1. johndball

    I forgot how to configure Alerts for motion

    Hey y'all, I guess old age is setting in and my CRS is getting worse. That's not a good sign for mid-30's! :( I upgraded BI a few weeks ago and noticed that my Alerts, which previously kept a 10 second pre-buffer for motion, is now nearly empty with no new alerts. This is a useful feature...
  2. J

    Blue Iris Sends Push Alert and MQTT alert from False Alert

    Hi I'm new to this forum so go easy but hoping someone may be able to help. Im using Blue Iris and Sentry Smart Alerts. Most of the Time smart Alerts works really well and can filter and see 100's of cancelled alerts. The issue is and what happened last night is I got 5 or 6 Push...
  3. J

    Failed to search the video. Error Code:380070

    Hello there - I have setup Hik-Connect app on my android phone and have logged in via the Hik-connect account. I get the push notifications on the smart events I have configured. However if I click on alert and trying seeing the playback embedded in the alert, it gives me a error Failed to...
  4. J

    New Hikvision setup - New Bee challenges - please help

    Hello helpful lot - I have recently installed 11 Hikvision cameras and a NVR. Details below: Hikvision DS-2CD2346G2-IU(2.8MM) 4 MP AcuSense IR Fixed Turret Network Camera & Hikvision DS-2CD2347G1-LU (2.8MM) 4MP ColorVu Fixed Turret Network Camera Hikvision DS-7616NI-K2/16P Embedded Plug & Play...
  5. bill_209

    swiping previous/next alerts

    i used to be able to see that i had multiple alerts on a camera and swipe left/right to go to previou/next alerts, but for the past few weeks i have been unable to. i am unsure if i have somehow changed a setting in the app or if this a bug or removed feature? fwiw, i did clone a couple of...
  6. R

    Zone specific alerts to mobile on motion trigger

    I'm running BI 5 and the Android app. I tried to set up alerts to my phone and found a useful YouTube video by HomeTech that addressed this setup, using PushOver, albeit for BI4. On BI 5 the screens and settings look different, particularly around mobile device tags. I've got our mobiles set up...
  7. R

    AI based alerts and Smartthings integration

    Hello members, I want to introduce my new mobile app that adds AI based object detection to your existing cameras. It's called aiwatch and available as an android app All processing runs locally on the device, so no cloud or privacy...
  8. J

    Rat Surveillance and Re-Processing Footage

    As a STEM/Maker project, my daughter and I have taken on the rodents in our crawlspace with a robot that we built which lays traps in places that I can’t easily access. Part of the project is “rat surveillance” to see their patterns so we can place traps along the path that they run and learn...
  9. Owkaye

    How to ignore raindrops streaking down the image?

    One of my cameras is outside, pointed toward our chicken feeder. We use this camera to observe nocturnal wildlife -- mostly rats, opossums and raccoons -- as they come to eat the chicken feed overnight while the chickens are safely locked in their coop. I had my alerts configured pretty well in...
  10. GentlePumpkin

    What is your experience with Sentry?

    to make it short: For me it does not detect anything. Seems to be a blind AI ;). btw: I even though ( pah crazy...) that this person detection feature would be included in the BI license price. Well I guess that's the way the cookie crumbles... So what is your experience with Sentry person...
  11. Matt L.

    BI will not send sound to Cam when triggered

    BI will not send sound to Cam when triggered, but it will send sound when tested from the alerts > sound alarm function. I have no clones of camera active, I thought at first that was the cause. Still, the camera gets an external trigger (not set to trigger by motion, only group, external, and...
  12. Jake Reindl

    Camera doesn't trigger unless I am actively watching it

    Got a strange issue, and it has taken a while to determine this is what is going on. I have a camera in my garage. My brothers would come in and borrow tools etc. But I had a push notification alert enabled, and I wasn't getting one when they went into the garage. I'd go back to the recordings...
  13. quest100

    SMS Alerts - sender?

    I have set up BI to send a SMS text message alert. The text is sent and received correctly, but the texts end up in different threads. I want all the texts to end up in the same thread. How do I do this? Each thread is labeled "SMS with 141...01", "SMS with 141...02" etc. In BI I am using...
  14. W

    c# listening for Hikvision events

    Hi We're trying to make a program in c# to capture a JPEG and process it when there is motion detected. But the problem is that we have to listen for the motion event notification but we have no idea how. We've succeeded to show a live stream and capture a JPEG on button press. We know there...
  15. DebrodeD

    Front Door Directional Doorbell chime

    I have a camera monitoring my front door and walkway up to the front door. I've setup zones so that when somebody approaches my doorway or leaves it triggers a recording. However, I also have an alert send a doorbell chime to my phone everytime this happens. However, I don't actually need an...
  16. vnr111

    Get error “Can not open video” when trying to save alerts

    hi, I can’t seem to get the iOS app to save videos to my library. When I goto an alert, I see the video clip great, but when I try to save it I get “cannot open video”. If I goto the live feed and click the video save button, nothing saves. Any thoughts?
  17. Justin Blackburn

    Can't get push notifications to work

    I have one blue iris system That has been working for almost 4 years now. I bought a new house and I'm trying to get a second system going, but I can't for the life of me get the push notifications to work. I have the app installed on a few devices, and it is enabled in the app under each...
  18. P

    Delayed alerts on iOS app

    I'm having an issue where my alerts are 8-10 minutes delayed in reaching my iPhone. For example, I just drove up my driveway at 8:30 AM Eastern and did not get an alert on my phone until 8:38 AM Eastern. I can walk around my house and trigger all the cameras, but all the alerts are delayed...
  19. M

    Needing an Alert when Blue Iris detects that Motion has stopped

    I am currently using I-Spy and it has the option to alert when no movement is detected. I use this to monitor Fan Blades and I need to know when they stop moving. I have tried the below settings which in theory should work but it does not. Alerts "Wait until Triggered at Least" Set this to 0...
  20. L

    Anyway to Setup Universal Alerts / Notifications?

    Please let me know if this is possible - and how ya'll do it :) THX! I know we caan setup multiple Alerts, for multiple things but hoping there would be an easier (better) way to do ALL cams via a template, or some universal setting. GoaI : BI sends multiple parameters to a 3rd part system...
  21. Apollo

    Alert sounds on the Android app

    Does anyone know where the alert sound files are stored in Android? I would like to replace some of them so that I can customize alerts with sounds that I prefer.
  22. cainrand

    Profiles & Schedules

    For the past several months I have been going back and forth in an effort to understand Blue Iris Profiles and Schedules. For me it is overly complicated and seriously confusing - I may be over thinking it but the end result for me each time is 'it makes no sense." I have read the Help section...
  23. M

    Please recommend cameras for this BI setup

    Hi, I finally decided to go with Blue Iris and would like your suggestions on the good but not overly expensive cameras that will fit the following requirements: - good video recording quality (day and night) - trigger a motion alert and send notification via iPhone app - trigger a noise alert...
  24. C

    BI iPhone app performance issues, alerts and alerts video playback black screen

    For some reason now whenever I pause the alerts video playback on the iphone app, the screen goes black until I press play again. Previously it would pause and actually increase image quality of the still significantly. Also clicking the alerts button from the main screen hardly ever displays...
  25. D

    Motion Detection

    Hello, How do you set-up your motion detection to ignore tree limbs blowing in the breeze or when shadows on the ground move from sunlight shining through trees? I've tried changing the sensitivity and contrast and nothing seems to work. Thanks, DT
  26. NetWorker

    [How to] Telephone alerts in BI with OBi200?

    Is anyone using this device for telephone alerts? I don't know how to set this up. Not sure if I need a physical modem in my computer. BI help seems to indicate that I do. Here are the capabilities of the OBi200 :
  27. A

    Using an Alert to wake-up a monitor

    I'm hoping someone might be able to help with this conundrum. I'd like my BI monitor to be able to go into sleep mode, but be waken up by a BI alert. Obviously the usual way to wake up a monitor (Win 8.1) is to move the mouse or press a key on the keyboard. So I tried a few different macro...
  28. G

    Multi-camera playback (for Alerts)

    Finally got my v4 platform up - amazing how the CPU usage goes down when you have a decent CPU and present-day o/s. ;) For some reason I thought playing back Alerts would display all my cameras - do I need to make a camera group or something for that, or is it not yet a feature? I wouldn't...
  29. T

    Alerts do not show in Mobile

    I apologize in advance - I am new to this. I am not seeing alerts on my mobile device. My mobile device app shows that I have alerts, but when I click into the button to look at them, it is empty. Not sure what I am doing wrong at this point. Could someone please help me? - the Newbie...
  30. B

    Alert triggered only within hot spot or smaller detection zone within a camera

    Hi all, I am new to Blue Iris so I may have missed something, but does anyone know if it is possible to set up alerts (specifically for mobile push notifications) to trigger only when a certain area of a camera is triggered? I am aware of hot spots and masking zones, but I am talking about...