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  1. greek2meNetcatCamptz2084

    netcat ptz2084 help please

    (I had this in the wrong place so I copied/pasted it for a new thread) Please help me connect my camera. My modem is, so I have a netgear router that's and I hooked in to it....but I can not communicate with it. It powers up, night vision works.... I have no idea what I...
  2. A

    Avise needed - Camera don't support POE

    Hello, I've been wanting to put in a security camera for a few days, and after some research i found good IP camera with Camera Processor:HI3516C + 1/2.8'' SONY IMX322, but as the seller mentioned it doesn't support POE standart for connection. So my question is even if camera doesn't support...
  3. A

    Raspberry Pi as an IP Camera for BI

    Has anyone been able to use a Raspberry Pi or Pi Zero with the Camera module to act as an IP Camera for Blue Iris? I understand the latest V2 camera module has very good resolution. I am having a horrible time finding good doc on selecting and configuring the right software that would work well...
  4. E

    Best CCTV System?

    Hello, My home was recently burgled, for piece of mind I am after an IP camera system but i'm not sure which system would best suit my needs? I have gave it some thought however and was browsing for a system that; Has some kind of back up system in case the DVR/NVR is compromised Can read a...
  5. vladimir petru

    Hello dear friends

    I have a question for you all if you can help me please, How can i connect to multiple IP cameras ( 100 IP cameras of different manufactures ) Is there a universal program i can use just to enter 100 IP addresses of the IP cameras and to see them all ? Thank you very much.
  6. thomaswde

    Hey all! First post from an IT guy just setting out down the IP camera path...

    Greetings! So I've been a fly on the wall here for a while and have learned much, thanks to all. I decided to dip a toe before plunging in but wanted to dip the right toe, so I ordered a HDW5231RP-Z as my first cam after seeing all the praise for it around here. Received it and mounted it...
  7. B

    Dahua New 2MP Starlight IR Mini Dome Network camera IPC-HDBW4231F-AS

    Bought this but didn't realize the complexity with not having a Dahua NVR. Will ship to the 48 states. IPC-HDBW4231F-AS | Dahua Technology New arrival 2MP Starlight IR Mini Dome Network camera IPC HDBW4231F AS,free DHL shipping-in Surveillance Cameras from Security & Protection on...
  8. S

    1.3M Pixels 3-IR LED Array Waterproof Outdoor IP Camera White(IR Distance 40m)

    EDITED BY FENDERMAN I am a spammer for Saysal.com we sell junk cameras and spam forums trying to scam folks. My ip address is static.vnpt.vn Next time I will think twice about spamming forums. This will also serve as a lesson to future IP camera spammers.
  9. Yamen

    educational video system

    Hi please I need help in this issue. I have teaching institute of 10 rooms, I need to install 10 IP cameras and 10 Projectors(or LED screen). lets say I need to stream signal from camera in room 5 to room 7 and 9 and at the same time I need to stream from 10 to room 1 for example. what...
  10. A

    Hisung R5003 IP Camera

    What are the video settings for Hisung R5003 IP camera on blue iris. It,s urgent any help would be much appreciated?
  11. A

    Hisung R5003 IP Camera

    How do we configure Video settings for Hisung r5003 camera on blue iris. It's urgent, any help would be much appreciated?
  12. A

    Greetings and few questions from Poland, EU!

    Hi guys, I'm Artur from Poland, Europe. I'm newbie in this business, so I need your help and knowledge. I'm looking for an IP camera with PT or PTZ, PoE and as small, as possible. What I have? 1. Living room with open kitchen and hall (ca. 40 square meters) - please see attachment 2. Suspended...
  13. elanamig

    Will Axis Communications P1224-E work with Hikvision setup?

    Hello, everyone. Not a pro, just a confused homeowner here. We have 4 Hikvision cameras in an NVR setup, all working. We'd like to add a small, discreet camera which, according to my browsing attempts, Hikvision doesn't make. Axis Communications P1224-E will work for our needs, but I can't...
  14. T

    Stay away from - Aimsecu

    Edit by fenderman: Warning I am a spammer. I spam for a company called Aimsecu. They are SPAMMERS and cannot be trusted. This post will stay up here to remind everyone that they should stay away from aimsecu. Let this be a warning to other spammers. @tools@aimsecu.com Aimsecu Above Automation –...
  15. H

    Unable to view cameras remotely on Android Phone

    Hello Everyone, Recently I have installed two Hikvision Cameras in an office. I did all the setup and now I am able to view them remotely using a static IP through a web browser, but I cannot view the cameras on android phone using any app. I have tried all the apps & also tried...
  16. T

    NVR and IP camera FTP capabilities with encoding/transcoding to a server

    Hey ipcamtalk users, Kind of new to the world of surveillance camera systems and currently doing some research for my company on viable solutions. We currently have an Amcrest DVR system that uploads using FTP to an Amazon Web Services server where we process file transcoding and storage. The...
  17. T

    IP Camera Security

    Hello, I am looking at buying a couple IP Cameras for my home. I realize that I shouldn’t place the cameras in “sensitive” areas, but at any given time, any area can be sensitive. So, I am proceeding my quest with this in mind. I am looking for an IP camera with the following features: 1)...
  18. J

    Are Axis camera's worth it?

    Hi, my father recently had a new security setup installed in our home. Our previous setup was from Honeywell and he was quite content on using an improved version from this brand, but the company we hired for the job suggested (and almost forced) us to go for Axis. Of course, the quality is...
  19. D

    Help with DIY IP WIFI Camera

    Hello, I have a food stall that I want to monitor while I'm in the office so I decided to buy this DIY IP camera kit: https://www.amazon.com/Smallest-Activated-Recorder-Camcorder-Android/dp/B01DU4TGVG/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1468677262&sr=8-1&keywords=camakt+ushap+pinhole And I plan to use it...
  20. F

    Strange problem with hikvision nvr DS-9600 series and DS-2CD2035-I ip cameras

    Ok so my TCP/IP knowledge is lower than basic so i dont know much in this area. Basically i have nvr DS-9600 and 6 IP cameras DS-2CD2035-I my problem is that 5 cameras are working/showing on my TV and 1 camera is not ( No Link ) My method to make cameras show up : what i do is using SADP...
  21. P

    ¿Security system for land without electricity?

    Hello everyone, this is my first contact with the forum, so I'm not sure I'm typing in the right place. Sorry if it is not. I tell my problem: My parents own a piece of land which is about 100km from the house in which we live (it takes over 1 hour to arrive). we have lately suffered property...
  22. M

    How to connect remote ip-camera to nvr?

    Dear ipcamtalk community! I have this problem with my Hikvision ds-7608 nvr: I would like to connect a remote camera to it (just to be clear: the camera is on a location, and the nvr is on another with another internet access). I did everything that i can think of to make it work. The nvr has...
  23. Y

    Mixing Workstation with IP Cam and NVR

    Hi Guys; I hope you can shed some light on my current situation right now, below is the connection diagram,( sorry for the crappy image). the problem i'm facing right now is that the cameras(with STATIC IP) connected to my POE switch, releases its IP from NVR and takes new IP from the ROUTER. i...
  24. D

    Dahua Auto-Tracking & Blue Iris

    Does anyone have experience with setting the auto-tracking on the Dahua cameras? If so, do you think it would interfere with a Blue Iris server?
  25. Abbell

    Cantonk 4MP Camera

    CanTonk Camera Review Background First, let me offer some perspective. I am not a techie to the extreme as many here are. I am a jack of all trades for better or worse. I do not have limitless resources to play with my toys. I am the sole provider in my house and my disposable income is usually...
  26. E

    looking for some small and cheap inside IP camera

    Hi, and sorry for my English :) I'm looking for some small(easy to hide, even if i will need to spin it) and cheap inside IP camera, to use in cellar(4m2)/garage or similar place. I can connect it by wire with asus RT-N18U (but nor by WiFi). It should work in darkness, PoE (on whot depend how...
  27. I

    IP Camera slowing down some websites only ????

    Hello I recently installed a Hikvision ip camera which is wired directly to a Lan port on my router and is working perfect but it seems to have affected my internet most websites seem to work as normal but some wont let me open them or open certain pages on the website for eg Carphone...
  28. Bizentech

    Certain cameras go offline and display "Net Error"

    I keep having this issue with one of my clients. Some of their cameras, at random, go out for no apparent reason and display "Net Error". When I go to troubleshoot it, the camera's IP address is offline (Onvif Protocol)... But the Aebell Protocol with that same IP is discoverable. Yet no Onvif...
  29. A

    Changed RTSP port of IP cam and now cannot access via browser

    Hi, I have an unknown brand IP camera and I have been accessing it over the LAN through IE to view and change its settings. I was trying out different settings and changed its default Media port from 34567 to 554. But afterwards I was unable to login to the camera through IE to revert the port...
  30. O

    DS-2CD6412FWD Firmware problem

    Hello, just bought a DS-2CD6412FWD camera on amazon. Later released that it was chinese version. have tried many times to upgrade firmware but with no luck. i tried upgrading via browser but it was saying Language Mismatch. Then via tftp, but it stops at "... initializing". I dont...