1. kc8tmv

    AI Timeout - what happened?

    Updated from to Thought everything was running ok until I noticed a lot of missing notifications. Went and looked and it was the AI Timeout error that was happening. So I rebooted just to be sure any random Gremlins were flushed out and got the same issue. Reverted back to...
  2. ibininja

    knowing if NVR supports wifi dongle

    I've recently bought this nvr off aliexpress https://www.aliexpress.com/item/33047083431.html I should have researched this more before i bought this. In the description it says it supports 3g/wifi. when I plug a wifi dongle its not recognized. In the network settings there is only wired...
  3. D

    IPC-HFW3549T1P-AS-PV new firmware concerns

    Hi all, I have bought an IPC-HFW3549T1P-AS-PV Dahua IP camera and that's the first and only one I have. Unfortunately, overwrite function for micro sd card doesn't work and I cannot set up my smtp Gmail account either. I thought that a firmware upgrade could help me with that and maybe add some...
  4. P

    improving Annke C800

    I'm running an Annke C800 dome and turret camera and the quality is OK but it suffers with ghosting at night. I just found footage of a raccoon running around in front of it and BI/Deepstack didn't see it (o.O). Anyway, when I view the feed (at night) it has some significant ghosting...
  5. A

    FI9821P can't upgrade

    Hi, I recently bought a FI9821P camera second hand. I have about 9 Foscam FI9821 camera's running so I know a little bit about them. This one has firmware and, no plugin installed. When trying to install the plugin it comes up with plugins.gpk. I don't know what to do with that...
  6. D

    Huge CPU load after upgrading to v5

    Hi everybody, I recently upgraded my BI v4 setup to v5. I followed the suggested steps and the install went like a breeze. It struck me that not all settings survived this migration, some cameras became unavailable en needed a hard reset. A PTZ cam lost its presets and started panning as if...
  7. R

    Converting EZVIZ C6TC from Chinese to English

    Hi, TLDR; I have installed US firmware on CN hardware but unable to connect to EZVIZ service. I purchased a couple of C6TC (CS-C6TC-32WFR) IP cams from TaoBao in an attempt to save a few dollars. What I didn't realise was that the cameras are region locked and it requires a Chinese phone...
  8. E

    System Selection Help Needed

    A good friend of mine asked if I could help him update his camera system. He currently has DI-0635V SUPERDOME® 620TVL INDOOR IR DOME CAMERA W/ AUTO-IRIS VF LENS cameras with a Truon DVST 8808 8 CH H.264 DVR. So he has coax. He said the new cameras all can be stationary. Is there a decent...
  9. Overcon

    OK Could use some help (Upgraded to BI5)

    So, I upgraded to Bi5 and now, pretty much everything important isn't working :) All of a sudden I am getting errors Clip: Disk Not Ready. I am getting it for all the cameras. It has been working fine until the upgrade. I am writing them to a NAS with 20TB of space. The other issue I can't...
  10. D

    Hikvision DS 7732 NI-SP - Upgrading Hard Disk

    Our NVR has two hard disks, 1 x 2TB and 1 x 4TB. I'd like to replace the 2TB with a second 4TB but don't want to lose the data that's on it. If I move the 2TB disk to an external eSata drive enclosure will the recordings on it still be accessible? Or is there a better way to do this? Thanks in...
  11. D

    Upgrade Log: DS-7608NI-I2 / 8P

    I had trouble finding information about upgrading firmware for my unit and reading all the horror stories, was a bit worried about bricking mine. So here's a log of my experience hoping it helps someone. My unit is the "international" version (I'm from Australia) and was bought from ebay...
  12. Pax

    Recommendation of starlight camera (better than 4MP)

    I've been watching/reading threads here for some time. I appreciate all the great info people provide here. Can someone please recommend a camera that would be an upgrade to my current Starlight 5231R-Z ? I'd like a camera with the same low light capability as 5231R-Z but with 3 or 4...
  13. M

    Firmware Upgrade—Best Practices.

    For Mac-users, what’s the proven workflows/tools for firmware upgrade or downgrade? Should there not be a certain public web page with the Dahua firmware available for download, complete with a list of changes in each version? Might you have such a url? The wiki does not provide this data...
  14. I

    Hikvision Cameras Firmware Upgrade Query

    Hey Guys I have 6 Hikvision cameras on the following firmware DS-2CD2432F-IW x 1: v5.2.0 build 140721 DS-2CD2332-I x 3: v5.2.0 build 140721 DS-2CD2335-I : v5.3.3 build 150803 DS-2CD2335-I : v5.3.3 build 150514 They are all chinese cameras I believe with english firmware Can I upgrade them...
  15. eladnova

    Help - Cannot upgrade firmware

    Hi guys I have a cube camera DS-2CD2442FWD-IW purchased from an authorised UK company. It's running V5.4.3 build 160902 and will not upgrade firmware. Constantly getting error of "Upgrading Failed". Is there a working solution for this?
  16. nofali

    Firmware upgrade

    Hi guys i am new here in ipcamtalk hope to find all my answers about ip cameras in this forum , I've recently ordered tow Dahua Chinese Version ip camera from Aliexpress, I got tired finding the English firmware could anyone here give me a hand...
  17. E

    Hikvision FW update fail. How to fix ?

    Dear all, I upgrade hikvision camera model : DS-2DF7274-AEL. After I uploading file via browser finish It's fail and I can't fine IP address any more. I try to use TFTP to upgrade my camera. The camera didn't reboot after upgrade. I can ping and access the camera via telnet, but no access via...
  18. T

    Upgrade 5.3.3 to 5.4.0 for DS-2CD2335-I

    Hi guys, I wondered if anyone could point me in the right direction to help me update my new DS-2CD2335-I camera to version 5.4.0? I only ask as I bought two cameras from the cheap chinese sellers on ebay and one came with version 5.3.3 and the other with 5.4.0....and there seems to be a few...
  19. T

    BI3 to 4 upgrade

    Ok, I know Bi4 has been out for quite a while so this will seem odd. But stick with me..... I have 2 licenses for Bi3, i bought the 2nd when i was switching to a different computer and did not want to mess with having to juggle the license back and forth in case i had issues with the cut over...
  20. I

    v5.2.5 TLS support or upgrade

    Hi, I have a DS-2CD3132F-IWS running firmware v5.2.5. I have found v5.2.5 does not support TLS email support which I need for gmail notifications. The language flag is set to 1 however the serial of the unit has CH in it. DS-2CD3132F-IWS20150805CCCH533****** I assume this camera takes an IPC...
  21. rmoran

    01/03/2017 BI update and Dropcam Pro not working

    I just updated my BI about 15 minutes ago. I have 4 Dropcam Pros connected via rmtps and have been working for the last month (I'm new to BI). After the upgrade it says "No Signal" on all my cams? Any ideas?!? TIA
  22. M

    Buying from Aliexpress, what does "support upgrade" mean?

    Hello all! I want to buy a hikvision nvr and a couple of cameras from aliexpress and I keep seeing "support Upgrade", "international version", "multilanguage support", "don't update firmware or you will break the cam" etc.. What do all these mean? Are these cameras not original hikvision...
  23. A

    Hikvision 2xx2 chinese fw 5.0.2, i want to update, what do?

    I have some hikvision cams from late 2013/early 2014, bought from aliexpress. One dome DS-2CD2732F-IS, two bullets DS-2CD2032-I. Firmware 5.0.2, English included, even the osd day of week. In the serial number i see the code CCRR, i guess this fw is based on some Russian hack that allows the...
  24. G

    Hikvision R0 series chinese 5.2.5 to newer upgrade

    Hello, I own a Chinese (CH in serial no) Hikvision DS-2CD2032-I camera, which came with firmware 5.2.8. Due to recent changes in gmail, I need to upgrade to newer firmware. I downloaded an European/international version, which of course didn't work, but thankfully, I found a Chinese 5.2.5...
  25. davebode

    DS-2CD2432F-IW upgraded to 5.3 now boot looping - can't access

    Hello, Just got around to addressing the Gmail issue with my DS-2CD2432F-IW. Read a post on here that indicated I needed to upgrade to latest firmware and re-configure some things. I mistakenly upgraded to DS-2CD2x12,2x32 IP camera firmware v5.3.0_150513 and now the camera appears to be boot...
  26. N

    DS-2CD3145F-IS firmware upgrade

    I have Hikvision camera bought from Aliexpress: DS-2CD3145F-IS current firmware version: V5.3.3 build 150514 I got another one which had newer much nicer user interface, any possibilities to be able to upgrade chinese bought hikvision cameras.
  27. J

    DS-2CD2142FWD-IS camera How do I determine if firmware is upgradable

    Can someone tell from the labels on the outside of the box, what region this camera is for? And if it has upgradable firmware? Or do I have to open the box to get access to additional labels? (I do not have access to open this box) The label says:Model: DS-2CD2142FWD-IS 2.8mm 4MP/ 1/3"CMOS /...
  28. C

    V4 upgrade procedure

    Pardon me for making my first post a question, but I don't seem to find the answer anywhere prior to installation. I have been running BI V3 for a couple years; very good product. I have delayed trying V4 until now. But now I have purchased the upgrade to V4. My question is whether to...
  29. P

    IP Camera Firmware problem

    Hi, I recently tried to upgrade the firmware on my Avtech AVN314Z IP Camera when I was doing this the upgrade took a very long time. I hit the cancel button and now I am now not able to see or access the camera on the network. The network and power lights are flashing to indicate an upgrade. I...
  30. O

    no access after firmware upgrade (DS-2CD2132F-IWS to 5.3.0 build 20150814)

    :sad:Hi, I have a DS-2CD2132F-IWS connected by LAN wirh POE. Address is with port set to 8113 - this was before the "upgrade" I downloaded...