1. Kitsos

    SriHome NVS001 – forgot device password, cannot reset to factory settings

    Hello all, Let me first say that I have browsed some relevant threads in this forum, but I have reached a dead end. I am aware that my NVR (NVS001 - WebArchive) is low quality, but I want to make one last attempt to make use of it before researching for a Hikvision or a Dahua. Recently, I...
  2. The Old Man

    How to access OSD Menu on Dahua DH-HAC-HDW1200EMP

    Hello! TL'DR: Does anyone have any experience accessing the OSD menu on the Dahua DH-HAC-HDW1200EMP? I live in the UK and have 4x Dahua 1080p HDCVI cameras (model number DH-HAC-HDBW1200EP PAL/30m/3.6mm PN: on my 8 way Dahua HCVR7208A-V2-1T, but I cannot access the OSD menus...
  3. V

    Reset Dahua NVR

    Hello, I bought a house where there are Dahua cameras. They are connected to a Network Video Recorder Dahua NVR4208-8P-I but, unfortunately, the previous owner didn't reset it. I know there is two ways to do it: 1. Go in the settings and click a reset button; and 2. Press a physical button on...
  4. K

    Hikvision NVR Jumper Reset?

    I lost the changed password for my Hikvision DS-7108NI-Q1/8P at least a year ago and just put it on a shelf. I'd like to reset the NVR to Factory but there's no reset button. I opened it up and I see a memory battery, and more than one set of unused connection pads e.g. jp4, etc. Does anyone...
  5. Dave88LX

    Another "password for NVR5416-4KS2" thread -- have pattern though

    I purchased a Dahua NVR5416-4KS2 NVR from @EMPIRETECANDY in 2017. I started messing around, setting it up. Life got in the way, it's been sitting in the basement. Now I'm trying to get things going again. I remember the pattern login, but, not the admin account login. I've searched a few threads...
  6. B

    LTS Brand - LTN8708-P8 NVR help

    I inherited 2 LTS brand ( 8 channel DVR units supposedly "professional" level as consumers cannot buy or get support from company unless you are a dealer. Cannot get password on DVR reset despite all attempts at using SADP software and contacting manufacturer. I did not buy...
  7. M

    Hikvision DS-2DE3A400BW-DE ColorVu - hardware reset button

    Hope this thread is helpful to someone. I ordered a used Hikvision camera from a reputable, authorized US dealer (I'll leave them anonymous for now) and found that it had not been factory reset! It had a non-standard IP address and had an administrator password set. I was essentially locked out...
  8. A

    All cameras keep restarting at night or no image

    Installed system all way good but now Having issues at night time with the colour vue cameras they keep cutting out going all pixely flickering only at nighttime and have a strange line at the top of the image on all cameras even during daytime can anyone help or knows what’s wrong...
  9. S

    30X Zoom HD Outdoor/Indoor PTZ IP Speed Dome Camera 5MP 1080P 80M IR ONVIF POE

    jk-phd54fdm550aprm China Brand .. missing password and login. Need a way to resetting or make a new password. Any that can help me with that 30X Zoom HD Outdoor/Indoor PTZ IP Speed Dome Camera 5MP 1080P 80M IR ONVIF POE
  10. F

    Help with reseting camera video format.

    Hi guys, I got this problem today and im trying hard to fix it but im unable to. The problem is that i changed the camera video format on the OSD by mistake using XVI Controls on the DVR and i got a black screen on that camera, and im unable to get it back to working. So after using google i...
  11. Kiady


    Hello and thanks for your help in advance . I have an ez-ip camera from dahua, after having reset my camera, the tab to be able to change the password when the device is started for the first time no longer appears and in ip config the camera is already initialized. what is the problem if...
  12. Lee Arrowsmith

    Hikvision Hilook DVR-204Q-K1

    Hello All, new member here and desperately need some help with my Hikvision Hilook DVR and resetting the admin password. I've been in touch with Hikvision support multiples times and tried to reset the admin password using the XML file support sent me via the SADP tool. Unfortunately after...
  13. Lorenz

    NVR4104-P-4KS2 - what to do if reset the password via email does not work?

    Hello, I have a question for Dahua product experts! I purchased this NVR but after losing the password. Using the password retrieve password via qrcode, even if the email is entered correctly I do not receive any unlock key. How can you reset the NVR in another way? I have already tried a...
  14. C

    Hikvision Password reset

    Hi guys, Made a boo boo today. Setup an NVR a couple of months ago and have forgotten the password. I have followed hikvisions procedure to reset (send xml file from SADP). They sent back a reset file but it doesn't work. I get error code "failed to reset password other: 2022" does anyone know...
  15. Bob Smith

    Resetting cameras without a reset button

    I have these cameras: LV-PB3140WC and LV-PB912F4C. They are bullet cameras and they don't have a physical reset button on them. I reset my NVR back to factory and apparently the password I chose this time in the setup doesn't match what the cameras have and I can't figure out what they are set...
  16. luculescu

    Help me to reset password of admin user

    Hi guys, I tried a lot to find an answer about resetting password for my TURBO HD DVR DS-7100 Series but no luck, I tired with the script ( Hikvision Password Reset Toolinstalling Hikvision Tools v. to insert the code ) , I tried also an old software to reset password but same result...
  17. sboy

    How to hard reset Dahua IPC-HDW4431C-A

    Hi all, I have setup this Dahua camera IPC-HDW4431C-A, and she has worked for 6 months only... Not is seems she is death. I cannot connect to it. The router can see the camera but cannot connect to the cam. Sometimes I can hear some noise ''crk crk'' in the camera. I can ping the camera, but...
  18. T

    How to factory reset a DH-IPC-HFW4431-M-I2

    Hi Got myself confused adding another camera to my system and need to do a factory reset on the subject camera. I understand there is an internal switch somewhere inside but I can't find it. I suspect it might just be a jumper. I can't find it on configtool and couldn't find anything similar...
  19. B

    imporx dome camera stopped responding to hard reset option?

    Does any body know why my imporx dome camera stopped responding to hard reset option? It stopped sending emails as well. no reset button what can I do?
  20. Crazykiller

    Motion detection problems with IPC-HFW1320S-W

    Hey guys, did anybody else encounter problems with the motion detection feature in the IPC-HFW1320S-W? I use motion detection for record and works well for a few days. After a couple of days the sensitivity is set back to 60 for Region1 and no area is selected. So no motion is recorded anymore...
  21. James Monroe

    Need to add license after each reboot

    We have a standalone license which has tells us its been entered too many times and must be reset. The problem is that I have to enter this license every time the PC is restarted. Each time I add it, the license inserts properly and validates and allows me to work with all cameras. Next...
  22. D

    New Password Reset for DVR,NVR, CAM Help

    im trying to restore the password of my DVR using SADP with its way of exporting the XML file...there is way i can generate the fixed file to import into the DVR so that i can get the password to defaults? or currently there is no third party tool to do that? thx
  23. V

    HIKVISON ds-2cd2132-i unreachable in browser or SADP tool

    HIKVISON ds-2cd2135F-iS unreachable in browser or SADP tool Good day Friends, I have a ds-2cd2135F-iS (the 2015 version ) that i reset using the hardware button inside. After the reset the camera is unreachable in the browser or in the SAPD tool. I have set my router to router My...
  24. E

    Somebody knows how to factory reset a Sunba camera? (805-DG20X)

    I received recently an Chiness Sunba 805-DG20X Camera, the camera has very good image, but probably bugy software because when I tried to change software option from 2 streams to 3 streams,the camera was not allowed to return to login, it show login screen, but don´t do anything when you hit OK...
  25. S

    DST resets to 30 on power reset

    Has anyone found a work around to forcing the camera to stop reverting back to 30 minutes for DST time bias on power reset? I have a bunch of different model cameras that do this and it doesnt seem to always happen.
  26. fenderman

    4.0.2 - March 12, 2015

    4.0.2 - March 12, 2015 The Windows Performance Data Helper (PDH) is now used to get CPU usage time for display within the software. This should provide more accurate information on multiple-physical-processor systems. Flash/RTMP streaming to UStream should now be functional on 64-bit systems...
  27. bp2008

    Hikvision camera admin password reset tool

    If you have ever locked yourself out of a Hikvision camera or NVR by forgetting the admin password, and had to beg Hikvision or anyone else for an unlock code, you will appreciate this. I present a small tool that lets you generate your own unlock codes which can be entered into SADP to reset...
  28. P

    Retreiving cam password

    Hello, Yesterday I reveived a new DS-2CD2132F-IS (from China via Aliexpress). Got it working in BI within 5 minutes. Product seems great. This morning, having not completly woke up, I deleted the new password for this cam from my PW app. From what I've seen from the previous model (2132I)...
  29. D

    How often does your HikVision NVR become "comatose"? What do you then do?

    Hi guys, Some months ago, I had a great ordeal with my new HikVision DS-7608NI-SE/P dying on me - and even a replacement unit also dying. Anyway, I received back a re-installed PCB from HikVision, which I then installed in my NVR and got back in business. Firmware is now V2.3.9 build 140820...