1. Pachi

    IP camera to NVR with RTSP no working if DMZ not actived

    Hi, i have a nvr (tplnk nvr 1008h ) and i have 2 cameras connected over rtsp wireless on wan (other network), the cameras uses the 40000 and 40001 port, and i opened same port for the nvr on my network, but is not working, if i active the DMZ for the nvr all works, so is a port that is closed...
  2. L

    New install need advice. Seeking photo recognition database - Hikvision NVR iDS-7716NXI-I4/16P/X available in US?

    Hello...I'm not sure if this is the right sub category to post this, but chose to post here since my question is NVR driven. I am outfitting a large estate home and planned to use a combination of the following cameras: 4 - Hikvision DS-2CD2387G2-LSU/SL - 4 mm 6 - Hikvision DS-2CD2387G2-LSU/SL...
  3. G

    ANNKE paired with HikVision camera system

    Hello, I am a new member here. I want to place a camera system in my house. It seems that 6-8 cameras can cover the area that I want. With some search I found some camera systems: 1.)ANNKE H800 with 8 4K cameras and an NVR (the cheapest) 2.)HikVision with NVR (ds-7608NI-M2/8P paired with 6...
  4. addada HOUARI

    Hikvision Acusense NVR and camera ?

    Hi, Since a couple of days, I am reading all over the net regarding the hikvision systems (I admit that I am really confused, alot of contradictor information) trying to understand which parts to buy: So my question is the following : to get the benefit of the acusense technologies, which...
  5. Testing123TT

    Help in selecting proper NVR

    Hey guys, I have the following cameras: 2x Dahua 4k HDW3549H-AS-PV-2080B 2x Dahua 4k HFW3549T1-AS-PV-2080B 2x Hikvision 1080p cameras (that I plan to connect to a Dahua NVR via onvif). Possibly 1 more HFW3549T1 in the future, but not 100% The question is - from what I understand reading the...
  6. A

    Cant do Upgrade via TFTP

    Hello good day! Im new here, id like to seek support for this matter. Thank you so much in advance. NVR mode: DS-7608NXI-I2/8P/S
  7. Ollie

    only partial IPC features available after adding it to XVR (hybrid NVR + DVR of Dahua)

    (XVR has only coax input connectors + a single IP input for network connectivity. it can get though an IP input as well). I've added a Dahua IPC (ipc-hdw5442tm-ase) to my XVR ( XVR5104HS-4KL-I3). Currently the entire video stream from this IPC is being recorded into my XVR HDD. Adding an IP...
  8. B

    Reolink Cameras and NVR Issues

    I am looking to purchase my first PoE camera and NVR set for my new house. I am capable of running the ethernet cables and have a place where the NVR can be located out of the way. The issue I am running into is connecting the NVR to my router in a different room. My internet is fiber optic and...
  9. M

    Hikvision NVR DS-7716NI-SP with 10TB of storage

    $495 plus shipping and payment fees, if any local pickup in Westport, CT is available. Manufacturer's url: Embedded Plug & Play NVR This is a great unit - I used it in my home with 9 IP POE cameras for 3 years - never had an issue. Upgraded to a more expensive model 2 years (only to find that...
  10. F

    SANNCE 4K 8CH PoE NVR (works with Alexa)

    Hello Community, I have found an interesting product on SANNCE web site: https://www.sannce.com/products/4k-8-channel-poe-nvr 4K 8 Channel H.265+ PoE NVR - Up To 10CH W/ 8 X PoE Cameras + 2 X WiFi IP Cameras, ONVIF Supported, Works With Alexa SKU: N98PBD $99.99 Unfortunatelly I do not find...
  11. Giorgi3

    How to add unbranded cameras in dahua NVR? (thread with images and all details)

    hello, i tried many different ways i cant add unbranded cameras to dahua NVR NVR2108HS-8P-T NVR password: admin123 CAM 1-2 Passwords: admin123 CAM 1-2 type: IPC-IPVM3150F NVR network config: IP: Subnet: Gateway: (router) for testing i make different...
  12. A

    IP address/URL for RTSP stream from Hikvision NVR and cameras

    I am trying to obtain RTSP streams from my Hikvision NVR for the four cameras that are connected to it. Current setup is as follows: Hikvision (DS-7604NI-E1) NVR has four HikVision cameras plugged into it. The HikVision cameras' IP addresses are in the 192.168.254.xxx range according to the...
  13. rextherunt

    Record audio on NVR not IP cam

    Hi all I'm struggling to be able to record audio via a mic on a Hikvision NVR (DS-7604NI-K14PB). The only instructions I can find describe recording audio via IP cameras. There is one audio input (RCA). Where do I enable it and where is the stream recorded to? The video dropdown does not...
  14. T

    Wifi nest box cam to CCTV NVR - can it be done?

    Hi all, I have an Owl box in a wood beside my house in which I installed a wifi enabled nest box IP camera. After Using tp-link I managed to get it hooked up to my home wifi and can live stream it on my phone. I also have a basic four channel CCTV system with NVR that records 24/7. I have...
  15. E

    HikVision NVR POE(Onboard) DS-7616NI-Q2 / 16P

    I have an nvr that i have hooked up to my network switch. It got assigned an IP. It then created a subnet with ips ranging from for the cameras. Since these are nested and can not be directly accessed from LAN(192.168.1.x) you have to setup something called...
  16. Mgierhart23

    NVR keeps changing IP of camera

    I have a Flir dnr700. I have a total of 18 Reolink 410w cameras. There are 11 buildings with cameras. My main modem is in Building 2 NVR is in building 1 I have 3 cameras on building 1, all hardwired into NVR via Ethernet cable. All other cameras will be added via p2p’s and switches, back to...
  17. L

    Hikvision IP Cameras not connected

    Hi, I have 8 IP cameras installed. My previous NVR that the cameras were connected to is not working anymore. So I bought a new NVR. I have set it all up, but my cameras are not online. All the network cables are connected to the NVR. I see all the cameras listed, but offline. And when I use a...
  18. bluebrush

    Hi- Dahua NVR WIFI/VPN/iOS?

    Hi, Total newbie in the ipcam area but good background of other tech. This forum comes up a lot on google when I have been researching! I guess my total newbie question is probably best here? Looking to set up 4 dahua turrets to one of their NVRs with smd/ai etc (I could but don't have the...
  19. E

    open source Blue iris alternative

    I am looking for a good Blue iris alternative. I need motion detection and ideally AI analysis to flat video to make finding incidents easier correting video fisheye would be helpful too as i currently have a doorbell cam and am looking to add a few more bullet cameras. any suggestions?
  20. Mark_M

    Fan speed via API

    Is there an API command for NVR to change fan speed? I have a NVR5216-16P-I which has one fan that can change speed. I would like to know if there is API to change fan setting to 'Self-adaption' or 'Full-speed'. My thought it to use Home Assistant to set the fan to full-speed during the day...
  21. chunte_actonkl

    Dahua NVR Web Interface text not showing properly after upgrade

    Dear all, I manually upgraded my NVR to the latest firmware on Dahua's website. The last time I upgraded the firmware was in 2019. Subsequent attempts and clicking don't he button didn't reveal any new firmware. Hence, after I found a new version on the website today, I did a manual upgrade...
  22. W

    cant decide which camera to go with

    i've been searching for awhile and so far i think Amcrest TB2886EW-AI is the best. I have a bunch of Ring products but looking to add another NVR System. Budget: about 350$ per camera. (Need 4 cameras) can be a bit higher. NVR needed separately. Usage: for a ~1500 sq/ft house. Single or 2...
  23. BIGHH

    Dahua Recording issue

    Hello my 3 dahua nvr have a big problem which is record break, often its records from 8h to 21 h sometimes all day. everything in schedule is okay I updated firmware but not solved it. What can I do ? device model is DHI-NVR4432-4KS2 thanks.
  24. H

    DS-9632NI-I8 Firmware Update (Bricked)

    Hi All, I did a rookie mistake and updated my DS-9632NI-I8 firmware to the most recent (v4.5xxx) downloaded from Hikvision website. I failed to verify if the NVR was currently on 3.42 prior. Anyhow, the update went thorugh just fine, however the username drop down when connected directly to...
  25. R

    CCTV for human/vehicle detection and alert

    Hello All, We want to install 8 cameras with human/vehicle detection and line crossing. We are looking at AcuSense solution for this. What I understand is, AcuSense can be either supported in camera or in NVR, but AcuSense in camera works better. So we were thinking of using 4-5 AcuSense...
  26. G

    Inherited IP Cameras from Home Purchase, Can't Set Up

    I recently bought a house that has 6 IP cameras installed with Ethernet ran into a single location. They are a mix of brands and types of camera. Some a Hikvision and some are Loryta. I bought a Hikvision DS-7608 NVR and hooked them up to it. Of course, the didn't work. 3 had an error about...
  27. T

    Which NVR for Hikvision DS-2CD2387G2-LSU/SL

    I've recently purchased a DS-2CD2387G2-LSU/SL and I'm wondering what the cheapest NVR is that supports two-way audio/strobe . I'm already nearly over budget so I'm trying to save on the NVR. I know Acusense can be setup directly from the camera but not sure about other features like strobe/two...
  28. kombajn

    Is there any way to connect a cheap Chinese outdoor camera to my Dahua NVR?

    Hi, this is my first time posting, but I have tried everything but to no avail. my FIL just bought a cheap solar powered Wi-Fi camera, to accompany the 3 Dahua cameras that are connected to a Dahua NVR over a switch, that is connected straight into a router. I somehow managed to set up this...
  29. ermac

    Dahua NVR recommendation: DHI-NVR5216-16P-4KS2E vs DHI-NVR5216-8P-I

    I am running a hybrid system of 16 cams (11 WizMind IP cams and 5 HDCVI cams) currently all connected to a XVR (DH-XVR5216-4KL-I2) The XVR gives the HDCVI cams WizSense AI but I cannot recored on SMD for the IPs or get push notifications for any AI alerts through the XVR. Only solution is to...
  30. A

    Moving current Surveillance HDDs from one Lorex NVR to a New One - what to keep in mind?

    Hi there, I'm upgrading to a new Lorex NVR that has more channels, and I'd like to use the surveillance drives that are currently recording on my old NVR in the new one. I don't see anything about whether or not I would need to format these drives before using them in the new one, but I'd like...