1. J

    Lorex started taking pre orders for new 4K doorbell B862AJDB

    Hi All, I know Lorex sells Dahua rebranded cams and till now they were selling 2K doorbell similar to Amcrest AD410. But now I just saw them taking pre-orders for new 4K doorbell with model# B862AJDB. Specs say it has vertical head to toe view and person, vehicle, animal and package detection...
  2. bugmenot

    Connecting Hikvision DS-KB8113-IME1(B) / (DS -KB8112-IM) to electric strike

    Hello, Before I start wiring it up, just want to be sure I understand it correctly. I have DS-KB8113-IME1(B) powered by POE (with Poe++ switch). I have symmetrical electric strike (works with AC 12V 530mA or DC 12V 660mA, there is no set (+) and (-) on it, you can wire how you want). To my...
  3. C

    Installing a new complete doorbell system

    Hi all! First time poster here, I'll try to keep it on point and thanks for any help you can provide. I am replacing my current voice only doorbell system for a new one, the requirements are: PoE powered Video/audio capabilities Ability to open two magnetic locks on the same door separately...
  4. ranjanv

    Can Hik-Connect App use Badge / Banner notifications?

    Using the DSKV6113-PE1(C) Villa Intercom with 2 internal monitors and the Hik-Connect App for iPhone. When the doorbell is rung, it is calling my iPhone. Instead of calling, can the app provide a Badge / Banner notification instead?
  5. kc8tmv

    NDB31-W Doorbell Camera - Audio setup in Blue Iris?

    Camera works fine with video and audio in it Guarding Vision App. But in BI, I can get the video to work, but not the audio. Can someone suggest the right settings in BI to get the audio working?
  6. D

    WTS First Generation VTO and VTH's

    For the back story, please see my post in the Doorbells Forum. I have a Dahua DHI-VTO1210C-X Apartment Outdoor Station (2-wire power) and three compatible Dahua VTH5221D indoor touchscreens (POE) for sale. All are unused (except for bench testing) and they even have the protective film. I would...
  7. Q

    KH9510 video call freez

    Hi, Have any of you had a problem with the video call view freezing on the KH9510 ver. B? When I start a conversation straight from the panel, everything works fine. But when I call from the doorbell (in this case, KV8113), after a few seconds of the conversation, the picture freezes and there...
  8. K

    Dahua doorbell lineup

    Hi! I replaced my fence and I would like to get IP doorbell installed to pick up the calls/ open the gate on my phone. There will be another (better) camera looking in that direction so the video quality is not top priority. I have Ethernet wires installed and I want to go with Dahua. Any...
  9. Z

    Hikvision DS-KB6403-WIP password reset for unbinding

    Hi I created a new hik connect app and I am trying to reconnect to my hikvision doorbell DS-KB6403-WIP . Unfortunately it is bound to my previous account and asking for a password to unbind which i have forgotten. Is it possible to reset the password on these doorbells? there is no reset button...
  10. B

    Hikvision DS-KD8003 back light and IR

    Hello all, Just wanted to know if anyone know if the DS-KD8003 integrates the back light button and IR turned on during night periods and not just when people presses the button. Thanks
  11. Hadriwa

    Can’t get Hikvision Doorbell to work

    Hi I have a Hikvision DS-KV6113 connected to a monitor DS-KH6320 via Ethernet. The live view function also works fine, but if someone rings the bell it only says Calling Failed. Also, I can't connect the bell to the app or the software for the PC. Does Anyone know what I’m doing wrong?
  12. K

    Getting Started - Camera Selection

    I'm getting started with camera selection and would love to get a few questions answered first. I've read and learned quite a bit from the IP Cam Talk Cliff Notes and various posts, which are mostly a few years old. I believe the primary takeaways thus far have been around (1) mapping the DORI...
  13. M

    Amcrest AD410

    I recently bought the AD410 from Amcrest. The doorbell is about 10-15 feet away from my other 2 cameras in the same location. I have set the doorbell with the same settings in BI as these other 2 Wyze cam V3 using Deepstack. I notice that the Wyze cams are able to detect motion from cars about...
  14. N

    Advice on a system for an Elder

    I've setup several Hikvision systems, now I need to setup my parents who are elder and who have a summer home too far for me to install. I wanted to get the a 4-5 cam system + doorbell cam, NVR etc. I wanted an ONIVF system so they dont' have monthly fees, but regarding the doorbell cam I'm...
  15. O

    Advice thought on suitable doorbell to be used from BlueIris

    I am thinking of upgrading my security and alarm system and would like to self manage using BlueIris, but before hand I would like to know if what I plan is doable. Can you please advise a newbie on this question. I believe that adding HikVision cameras will not be a problem, my concern is the...
  16. brahmioo

    Hikvision DS-KV6113-WPE1 bad audio quality

    Hi Guys, I've bought the DS-KV6113-WPE1 and am using it standalone(Hik-Connect), so I've upgraded to the latest firmware that is compatible with this device working standalone (V2.1.5 build 200904) But almost every call that I get has very bad sound quality, I can't even hear what people are...
  17. C

    Ezviz DB1 with no chime

    Hi all, I have just purchased an Ezviz DB1 and would like some advice on how to install this without a chime. The reason for this is my dog HATES the chime and loses his mind every time the doorbell is pressed. I apologise in advance if this has been asked before but I couldn't find it on the...
  18. U

    Hikvision Doorbell DS-KB8112-IM Issue: Can't get doorbell press alarms sent to multiple hik-connect accounts

    Hi, I have the Hikvision Doorbell (DS-KB8112-IM) and running firmware V1.4.5_190219 (region code for my unit is WR). I do not have the indoor station. I can successfully connect this unit to Hik-connect and when I press the doorbell button I receive the call on my phone with the Hik-connect...
  19. M

    AD110 Amcrest Doorbell - Focus Distance Issue

    Hi, all, just added an AD110 to my growing collection of Amcrest/Dahua cameras. Interesting concern that I haven't been able to find online. It appears my unit's focus depth is stuck in macro/shallow. For viewing anything from two inches (50mm) to six inches (150mm) from the camera lens, the...
  20. TundraCam

    Door Station w/ 2 buttons ?

    Is there a good door station / doorbell that has two buttons (plus camera and possibly mic & speaker)? I'd like to be able to distinguish between someone standing at the door who needs someone to come immediately and a package drop-off that is not so urgent. So far those that I've found are...
  21. O

    Uniview URDB1 - A doorbell with great image quality, Onvif/RTSP streams, and EXIR, but no mechanical/digital doorbell support.

    When I heard about Uniview's doorbell, I was immediately excited to try it out and got my hands on it that same week, thanks to some great connections that I have in the CCTV world. I was already on the lookout for a replacement to my Hikvision doorbell, and it seemed to meet all my requirements...
  22. S

    New Laview DB6 2.1MP AI Doorbell Camera - Battery Powered.

    I was looking through Laview and saw this newly listed, though it isn't for sale yet. Its a battery version of a doorbell camera. I assume its a rebranded Hikvision camera. The page is so new the video that is linked is wrong it shows the 3MP one we are used to that is hardwired only. Below is...
  23. IT-man

    How to integrate Dahua intercom SIP version to other SIP servers.

    Hi I am using VTH1550CH & VTO3211D-P2. both of them upgraded with SIP firmware successfully. I could successfully register my extensions in the SIP server(ZYCOO U20) :) , but can not make calls :(. I think it's codec problem , although I've already enabled the video stream codec(H.264) and...
  24. E

    Amcrest Doorbell "chime kit"

    I have a question that no one has yet answered. I bought a AD110 video doorbell. It has a little box that is called a "chime kit". Being an engineer, I am curious as to what is in this little box. Can you answer that? ALSO, I have a rational reason for asking this question. I have 2...
  25. S

    Dec 2020 - Comparison of RTSP Doorbells

    Update Dec 2020: Cleaned up specs table. Added EZVIZ DB1C. There are also many more options available now compared to back when this thread started. If you have one you'd like to add, PM me along with specs and sample video. The purpose of this thread is to share my findings comparing RTSP...
  26. Buttan Butt

    RCA HSDB2A Notification to Home Automation System

    Hello There! I just ordered a RCA HSDB2A and I'm waiting for it to arrive. I don't have an existing traditional door bell. I'm currently using a push button connected to a Z-wave device. That works great but my new Doorbell Camera will have only 2 connections that by "some magic" is used both...
  27. G

    Maximus Answer - DualCam Video Doorbell

    I had been looking for a doorbell camera to help with package theft. I ended up getting in on an early release for the "Answer" dual camera from Maximus (full tech spec link here). I'm not sure when Maximus will officially release, but so far this thing has been great. If you want to avoid...
  28. S

    YooSee SD-M5 doorbell: 1080p, PoE, RTSP, Onvif, only $66

    Hi, I think this is a new doorbell from YooSee (model SD-M5) and on paper it looks too good to be true: 1080p app controlled smart doorbell camera PoE wireless Wi-Fi AC 8-24V DC 9-36V built-in PIR motion sensor Yoosee app Yoosee 1080p smart video doorbell/intercom HD camera wireless/Wi-Fi...
  29. G

    Night Owl Doorbell - WM-WD2CL

    I tried to packet capture the Night Owl Connect software but I didn't have a rooted phone handy and it had some sort of protection keeping it from working through the VPN connection. Images are horrible. I was able to get it working with iSpy using http. Lag with either Night Owl Connect or...
  30. Deadeye

    Hikvision clones?

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone knows if all of these doorbells are the same under the housing? Hikvision - Uniden -...