Installing a new complete doorbell system

Nov 9, 2023
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Hi all!

First time poster here, I'll try to keep it on point and thanks for any help you can provide.

I am replacing my current voice only doorbell system for a new one, the requirements are:

  • PoE powered
  • Video/audio capabilities
  • Ability to open two magnetic locks on the same door separately (one if for vehicle entrance, the other is for people)
  • Ability to connect it to other systems (not google/alexa/iftt). Example: once I click "open" I need to send an HTTP request to another service.
  • Minimum of 4 monitors (I won't be picky here, I'll try to adapt)
  • Needs to withstand very harsh weather conditions (rain half the year, low temps ~0C during winter)

The situation is the following, the doorbell will be ~50 meters (~165 feet) away from the house, there is already a PoE+ cable available. The house will have one monitor per floor plus another monitor that goes in the "barn" you could call it.
Electricity is not a problem, the server rack where it's connected to is backed up by a 6000VA UPS.

Now, I'm already "en route" to test three different approaches:

  • Bought a Dahua VTO2211G-WP (this one looks really nice)
  • Bought a Reolink (yes, I read the opinions on this forum about it, I happen to agree but I want to try it anyway)
  • Bought components to build my own PoE powered ESP32 / RaspberryPi (if the worst happens and I can't accommodate a prebuilt solution)

So, anyone can give me other recommendations about hardware or software or setup? To be honest I never thought one bit about somethign like this and I see that there is quite a bit of stuff to be aware of.

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Dec 9, 2020
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Havana, Cuba
Welcome to the forum!

I have a VTO221G-WP that is functioning very well. I will be using it to open two electric locks (one at the gate from the street and another on the front door). This requires the DEE1010B module to activate the second lock from the VTH. Not an expensive unit but another additional cost and not everyone carries them in stock.

We're planning on running a separate 12v power supply for the electric locks and using relays to activate said locks. I want to put a minimum load on the relays integrated into the VTO and DEE1010B. I'd rather have a $2 relay fail than an integrated relay.

As for operating temperature range, we're on different ends of the spectrum. But since the unit is rated for -30C to +60C, we won't be having any issues.

This unit has been solid for me. We've had it installed for over a year with very little cover and haven't had any issues. We're powering via POE and it's been flawless. Not a great camera but good enough.

Saludos desde La Habana!