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  1. R

    Configuring IP Camera with Raspberry Pi (Model 4)

    Hello everyone, I need some help. I am making a project in which a camera would capture videos or still images, and then forward it to the raspberry pi. Now, my aim is to use an IP Camera , in-place of the traditional Raspberry Pi camera module. So, my plan here is simple. I want to set an ip...
  2. C

    PTZ Motion Tracking Setup

    I have had a Dahua 4A425 for some time now, but have never setup up the auto tracking on it. I'm having a hard time finding any resources that detail the setup I would like. Hoping someone here will have some insight. I would like the camera to be on a constant pan from one side of my property...
  3. A

    Is it possible to connect a driveway beam alarm to a NVR via I/O's

    Hi all, I would like to try and integrate a driveway beam alarm with an IP camera and NVR to create a bit of a security system in my yard to see what cars enter my property. I have bought the driveway beam alarm in the following link: 1B-60 Wireless Driveway Beam Alarm | Ultra Secure Direct |...
  4. C

    Your simple, budget friendly, simple to navigate Camera Sytem

    I don’t have any experience with any NVR other than BI and Reolink. I would like to hear your opinions on what NVR Camera setup would be a solid option for me to install for a local small business that covers most bases. Prefer that the UI for the customer is very simple and direct, but offers a...
  5. imran_ningolai

    I upgraded ptz DH-SD-65F230F-HNI-T with wrong firmware, now issue with SPI flash.

    I upgraded ptz DH-SD-65F230F-HNI-T with wrong firmware through ncom and tftp, Now there is an issue with SPI flash, When i am trying to upgrade, it shows error, like when i use "saveenv" it says "Saving Environment to SPI Flash... Environment SPI flash not initialized." please help me recover it
  6. N

    Dahua face detection after update

    Dahua face detection option gone after nvr (dhi-nvr4104hs-p-4ks2/l) and (dh-ipc-hdw3549hp-as-pv) camera update the opition was there before the update and working i cannot get it back after multiple different manual updates any help woud be appreciated
  7. Z

    Underwater camera set up

    Hi everyone, newbie here although I have visited the site before. Ive been doing a lot of underwater photography with gopros and have played around with mobile car NVRs and DIY cameras but my next project is to use an IP camera to film under water. I have purchased a 5mp Barlus underwater IP...
  8. J

    Reolink Cameras

    I always hear all the pros bashing out Reolink. Just wondering what everyone’s experience is good or bad and why people don’t like Reolink.
  9. H

    Amcrest IP2M-866W and IP4M-1028B Upgrade Question

    I just picked back up on my project of switching my amcrest firmware to either dahua or a different brand that is equivalent to. IP4M-1028B V2.420.AC01.3.R 06/02/2018 IPC-HX1X3X-LEXUS_Eng_N_AMCREST_V2.420.AC01.3.R.20180206 I know Dahua does not make too many PTZ 4MP camera however I found...
  10. H

    Amcrest IP2M-866W To Dahua Question

    I was wondering if it is possible to switch my Amcrest IP2M-866W PTZ to Dahua Firmware. I was searching around & found a Dahua camera that is identical with the version also being the same. How would I go about upgrading if this file is correct? Current Version on Amcrest IP2M-866W...
  11. C

    Dahua TIOC camera does not recognize the IVS rule at night, original support is at a loss...

    Hello Community, I would like to ask for help with the configuration of the Dahua camera model D-IPC-HFW3449T1P-ZAS-PV-27135. https://www.dahuasecurity.com/products/All-Products/Network-Cameras/WizSense-Series/TiOC/IPC-HFW3449T1-ZAS-PV The camera is mounted on the pillar in the outdoor area...
  12. G

    Handling SMD/IVS events from IP cam on XVR recorder (Dahua)

    Since I'm new to this forum, first I would like to say hello to everyone and apologize for my bad English :) Does anyone know if the latest generation Dahua XVR recorders (I3) support SMD/IVS events from IP cameras? I have an XVR7208A-4K-I3 recorder with 3 IPC-HFW5442E-SE cams. I have probably...
  13. M

    Coral USB TPU - Anyone got any experience feeding RTSP to a Coral TPU Model

    Hi All, I have a coral tpu I got to try and learn some machine learning on the raspberry pi. I am trying to use Gstreamer to feed RTSP from a Dahua camera so the model can reference the image. I cant seem to make it work. Has anyone any experience with setting up something like this?
  14. A

    IP Camera Motion Detection Behaviour.

    Hi All, I am using Hikvision ip camera. My camera is not continuously detecting the motion of the same object continuously so lets say I am moving before the camera then my cam detect the event then it detect for 5 sec. and then clear after that even if i keep doing the movement then it is not...
  15. B

    Any downsides to adding an IP Camera to a Hikvision NVR?

    I want to add a few new cameras to my Hikvision NVR, but the wiring is problematic in a couple of cases. But if I go through the Attic I could run the Cat6 to my upstairs POE switch. I know I will use up a camera slot(s) on the NVR, but any other downsides, like bandwidth. I'm running a...
  16. P

    Dahua camera playback error

    Hi everyone I need some help regaring my dahua ip camera I have an nvr along with 5 1080 p ip camera All the camera come in my gigabit switch and from there to my router i am facing issues with the playback of my camera i can nt playback my camera on the dahua app in my phone when im using my...
  17. T

    IPcamera using Starlink Internet and RTMP

    I'd like to get a webcam setup using starlink to stream to youtube. Has anyone tried this or know if it is possible? Thanks.
  18. P

    4 IP CAM connect to PoE Switch, 4 IP CAM direct to NVR ?

    Hello, Im newbie in this forum, also newbie in IPCAM installation. so i have 4-6 IP CAM that needs to be connect PoE switch because our main office is prolly 100-120 meters from our backyard. i want to put PoE Switch in around 60 meters from the cameras, before connect to our main office. my...
  19. I

    Cannot open port RTSP Chinese v380 bulb IP cam

    Hi everyone I just bought an IP Camera Chinese 360 WIFI with seri IPC-V380-E27 i try to open RTSP with file config ceshi.ini but didn't work. Until now, only ports 8800 and 9800 have been open. Is there a way to open the RTSP port on the V380 of this model? I suspect the firmware
  20. kombajn

    Is there any way to connect a cheap Chinese outdoor camera to my Dahua NVR?

    Hi, this is my first time posting, but I have tried everything but to no avail. my FIL just bought a cheap solar powered Wi-Fi camera, to accompany the 3 Dahua cameras that are connected to a Dahua NVR over a switch, that is connected straight into a router. I somehow managed to set up this...
  21. 1

    Dahua ip camera latest firmware's

    Hi all, Where can I get latest firmware for below mentioned ip camera's. 1)DH-IPC-HFW14B0S 2)DH-IPC-HDW1230S 3)DH-IPC-HDW12B0SP-L 4)DH-IPC-HFW1220S 5)DH-IPC-HFW12B0S-L 6)DH-IPC-HFW12B0SP-L 7)DH-IPC-HFW2320R-ZS-IRE6-S2 8)DH-IPC-HFW2431SP-S-S2 9)DH-SD49225T-HN 10)IPC-HFW1220S
  22. U

    IP camera over 2-wire POE

    Hi. I'm looking to run an HD IP camera over a shielded twisted pair for a maximum of 150 meters. (24 AWG, or best case 20 AWG). Both power and data. Not a specific camera. Is the following a viable choice? Transfer rates will be limited to 10/100...
  23. K

    Dahua NVR Multiple IP Cameras on POE Switch on POE Switchport

    Good Day Typing this from memory, as I have not worked at this site for a while, but need to go back there soon. My client has a Dahua DHI-NVR5232-16P-4KS2 NVR, with several Dahua IP Cameras. The NVR is locked away in an office at a far end of the building (for physical access security and...
  24. SaeedKY

    Different port types are confusing

    I am setting up a bunch of Reolink and AmCrest cameras with my Blue Iris. I've set unique static IPs for the cameras. However, all these port numbers confuse me. In Blue Iris, I see two mentions of ports when setting up the camera (under the "video" tab): 1) Media/Video/RTSP port, and 2)...
  25. F

    Cat5e or Cat6 for IP Cameras at long distances?

    I'm looking for some advice about pro's/con's of cat5e versus cat6 for long distance runs to IP cameras. The distance from the network room to the furthest camera is approximately 450 feet (137 meters). There are several IP cameras at this distance. We are organizing to use Dahua 4MP cameras...
  26. S

    Can I create a ip camera CCTV system?

    Is it possible to create a CCTV system (offline/local only) with PoE and/or wireless ip cameras connected directly to a wireless router or access point without using a NVR. I want to use ip cameras with large capacity sd cards that can connect to a offline router, then be able to wirelessly...
  27. D

    Anyone experience with Dahua Airfly?

    Hi, I am looking for a new alarm system in my house. I already have 2 IP cameras with a recorder from the brand Dahua. Today I saw dahua also sellf alarm products named Airfly. Here in the netherlands they don't sell it. I also can't search on other countries. Is this end of life? Thanks Dion
  28. M

    Install Swann IP POE camera on Hikvision nvr

    I am trying to get a Swann IP POE camera to work on a Hikvision nvr. I have tested the camera on Swann vrn-8580 and it tested fully working, I have also tested the Hikvision nvr with Hikvision camera and it is tested working. Technical Specs for Swann Camera Make: Swann Model: NHD-885MSB, 4K...
  29. nekodarake

    Hello everyone, does anyone know about brillcam outdoor camera?NOTE I AM A SPAMMER

    I AM A SPAMMER WORKING FOR BRILLCAM - STAY AWAY FROM THIS JUNK. Brillcam UHD 4K 8MP Outdoor Camera, Security IP Camera with 130ft Night Vision, H.265, 2.8mm Lens, Onvif, PoE, IP67 Weatherproof, Built in Audio and MicroSD Slot with Surveillance/Motion Detection...
  30. kamilsweb

    Hikvision MJPEG substream embed to HTML

    Hi, we're using a couple of hundreds Hikvision Cameras for a University; our requirement is we want to embed them to a web page hosted locally. (Cameras, NVR, and webpage are on same local network). Hikvision Camera Model: DS-9664NI-I8 We don't want to use RSTP, we will use HTTP. We're able...