1. nomee

    Hikvison NVR 256 Channel: Model DS-96256NI

    i have HIKVISION DS-96256NI-I24/H NVR when i access a NVR in Chrome browser with admin login and allow a specific camera Remote live view permission to user settings not save but when i try physical on NVR its fine save and permission allow to user whats is the issue onyone help me please
  2. N

    Dead lechange nk88p042, what now?

    Hello! My neighbors house was struck by lightning and it killed my lechange NVR NK88P042 (exact model in link below). My NVR won't boot from boot screen so I think it's dead. I never liked lechange. I bought it because it had decent cameras and was cheap at the time. I could never get remote...
  3. muzzammil15

    Upgrading Firmware stuck

    Hello Team, Upgrading firmware is stuck on my DS-7608NI-K2 / 8P I can close the process But unable to upgrade. Currently i am running V4.30.005 build 200628 Checking for updates tell me that this is the latest update I am from Africa region , Mauritius kindly advise
  4. This_name_is_unchangable

    Two-way audio | Use camera mic, but NVR output

    Greetings, If i start two-way audio in hikvision app, it asks me to choose between NVR and camera. My camera has built in mic, but i want to use output from NVR ( attach speaker on NVR is simpler [cheaper] for me to attack speaker on Camera). So my question is, if i attach speaker on NVR audio...
  5. deoxyimran

    Motion Detect Snapshot schedule erased automatically

    Hi, I am using dahua nvr. I have a strange problem with this device. Every time I set the schedule of the snapshots for motion detect, it works for some time, but when machine is rebooted, the schedule is all gone. Why is this happening I don't get it? And yes I have motion detect and snapshot...
  6. M

    [Event] Send email at specific time each day with photo attached

    I've figured out how to send motion events with photo via email and tested the email configuration settings. But I'm not seeing an option to achieve what I'm wanting. I would like 5 cameras attached to the NVR, to send a photo via email at 11:00pm every day. One post I found elsewhere said to...
  7. T

    ivs rules dont show up on screen

    Hello, i have setup 2 Ivs rules on 2 cameras i selected the option AI via camera and selected intrusion and drawed my rule, but when i go back to the live view the ivs rules dont show up, however when i choose for AI via nvr they do show up. Can anyone help me
  8. L

    Ezviz h8c 2K+ main stream not working on Hikvision NVR?

    I have Ezviz h8c 2K+ camera with latest firmware. Its working perfectly fine on Ezviz Studio/App and shows video in full resolution. I was able to add it easily to Hikvision 7616 nvr and its shows sub-stream on NVR as well. However, when I view camera in full-screen, then it goes blank. I've...
  9. Dahua NVR's HDMI view in Smart PSS

    Dahua NVR's HDMI view in Smart PSS

    This video will show you how to view the your NVR's main display output in Smart PSS. From this thread on changing NVR monitor's views remotely: https://ipcamtalk.com/threads/question-on-dahua-live-view-through-hdmi-monitors.72474/
  10. haselnut

    Need to access cameras behind Dahua NVR

    Hi I have Dahua NVR DHI-NVR4108-8P-4KS2 (firmware V4.001.0000005.1) and 8 Dahua cameras connected to POE ports. NVR has an ip, cameras are on different subnet 10.1.1.X managed by the NVR. I am trying to control the LED's on my cameras programmatically instead of the cameras own...
  11. A

    I just set up 24 ip Dahua and problem with host

    I installed 24 Dahua cameras and when I start to insert the cameras one by one. THE CAMERAS HAVE DIFFERENT IP addresses. When I connect two or three cameras, and when I try to turn on one more the network disappears after a while, some cameras turn on for a second and turn off just give me a...
  12. R

    WTS Sold: Amcrest 8-Port POE NVR NV4116E-HS

    Purchased from Amcrest back in 2020 for a project but didn't get to it. Been in storage throughout the pandemic, finally got some time to clear everything. The bios battery somehow had died, and replaced. Please excuse the crudity of the hot glue as I couldn't fine an exact match of the...
  13. R

    WTS GW Security GW7808NP 8-port POE Smart NVR and large dome cameras 4K 8MP Onvif

    1x GW Security GW7808NP 4K 8MP NVR, built-in 8 POE ports, with 4TB WD purple drive pre-installed (only a few hours powered on, under WD warranty til 05/2024). Unused in original box, all accessories included. $230 $200 shipped. All cameras supports Onvif protocol. 6x GW8172MIC, 8MP large 5.5"...
  14. Morpheus_FJ

    New guy here...Security Tech from Vancouver, BC

    Hello everyone, Just wanted to say your chats here have saved my day on so many occasions...I've finally decided to join to site hoping to help some other members from the experiences that I've gone through. My CCTV equipment is all from Hikvision. Question: Does anyone know of a 2 Wire...
  15. M

    Hello! Need some help with NVR to NVR connection

    Hello! I am new to this forum and need some help. I have set up two NVRs in different physical locations to each other but on the same network to allow for old coax cameras to still be used (without needing to run new cables - long story). Now one NVR has 8 coax cameras and 1 IP camera the other...
  16. kmac6192

    SmartPSS download speeds very slow

    Recently set up a dahua system at one of my new stores and the download speed from smart pss is dramatically slower then it is for my other store locations. The only real difference between this stores setup and the others is that all cameras are run directly into the NVR not a POE switch. Ive...
  17. D

    Problem with adding NVR to DMSS on new Android phones (Android 13)

    I'm a CCTV installer from the Netherlands and experiencing some issues with adding an NVR to DMSS on new Android phones (Android version 13) for the last 4, maybe 5 weeks. The weird thing is that the problem doesn't occur when I add the NVR to DMSS on Iphone. The first guess myself is that it...
  18. D

    Using Ankke NC800 With Reolink NVR or Reolink 12mp cam with Ankke NVR?

    I'm shopping for a solution. I'm not sure what the hikvision equivlent is maybe id find better results searching that but has anyone been able to get Ankke NC800 working on reolink nvr. The reolink stuff seems to have really good day quality but i'm looking for a better nightvision solution...
  19. S

    Installing Dahua IPCHDW1239T1 camera to EZVIZ NVR (CS-X4-108P)

    Hi, I've an EZVIZ NVR (CS-X4-108P) which is POE only NVR with 8 channels. I've purchased a kit in 2019 which came with 4 cameras. Everything works well till now. But when I'm trying to connect Dahua camera to this NVR, it's not showing up in the monitor or mobile app. I've tried several...
  20. T

    SOLD: Brand New and Never Used NVR: NVR5216-16P-4KS2E (Rebranded Dahua)

    I sold my house and moved before I was able to install a complete setup purchased from Empire Andy. This is a commercial grade 16 channel NVR (rebranded Dahua). Unfortunately, I can't use this NVR since I'm now renting and unable to install anything. I am selling this NVR for $340 and will...
  21. T

    Brand New and Never Used NVR: NVR5216-16P-4KS2E (Dahua)

    I sold my house and moved before I was able to install a complete setup purchased from Empire Andy. This is a commercial grade 16 channel NVR (rebranded Dahua). Unfortunately, I can't use this NVR since I'm now renting and unable to install anything. I am selling this NVR for $340 and will...
  22. A

    SCW System

    There is a website www.getscw.com. Their cameras are expensive. One of them is listed at $1,400. Does anybody know why are they expensive? Anybody has bought from them?
  23. K

    Hikvision NVR Jumper Reset?

    I lost the changed password for my Hikvision DS-7108NI-Q1/8P at least a year ago and just put it on a shelf. I'd like to reset the NVR to Factory but there's no reset button. I opened it up and I see a memory battery, and more than one set of unused connection pads e.g. jp4, etc. Does anyone...
  24. M

    Hikvision NVR "network unreachable error".

    Model #- DS-7108NI-Q1/M Version- 4.71.007 Build- 220705 I was facing issues with hik-connect app. So I reset the NVR to factory defaults and now I my IP cameras are not visible on my display. They're visible in the online device list but as soon as I add them the green ticks turn to red giving...
  25. B

    Any downsides to adding an IP Camera to a Hikvision NVR?

    I want to add a few new cameras to my Hikvision NVR, but the wiring is problematic in a couple of cases. But if I go through the Attic I could run the Cat6 to my upstairs POE switch. I know I will use up a camera slot(s) on the NVR, but any other downsides, like bandwidth. I'm running a...
  26. rouzbeh

    New Dahua NVRs?

    Any experience in the forum regarding the new Dahua NVRs, such as NVR5416-EI? https://www.dahuasecurity.com/products/All-Products/Network-Recorders/WizSense-Series/NVR-5-EI-Series/4HDD/NVR5416-EI Is it worth extra money comparing to NVR4416-4KS2/I series?
  27. BYWOLT

    Dahua Nvr Error Code 0x01(0c6f) About

    Hello, DAHUA NVR5864-4KS2 64 Channel devices, one of the existing devices gives the error 0x01(0c6f) with flag restart 1-2 times a day. What are the reasons for this?
  28. V

    Bricked DS-7604NXI-K1/4P, am I out of options?

    Hi, Recently I've bought a DS-7604NXI-K1/4P NVR from a authorized Hikvision reseller in the Netherlands. After setting up the smart events I've noticed some inconsistencies when events we're triggered. After trying to finetune some settings in the configuration I was still unhappy about the...
  29. kukita

    nvr dahua

    Hello, I have a problem when I want to connect the dahua full color cameras to the NVR nvr-5432-16p, the nvr recognizes the connection, allows the device to be loaded but does not give IMAGE/VIDEO, we tried assigning an ip within the network range and still not It gives an image, then we try...
  30. kukita

    Camaras dahua full color no da video en NVR

    Buenas , tengo un problema al querer conectar las camara dahua full color al NVR nvr-5432-16p la nvr reconoce la conexion permite cargar el dispositivo pero no da IMAGEN/VIDEO , probamos asignando una ip dentro del rango de la red y aun asi no da imagen, luego probamos con configuracion de...