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  1. U

    IP Camera Design Question

    Hey guys I am working on installing 16 channel IP cameras (external) and have questions about POE/Extenders. I have three building and I know I will need some type of extensions. So I came up with two designs and wanted to check if it would work. I will be using different cameras (4MP, wide...
  2. C

    I wish to purchase a Hikvision IP Auto Tracking camera

    I have had a bad experience with my Dahua IP Auto tracking camera (Great to follow people but not cars) & wish to try a Hikvision Auto Tracking camera hopefully under a thousand dollars Au, Can anybody suggest a model that will give me good Auto Tracking cars. I notice in my search some...
  3. C

    Need advice please.

    Hi! I am trying to set up a city wide cctv system with the farthest camera at 7km away. I will be using a 4MP bullet ip cam on this location. And within 3km range i will be putting 6 units 4MP PTZ cameras. I would like to ask for an advice on to what hardware (camera brand and model/NVR/AP...
  4. FrankNicklin

    Hikvision NVR coax and IP Cameras

    We have a DS-7216 NVR from Hikvision which is working well. All the cameras connected are via COAX (Actually CAT5 and a Ballun). I have added a DS-2CD263F-I IP camera which has connected fine and recording fine. I have updated Live View to add the IP camera to the display in location 11, the...
  5. P

    AnpViz Model: HC-IPC3445-HS Questions ...

    Hi, I purchased this cheap POE IP Camera just to tinker with. I've not used IP cameras before and I have a QNAP NAS with QVR Pro installed on it. I knew I had to purchase a ONVIF compatible IP Camera and that's about all I know. I plugged in the the Ethernet cable to my POE switch and...
  6. S

    Lorex NR916X-N set up IP camera

    Hello, I have recently purchased Lorex NR916X-N NVR 16-channel system. When I received the system, I plugged all the cameras in nvr slot, nvr is connected to router, using upnp (default setting, just changed date and time). All the cameras are working except 2 case, Case 1: after plugging all...
  7. Deadeye

    Is it possible to access IP cameras on LAN from NVR with different POE subnet?

    I'm a newbie when it comes to IP cameras, and I just picked up a Hikvision DS-7716NI-SP / 16 NVR and I've also purchased two Hikvision dome cameras that connect to the NVR POE switches and they set up like a breeze and work just fine. Now, I had heard that you can use other IP cameras on an...
  8. Sam Spade

    Hikvision DVR/NVR connects only to Hikvision cameras?

    I recently purchased a Hikvision DS-7208huhi-k1. This is an 8 channel BNC + 2 ip camera recorder. I have tried to get this box to connect to my existing Dahua IP turret camera but no luck. It does detect the camera but cannot access it (the little yellow triangle symbol goes beside it)...
  9. G33RT

    Anran AR-24NB-IP partial funtion after FW update

    Hi to all, After I update the firmware of a Anran AR-24NB-IP this camera only partial funtion afterwards. It works very slow when login to web-if and no video anymore only black video window. Also it display two available video channels I never had that before. I downloaded the firmware...
  10. I

    MEISORT - YT342206A -

    Hi I purchased this camera on Ali Express and it works fine in their app but I would like to use it in conjunction with Blue Iris and I cant find a way to get it working. I used NMAP to scan its IP Address and it has very little open port 23 - telnet port 23456 - aequus port 34567 -...
  11. Yazen333

    Onboard Wifi camera

    Hey everyone, I would like to find wifi ip cameras that can be deployed in a vehicle and that communicate data over RTSP or in any other way that allows me to access it from a linux system.
  12. Grigory

    RTSP Camera View

    I want to introduce you the program to show the RTSP sources in one window. It can be useful for join different IP-Cam/IP-NVR/Analog-NVR systems to one workplace. If you like it, please, let me know... because I don't know, should I keep work on it, or not. RTSP Camera VLC Mosaic View...
  13. RexLoves

    Android as IP camera on dahua

    I wonder if someone did this as my android as ip camera connected on dahua like how ip cctv camera does. Anyone?
  14. Nicoleslaw

    Rookie needs help

    so I’m a total newbie to this camera and need help. I brought it so I can watch my dogs while I’m not home, I’ve brought the Sricam ip camera. I’ve connected it to wifi and I am able to view the camera on my iPhone while connected to the wifi the same one as the camera. However if I turn my wifi...
  15. Jumpion

    Protection against lightning without grounding

    1) I was wondering how you would protect the following setup against lightning: The following devices are going to be connected to the PoE switch: - one indoor camera - two outdoor cameras (obviously more susceptible than the indoor camera) - three PCs The PoE switch is going to be connected...
  16. Daniel Campos

    IPC-HDW4231EM-AS - The best for 130$?

    Guys, I'm looking for an IP camera between 100$ and 150$ dollars. Can be turret or bullet. I found this (2017 old?) camera IPC-HDW4231EM-AS for $127. Is it the best that I can buy for this price? Any suggestions?
  17. braquec

    LTS Camera doesn't accept changes

    Hi! I have an LTS Camera, specifically the: PTZIP762X20IR. When i trying to made changes like change the ip or change the name it seems like it works... but when the camera is off or reset, does not save the changes and restore it to default... this happen with both sadp tool and browser camera...
  18. J

    Offering for less than $300: Dahua 2MP 25x Starlight IR PTZ WiFi (SD49225T-HN-W)

    I'm re-posting a Dahua SD49225T-HN-W for sale. I bought it from Andy, but it won't suit my needs. He offered to let me return it but also suggested I try to sell it in the United States. I paid $335 for it, and will let it go for less than $300, possibly less than $275, depending on who pays...
  19. Oliver Martinez

    Standalone IP Camera or NVR System?

    Hi everyone, I need a little help in deciding. I am not sure what is best for my setup. I only have 10Mbps internet connection and I plan to install at least 7 cameras. I also want to be able to stream remotely and record locally, no cloud storage needed. My question for IP Cameras and NVR...
  20. abilesh

    play back recording started to lag

    hi, recently i installed 100 hik vison Ip cam along with 3 hik vision NVR and 8 TP link 16 port switchers. my ip range given from - along this network 20 computers also been connected to this same network with the ip range of on words. the entire network...
  21. D

    Scanning for Cameras off network

    I was going to put this in my other thread but its a bit off topic so I am starting a different one in case someone has a similar question. The Dahua cameras come set with a static IP of My network is 192.168.255.xxx. Currently, I have to change my local LAN settings on my PC...
  22. Chris Rogers

    Looking for suggestions

    Hello everyone. I am looking to get an IP Camera for my home to be mounted outside. I live in Canada so it has to be cold resistant. I'd prefer PT but if the angle is wide enough stationary is fine. I have access to a plug which is feet away, so I'll use a powerline ethernet adapter for the...
  23. S

    IP Cameras with build in servers v/s NVRs with build in server

    Hello, We are a small start up working with a bunch of IP Cameras. Our requirement is to pull IP Camera stream to AWS. We achieved this after playing around with a bunch of IP Cameras from various different companies. our main issue, we encountered was configuring the IP Camera for port...
  24. S

    Cams work directly to router -- not through switch?

    Hi, I picked up two inexpensive IP cameras to try out last week. They each have a POE injector, and I tested both of them connected to my router and both worked fine (simultaneously). I don't have enough ports on my router to dedicate a port to each camera (and I may add more cameras in the...
  25. P

    Starter advice. Cheap setup for recording/motion detecting outdoors.

    Any advice is welcome. I'm looking to set up a camera to watch the back porch/patio area of a ground floor apartment. Neighbours have seen someone from the apartment building back there, possibly in a peeping tom situation - I'd like to catch him. After a bit of research I'd like to set up an...
  26. jwilliams17349

    Genius Vision Mobile App Help

    I have been having much difficulty trying to get the Genius Vision mobile app working away from my local network. I have it set it up and working on my local network; however, away from the mobile network the app just has a constant spinner when clicking on the same connection that was working...
  27. Maxwell175

    Night vision IP camera for under $60?

    Hello, Are there any nice IP cameras out there for under $60? This is primarily for night security, so the farther the IR reach the better. Obviously seeing more-or-less clear faces would also be great. Thanks.
  28. A

    Any solution for free video/jpeg recording on cloud

    Hello all I wanted to know is there any service for free video/jpeg recording on cloud for 1-2 cameras and 7 days retention will also work fine
  29. A

    Dahua XVR & IP cameras

    I was recently told that the XVR5108S is not "guaranteed" to work with "other brands" of IP cameras (whatever that means) but I found out that it's accurate. The XVR5108 connects to a generic ONVIR IP camera just fine, shows the live video (preview) just fine and records (regular -green-...
  30. Atramedes

    Need help installing an IP Cam

    Hello, this is my first post. I hope i'm in the right section. So i got an IP Cam and i don't know how to install it. What i need is a live feed on my mobile device. Does it work with a NVR or can it work by itself just connected to a router and a power source?