1. M

    Server Build for Blue Iris + AI — Sanity Check

    Hi, I'd like to build a powerful rackmount server exclusively for running Blue Iris with AI-detection. I've been following the guide available on the wiki. Below is the parts list I have so far. My goal is to manage a dozen 4K cameras to begin with, but have plenty of room to grow. For...
  2. T

    VMS Software Recommendations

    Hello all! I'm looking for some input for some recommended VMS (Video Management System) software. I'm currently using the free version of Milestone and although it's a pretty good piece of software, it SUCKS running on a Windows 10 or Windows Server computer. Recently, there was some crime in...
  3. H

    What high spec server would you choose for 50 cameras?

    What are your specifications for a high spec 'dream' camera server to run Blue Iris 50 cameras in a business environment? Or can anyone point me in the direction of a hardware calculator or another post that has tackled this? There are so many options to choose: Which processor? Should they be...
  4. L

    CPU stats for a dedicated Blue Iris server?

    Hi everyone, I'm working on building a dedicated blue iris server. I'm wondering what kind of a cpu I need. I currently have 4 feeds and may add 2 more in the future. I plan to continually record from all feeds (for a total of 6 camera feeds). I've been looking at the 10th gen intel core...
  5. D

    Apple M1 Mac Mini for Running Blue Iris

    Anybody tried running their cam server on Apple's new hardware?
  6. F

    Options for a multi-purpose always on machine

    Hi all, I'm way overdue setting up a solution to record footage from my (currently) three Dahua IP cams which I've had in place a few months now. I've finally got round to it so I'd appreciate some guidance as I'd like the solution to have multiple purposes :) So my requirements for the...
  7. G

    Server recommendations? 50-64 cameras - some 4pm cameras

    I'm looking for a really beefy server build recommendation. Preferably something I can purchase from CDWG (School district needs). We've currently got around 50 cameras (most old axis cameras) and a few newer axis cameras running on a custom built i7-7700k w/16gb ram and 12TB of space. The...

    Synchronise SD card

    I have Dahua IPC-HDBW5431RP-ZE cameras. I love the cameras except one issue. I need to know how we can synchronize the micro card SD with the FTP server? When the FTP server is down, the IPC start recording to SD card. And when the FTP server start running the IPC start recording in it. What I...
  9. M

    Feedback on Potential Blue Iris Server

    I am not certain this is the best place to post a couple hardware questions, but since I am genuinely new, I figured this the safest place for when I come across as in idiot. From the hardware Blue Iris (BI) wiki and Newbie Starter Guide, I started looking on eBay at better CPUs until I found...
  10. David Casto

    new to blue iris

    hi everyone, so glad to have found this forum. amazingly helpful info- this community popped up in my search results every time i have googled a support question. i've been using a 16 camera nvr setup from GW Security, wanting to add more camera to the system/ non GW cameras, and therefore...
  11. chinklop

    BI 50tb storage

    hello I have 9 nine camera system that record on continuous. Each camera generates a 24GB file every. the customer wants 6 months of storage. I calculated roughly 50TB. I don't have room in the computer to add that about of storage. Also I would like raid 5 can some one please recommend
  12. E

    Advice for 50 cam Server

    I'm currently tasked with upgrading/gradually replacing the IP Cam system at work. We have two Q-See NVRs with 42 Q-See cameras. Yes, I hate it. I'm looking for advice on hardware and software to use as a replacement. My plan is to get hardware that will support about 20 cameras to start, but...
  13. isma

    Handle 100 cameras

    I have a situation where I have to install cameras to a business that has multiples locations (like 100 small office) and i need one camera for each location, using a DVR or NVR at each point i do not see it viable I was thinking of wifi cameras but we dont use wifi in each locations I would...
  14. AveryFreeman

    I take issue with this page about Blue Iris hardware:

    Choosing Hardware for Blue Iris | IP Cam Talk I came across this when looking for compatible hardware for Blue Iris - was actually looking for an HCL (list of compatible NVRs, DVRs, cameras, switches, etc.) But the information is so glaringly omissive I have to say something about it - Being...
  15. S

    How to get Alrams from Camera like error logs

    Hi, I have hikvsion camera which i conected in network. I want to create interface with Network management server for errors. Thanks,
  16. DomEx

    Am I sending to CHINA??? How do i check

    I would like to know if there is an easy way to use netstat or wireshark or other command line utility. To check the outgoing connections form my IP cam I want to block all internet broadcasts. Especially if I am sending to china without my knowledge. I only ever check my cam through...
  17. J

    NAS Server Status Error (NFS-Debian) Hikvision DVR

    Hello everybody! I would like to ask for some help to solve a problem I have with my NAS server for DVR Hikvision. The protocol I am using is NFS in Debian. I can find the path of my server which has a partition for the DVR, in a file system of FAT32 (previously I had it in ext4 it didn't work...
  18. E

    Choppy recordings and missed action

    Im running Blue Iris on a 4+ year old laptop with an i5 and 8GB ram. I have 6 cameras (5 foscam and 1 armcrest), 5 of which record on motion, the 6th is just a backup monitor in the nursery so it doesnt record, i just stream the video on a tablet sometimes. The cameras are all configured in...
  19. O

    Equipment recommendations anyone? I need to run 50-80 cameras on Blue Iris

    I am wondering if anyone can steer me in the right direction as far as best way to approach upgrading a Blue Iris system. When it is all said and done I need to have about 50 cameras going in the near future and the ability to potentially have as many as 80 cameras. This is for a storage...
  20. tallmikee

    formula for adequate specs on recording server

    Howdy, got a setup with about 27 hikvision cameras set to record when motion is sensed. They are quite high res. Anyone have a formula or recommendation for specs that are adequate for handling that much? It's currently running on a 4th Gen i7, and that CPU is ALWAYS maxed out. The software...
  21. B

    Does Blue Iris use GPU or CPU

    im building a home server. Two Xeon E5 2650s / 16 cores 32 threads. 32GB ddr3 ECC RAM. 6TB HDD RAID 1. 500GB SSD for boot drive. Onboard graphics. Up until this point I figured my build was pretty solid. But then it occurred to me that I'm going to be recording HD motion detection. Does that...
  22. notto

    New to BI, Server Spec Question

    I recently started playing around with the demo of Blue Iris and i think this is the route that i am going to go for a small home system. I typically deal with Pelco for work, but that is complete overkill for what i am trying to accomplish. Looking at the spec for BI, its is pretty broad, and i...
  23. 1

    Email problem!!! Anyone know fix?

    Hey, I can't seem to setup the email notification, not matter what settings I try. I tried gmail, with normal password and 2 way authentication, tried to make a separate account as well. And of course enabled less-secure apps on all. I tried Yandex and GMX and GoDaddy free email, also tried...
  24. Mike K

    Two Patch Panels?

    My server will be mounted high on a wall above a tractor bay lift door. I will have a patch panel in the enclosure but I would like to also have some of the panel interfaces available at a lower more accessible level in the tractor bay. Things like the external hard drive, PC USB ports, and...
  25. hughhempel

    Cannot Connect to BI Server from BI App on IOS

    Greetings, I am setting up a new system and IOS remote access is a critical capability (native app). I have been trying for way more than an hour now to connect to my new install BI webserver from the App using the instructions provided in help... At this point, I only need LAN connections...
  26. Marzetti

    Blue Iris Hardware Questions

    Greetings, I'm looking at moving to BI, and have a few questions regarding recommended specs and NVR’s (for our server build): · What HW specs would one recommend for 22 cameras @ 1080p and 5 FPS (approx.)? · How many cameras can BI run with an Intel Atom D525 CPU (1.8GHz, dual...
  27. B

    New BlueIris Server: Dell Precision T1700 Specs?

    Hello, I know its covered a ton, but with the change in hardware over the years, I'm rusty. Any recommendations on a new, mostly dedicated BI server? I was considering the following: Dell T1700 Intel i7-3790 (was going to use the Xeon E3-1200 but it seems the i7 is more favored on other...
  28. bp2008

    4.0.3 - March 29, 2015

    Here is the change log from BI 4.0.3: A bug has been fixed which likely was responsible for crashes during remote viewing of BVR file content from slow devices, specifically those taking longer than 1.5 seconds to randomly reposition within the file. Commands page been added to the...
  29. B

    Ipad: "Unable to make connection; check server address."

    Using x64 server and v1.18.03 of the Ipad application. I can use chrome from the Ipad and see my server on the LAN just fine, When I use this same address in the Ipad application I get the "Unable to make connection; check server address." error. Not sure what else...
  30. L

    Dedicated BI server OS question. Windows 8.1 VS Windows server 2012r2?

    So I have the server, HDD's and cameras. Trying to decide which OS. OS drive will be on a separate (SSD). I'm not at all familiar with Windows Server or Windows 8.1. My desktop is Vista 64 :/, it's been a while. Would Windows 8.1 would be the least expensive option? Would it be dependable 24/7...