE, AC 100-240V
  18. dbroggy

    How to extract .dav firmware files for Hikvision cameras?

    Hi there, I'm looking for a way to extract the .DAV firmware file for any of the Hikvision cameras. This is purely for cyber defender blue team research, nothing nefarious. I saw some very old posts about using some perl files to extract it but they didn't work for me. Thoughts? Or if anyone has...
  19. reingald

    I am looking for the firmware for the IPC-HFW2100 camera.

    A while ago I upgraded one of my IPC-HFW2100 cameras and I have lost the ability to view the videos and my DVR can pick up signal from that camera. I also lost the ONVIF protocol which I believe would be the problem, I searched many forums looking for the latest firmware and I can not find it...
  20. S

    Need firmware support for my Camhi camera

    I have a generic ptz ip camera which looks like the image below and model number is C6F0SgZ3N0P9L2. The firmware of this starts with V16.1.3. Last week there was some network issues with this camera so I thought of upgrading to the latest firmware from website. I found...
  21. K

    Can't get the firmware to update

    I have a DS-2CD3132 camera. When I download the newest firmware it unzips to digicap.dav - which VLC seizes control of. My camera isn't bricked - I want to update the firmware so the api plays nicely with modern, more secure, browsers. I'm using Win 10 notebook for this but am a Linux guy - so...
  22. C


    Hi there, Running the above Dahua NVR with system version v4.001.0000005.1, build date 13-07-2021. When I try to load the latest .bin firmware update from the Dahua website via the GUI I either get an update failed & the NVR reboots, or I get no error & the NVR reboots. When it comes backup...
  23. V

    Bricked DS-7604NXI-K1/4P, am I out of options?

    Hi, Recently I've bought a DS-7604NXI-K1/4P NVR from a authorized Hikvision reseller in the Netherlands. After setting up the smart events I've noticed some inconsistencies when events we're triggered. After trying to finetune some settings in the configuration I was still unhappy about the...
  24. djfluke

    Troubleshooting IP Camera Compatibility with ONVIF and RTSP Protocols

    Hello everyone, I recently purchased an IP camera from Aliexpress. I was assured that it would work with the ONVIF and RTSP protocols. However, there is no setting in the ICSee app to activate this function. After searching the internet, I downloaded the CMS program to perform a firmware...
  25. G

    Dahua reset experience.

    I bricked a new Dahua IPC-HDBW5441F-AS-E2 trying to do a firmware update. The camera was visible on the router from my browser, but the login page was first garbled and then non-responsive. Here's what I learned getting it back online: 1. Don't update firmware if you don't need to. 2. Use at...
  26. Z

    Looking for firmware

    Does anyone have firmware version 5.5.113/5.5.114? I couldn't find it on the Internet, I want to reverse it. Camera Model DS-2CD2T43G2-4I
  27. G

    Got Dahua NVR and missing features on some Dahua Cams. Firmware Issue?

    Hey, This is my first post. I was using zone minder for years but recently gave up on it as it was just too awkward to use and maintain. I purchased a Dahua NVR NVR4108-8P-4KS2/L as all my cameras are Dahua. After connecting them up and going about setting them up things like trip wires I...
  28. Elias77

    Hikvision DS-7608NI-I2/8P Aussie Firmware

    I encountered an issue when I upgraded my DS-7608NI-I2/8P NVR to version V4.60.005_220927 from the Hikvision Australia site. Unfortunately, this upgrade ended up bricking my device. Although the NVR is an Australian version and previous versions on the website worked fine, Hikvision has removed...
  29. A

    SSH and Telnet access

    I am looking to buy a low cost IP security camera whose stock firmware allows ssh/telnet access or with basic software and/or port forwarding tweaks (no debug UART wire attachment effort possible for me). Can anyone suggest some cheap (in the range of 2500-3000 INR) available in India that I can...
  30. L

    DS-2CD2347G2-LU Error accessing camera virtual host to upgrade firmware

    I am trying to update the firmware on my Hikvison G2 Camera. I have successfully updated 3/4 which were the C models. However one wasn’t the C model and when i open up the virtual host. It gives me a blank white page: Access Error: 404 -- Not Found Can't locate document: /doc/page/login.asp...