hikvision nvr

  1. Lame_GamingBG

    So i want to buy an NVR but i am not sure if my cameras will work with it

    So i have 2 cameras settled on position in my house and they are currently working with an SD cards and the phone app is very glitchy and i want to make my cameras use an NVR becouse there will be better app and more space for them to record but as i said i am not sure if it will work it says...
  2. Luciano62

    Delivering dewarped view from Hikvision Panoramic camera via RTSP URL

    I see that these two Hikvision fisheye camera models have a dewarping option. Milestone & Sinology are supporting this feature on their client software, but my question is if the dewarped view from the camera can be delivered via the RTSP URL or the 4-grid image? DS-2CD6332FWD-I(V)(S)...
  3. jami3

    Hik PTZ Preset Call, Smart Tracking Threshold

    I'm quite active on another IP Cam forum and thought I would try ipcamtalk to see if anyone else can shed some light on the problem I am facing. So I have an I series hikvision NVR with several hikvision cameras. One of the cameras (turret) has line cross detection configured. When the line...
  4. W

    Hikvision NVR - Global Scheduling (Multiple NVR's)

    Hi All, I am looking for some guidance regarding the scheduling on Hikvision NVR's ie setting up a schedhule for the smart alarms - specifically the times the NVR is set to active/non-active. I work for a security company and we have in excess of 100 Hikvision NVR's we monitor (the model we...
  5. M

    Install Swann IP POE camera on Hikvision nvr

    I am trying to get a Swann IP POE camera to work on a Hikvision nvr. I have tested the camera on Swann vrn-8580 and it tested fully working, I have also tested the Hikvision nvr with Hikvision camera and it is tested working. Technical Specs for Swann Camera Make: Swann Model: NHD-885MSB, 4K...
  6. B

    Hikvision NVR and camera IP address questions

    We (our company) had our Hikvision camera system installed and the installers used our network IP addresses for the cameras. They set them up using static IP's from our trusted network IP range. Our NVR - m/n DS-9632NI-ST has two LAN ports, LAN 1 being used by the cameras, I assume, and LAN 2...
  7. LoneEdge

    Hikvision Smart even change preview record time?

    When I receive notifications top right of my NVR I get told "Line crossing ect" when I click play it will show me a preview but starts like 1+ mins before the actual line crossing is there any way to change this so it shows me 5 seconds before and 5 seconds after? Hello, quick question with my...
  8. S

    Is there a easy way to convert Laview LV-N9308-W firmware to Hikvision DS-7108NI-E1/V/W/1T?

    I have two Laview LV-N9308-W that's been sitting in its box for a few years and wanted to know if anyone had a simple way to convert it to Hikvision DS-7108NI-E1/V/W/1T? I reviewed the forum and saw one person stated they were able to, but could not understand what they did to accomplish it...
  9. M

    Hikvision not able to allocate HDD quota using iVMS

    Hi...I recently got hikvision ip camera set. I tried to configure via iVMS. I am not able to allocate HDD quota to my camera. Attached is the error message screenshot. Please provide ur suggestions.
  10. M

    Hikvision IP camera - Not able to configure recording

    Hi All, I recently got HIKVISION camera. Below are the specs CAM : 4 MP IP BULLET CAMERA (model no: ds-2cd1240-i) NVR : 8 CH NVR RECORDER (model no: ds-7p08ni-k1) HDD : 2 TB TOSHIBA (model: HDWU120UZSVA) I am trying to configure these camera via ivms as i dont have smart tv/monitor. i was able...
  11. J

    Hikvision NVR Verification Code

    Hey All, I downloaded the new IVMS-4200 software for the Mac and tried to add my NVR to it via the new P2P connection option which I assume is the same as Hik-Connect. I entered the serial # as required and the verification code to the one I set when I set up the NVR. No luck though it did see...
  12. tredstone

    Hikvision IP cam bitrate keeps resetting on its Hikvision

    I can't find any info on this problem so here goes. I have my two hikvision cameras connected to my hikvision 7608-ni-i2 NVR via Poe . When I've set the substream from its default bitrate of 128kbps to 1024kbps it resets back to the lower bitrate when I view the feed on my galaxy note 9 via hik...
  13. anishjp

    Connect microphone to Hikvision NVR

    Hi guys I have a Hikvision DS-2CD2055FWD-I camera connected to my Hikvision DS-7108NI-SN/P NVR. The video live view and recording works perfectly. Now I want to record audio. I purchased a microphone (attached picture) and connected its power cable to a 12VDC power supply and its RCA cable to...
  14. S

    Swann cameras with Hikvision firmware

    Hello there, I've ended up in a position where I'd like to flash my Swann cameras with Hikvision firmware. I understand that the Swann cameras are rebranded Hikvision cameras and I currently have them connected to a Hikvision NVR using ONVIF. To get the full functionality between the NVR and...
  15. F

    How to change the below Chines to English

    can i change a Chines NVR DS-7808N-K1 and Camera DS-2CD3T56DWD-I3 to English
  16. I

    Hikvision NVR 7604 and ancient chiniese IP-cam Wapa

    Hello! I'm trying to replace old no-name NVR to HIkvision 7604 and i'm need to solve a next problem. There are 4 old chinese IP-cameras (Wapa made it) BL5C*** series with onvif support. Their are streamed in "Onvif device manager" and "iSpy" without any problem, but when I'm try to recieve...
  17. I

    Advice for first time Blue Iris user

    Hi All, Hoping someone can give me some pointers here while I trial the Blue Iris software. Apologies for the long post but just wanted to make sure I cover everything! I currently use a Hikvision NVR for all my CCTV needs with 1 bullet and 2 dome camera's. My NVR is the DS-7604NI-E1 / 4P...
  18. S

    Hikvision DS-7608NI-I2/8P & DS-2CD2142FWD-IS system setting questions

    Hello everyone, I just finished setting up my 6 camera Hikvision system and I was hoping for some guidance on best practice settings and a few other items. This setup is for a residential site, however I have a 1TB data cap (Cox sucks) so I need to make sure I keep this in mind. And I...
  19. I

    Trying to make use of Old Foscam C2 with Hikvision NVR

    Has anyone had any luck with using Foscam cameras with a Hikvision NVR? I just wanted a basic camera for a small room and I had two Foscam laying around.
  20. D

    Hikvision NVR 7616ni-E2/A - No snapshot on VCA event (intrusion)

    [PROBLEM SOLVED] Goodmorning everyone, I have a problem sending emails with pictures attached for three ipcameras (Hikvision 2CD2142) for VCA events (intrusion detection) set on the NVR 7616ni-E2/A I followed all the recommended steps in the topics around the forums and internet, but without...
  21. J

    Hikvision poe nvr no go

    unable to connect ip camera . hikvision nvr 7608NI-E2/8P/A....firmware v3.0.10 build 141126. ip camera .... DS2CD 2T42 WD-15-POE ,v5.3.3 build 150630 . camera working ok from router and ip address can be freely modified . and set at to suit hikvision octet nothing happening . I...
  22. Y

    Hikvision nvr setup

    Hi Guys; Im new here, just hoping i could get some answers regarding HIKVISION NVR. So i have Hikvision DS-7732NI-E4/16P NVR, and what im trying to do now is to have a separate network segment(192.168.452.x) for all the IP cameras. NVR: Disabled DHCP Internal...
  23. S

    Hikvision 2T42WD-I5 4MP EXIR IP Bullet Security Camera 4mm Not Detected By NVR

    Hi guys, I recently purchased two Hikvsion 2T42WD-I5 4MP EXIR IP cameras for my NVR - which is the Hikvision ds-7608ni-e2/8p firmware version 3.3.6 build 151229. Because the NVR is running on a property overseas I tested the cameras here in the States using Blue Iris prior to sending them to...
  24. B

    Hikvision DS-9632NI-ST can't login at the NVR

    When I turn on the monitor connected to the NVR it's locked at what appears to be Camera 1. It's like a screen saver but I can't get past it. How can I get past this screen to login without shutting down and rebooting? Thanks, bfordz