1. Sergo

    Need firmware for DVR LS-N3525A 25ch.

    Need firmware for bricked DVR LS-N3525A 25ch. Help me if possible plz. Best Regards Serge
  2. G

    Dahua NVR5216-8p-4KS2 Keeps Rebooting

    Hello All, After a remote firmware update the Dahua NVR keeps constantly rebooting after 40-60 seconds. Probably a bad internet connection was the problem. But I really want to know how to fix this.... Via TFTP we can login into the NVR, but while flashing the new firmware the NVR reboots...
  3. B

    Why is Hikvision US Firmware so behind the European website

    Evening all, I have a DS-2CD2685FWD-IZS which I purchased late last year from B&H. Current firmware is V5.5.61 build 180718 with no update on the USA website.. I did a quick google and found V.5.6.1 Build 190604 on the European Hikvision website.. Why the difference and is this safe? Thanks in...
  4. K

    Firmware V5.5.83, no live web view from internet, works on LAN

    I have a strange issue on DS-2CD2135FWD-IS (FW V5.5.83 build 190221) where i can see the live view via web in IE (plugin V3.0.7.11) only if I access the cam from LAN. When I try to acces it from the internet, live view cannot connect, even if I forwarded all ports. The same issue is in...
  5. S

    Swann SW-Viewcam (need to change language from Chinese to English)

    I picked up something called a Swann SW-Viewcam today (for $30 CAD) from a local retailer that sells a lot of "refurbished" electronics. The camera is spec'd at 720P and it looks like the older D-Link DCS-9XX cameras. It has an SD-card slot (which is nice). I see that it is referred to by...
  6. N

    Getting 100% Dropped Frames after recent Zmodo firmware update

    I hadn't been using my Zmodo ZM-SH75D001-WA for a while, but fired it up recently and was excited to see it was still setup and working in my Tinycam settings. A few days later I logged into the Zmodo app and absent mindedly let it update the camera firmware to V7.4.1.26 (unfortunately don't...
  7. G

    china webcam

    hi i bought 2 ip cams. 1 from wish and 1 from aliexpress. New 2.0MP 1080P HD Wireless WIFI IP Camera 20M 30PCS Infrared Lights Night Vision IP66 Waterproof Camera Support PTZ Two-Way Audio Phone APP Control Motion Detection 128G TF Card (Not Included) | Wish the wish camera have this info Device...
  8. Dilbertic

    HIKVISION DS-7608NI-E2 Firmware Latest Please

    Hi, I haven't updated my DS-7608NI-E2 for awhile and I am running the V3.4.98 build171121 build. I see a 4.x platform is out, but not sure if it will work for this unit or if I am at the end of the road and what my options are? Thank Much for Info
  9. xmfan

    firmware upgrade advice

    my IPC-HDW5231R-Z firmware is: V2.460.0000.15R - Build date 2017-09-07 In reading the threads, this is available I am interested in upgrading. Question: is the upgrade done through the config tool ? Are there any gotchas...
  10. Mattattakks

    Complete newb with a cheap NVR

    Alright, so I'm no a complete newb to NVRs but.. I just purchased a new cheap NVR unit that came with 4 wireless IP cameras. The GUI seems decent, but restricted. Is this unit limited to just 4 channels only? Seems like you should be able to add additional channels. Is it because itll only...
  11. D

    PtzManualMotionDetect silencing videomotion.cgi/SubscribeNotify.cgi on newer cameras

    Hi. I've contacted Dahua for support about this and I await their supportive response... In the meantime I'd like to know if anyone uses the videomotion.cgi/SubscribeNotify.cgi interface for motion detection and knows how to shorten/disable the silence in the motion data stream after a...
  12. J

    SavvySecu IPC3042WD is actually a HikVision DS-2CD2342-I

    This camera, branded "SavvySecu IPC3042WD 4MP WDR EXIR Turret Network Camera" on, bought from Amazon, is actually an unbranded HikVision DS-2CD2342WD-I. It is also branded as "SavvyPixel 4MP WDR EXIR Turret Network Camera HD Security IP Outdoor/Indoor Dome Camera 1080p IR Cube...
  13. L

    AAC on Hikvision Cam

    Hello, does anybody know if it is possible to install AAC Audio Codec on Hikvision Cam? Cheers
  14. bp2008

    SD49XXXS-HN (Pal) V2.622.0000000.7.R.180404

    Version V2.622.0000000.7.R.180404 (April 2018) of this firmware has been tested and found to be stable with the SD49225T-HN 2MP Starlight PTZ camera where newer firmware versions were unstable. Compatible with the following models:
  15. D

    Upgrade Log: DS-7608NI-I2 / 8P

    I had trouble finding information about upgrading firmware for my unit and reading all the horror stories, was a bit worried about bricking mine. So here's a log of my experience hoping it helps someone. My unit is the "international" version (I'm from Australia) and was bought from ebay...
  16. UNLOFT

    DS-2CD2412F-IW V5.1.2_140116 all firmware you need

    After days of searching, flash by tftp , telnet and after millions of google searches... I have come to a breakthrough. I was able to find the firmware compatible with my IR CUBE DS-2CD2412F-IW v. 5.1.2 MY solved PROBLEM I need upgrade this ip cam : DS-2CD2412F-IW firm v. 5.1.2 You can...
  17. G

    DS-2CD3345F-I, Language Mismatch and No Resource

    Putting together the following NVR and cameras - 1 x DS-7804N-K1/4P NVR running v3.4.90 (English, hacked) firmware. 3 x DS-2CD3345F-I cameras running v5.5.12 (Chinese) firmware. Language Mismatch (solved) Tried Hikvision and ONVIF protocols, but they show language mismatch. Bit surprised at...
  18. J

    Bricked HDBW4421. Fixed firmware doesn't start (loops)

    I realize the camera isn't the latest but I bricked my HDBW4421R-AS. It was running 2.400.0.28 when I tried to flash "DH_IPC-HX4X2X-Themis_EngSpn_N_Stream3_V2.620.0000002.0.R.170830" from the WebUI. The camera took the firmware and rebooted and began boot looping. I could only reach it when it...
  19. A

    Upgrading failed after installing firmware

    Hello, I've installed the firmware for serial number : and it fails. I've tried using the webpage, batch configuration utility and also IVMS-4200 and all say the same. The firmwares have been downloaded from ...
  20. Z

    DS-2CD2035FWD-I aspect ratio wrong

    Hello, I own 8 European bought (official distributor) Hikvision DS-2CD2035FWD-I camera's, both with 4mm and 2.8mm lenses. I have problems with them and Hikvision support isn't really taking it seriously. As I experience the problem with all 8 of my camera's, I cannot believe I would be the only...
  21. K

    Solution - If issues with Dahua NVR608-xx-4KS2 series

    Had issues with not being able to login with IE and being locked out. Also rebooting/resetting when trying to connect. It looked like firmware incompatibility with cameras and NVR because the NVR uses 2016 firmware. Working solution. NVR firmware: Index of /images/Firmware...
  22. Hawk1891

    Newest firmware not compatible with ipc-hfw8232ep-ze

    I just recently bought an ipc-hfw8232ep-ze from Andy off of Amazon. I have tried flashing it over to the newest firware version and it just wont work. I've tried several times. With internet explorer and smartpss. I'm thinking this particular model with the current firmware cannot be upgraded...
  23. Flair_dahua

    Dahua DH-IPC-HFW1320S-W Doesn't see micro SD and can't upgrade firmware

    Hi. I'm trying to setup my camera, but it can't see micro SD... I own Samsung microSDXC 64GB EVO Plus UHS-I Class 10, used to try without formatting it - Camera doesn't see it. After formatting on other device - same problem... "No SD card found". Also, i can't upgrade firmware to...
  24. divx118

    UART/RS232 on NBD8008R - 3536DV100 V1.01

    Hi, first post here. I was looking for the rs232 connection on my newly bought NBD8008R - 3536DV100 V1.01 Hangzhou Xiongmai First I was looking at the 4 pin connector CN4, but that seems to be a USB host. I finally found some chinese description online It wasn't quite the same board, but...
  25. R

    Bricked SV3C IP 1080P Firmware help

    I tried to upgrade the firmware via the provided OV file from their website and it bricked. I am able to get info off the Serial UART connection on Putty and it says that it's looking for "uImage". How can I extract the uImage file from the good camera? I know how to get it back in the...
  26. GeneralZod

    IP Camera Firmware: DS-2CD1041-I, DS-2CD1341-I

    Hello, I bought some of these HikVision cameras DS-2CD1041-I, and DS-2CD1341-I but I can't seem to find any firmware updates on HikVision's website. Actually I can't even find the products on HikVision's website. Some of the cameras come with firmware v5.4.5_170124 and others have v5.5.5_180111...
  27. T

    Change model Number?

    Is there a utility to change model numbers on a Hikvision IPC? I like to change my R7 PTZ to a different model to see if the smart tracking feature is available.
  28. S

    Help with Bricked Yi Camera

    Hiya everyone Not sure if this is the right place to post, but this forum always pop's up when im doing google searching My friend had a Yi Home camera, and was messing around with the files on it, Not sure what he was doing, but somehow he bricked the camera. He's given it to me as he doesnt...
  29. Wumflord

    Lorex (Dahua Rebrand) Firmware Update Security Issue

    I recently bought a Lorex IP Camera but later found it was affected by the Dahua Generation 2/3 backdoor access. After finding out it was a Dahua rebrand (the WebUI looks identical), i searched for dahua-own firmware as it has a lot more customization and might cure the security flaw...
  30. M

    Firmware Upgrade—Best Practices.

    For Mac-users, what’s the proven workflows/tools for firmware upgrade or downgrade? Should there not be a certain public web page with the Dahua firmware available for download, complete with a list of changes in each version? Might you have such a url? The wiki does not provide this data...