1. K

    Need Help Connecting Lorex Bullet Cameras (E841CA ) to Reolink NVR (RLN36)

    The RLN36 came in yesterday and my first order of business was to replace the current Lorex NVR with the Reolink NVR and add the switch in between. The switch is POE+ with 30 watts per port. So to start I took a few of the current Lorex cameras ethernet wires out of the Lorex NVR and plugged...
  2. a1topgun

    New System Set Up

    Newbie here. I have set up a few webcams at our local small airport so I have some (very little) experience. We are building a new terminal building at the airport and the manager asked me to set up a new security camera system with 7 – 8 cameras. Looking at Amcrest, Lorex, or Dahua system with...
  3. B

    Hikvision Cameras and Lorex NVR Issues

    I have some Hikvision DS-2CD2543G0-IS cameras and a Lorex N883A6B-Z NVR (all brand new). I can't get them to connect to each other. I understand the proper way to connect these is via the ONVIF protocol, but I still have been unable to get that to work. All devices have the most current...
  4. A

    Moving on from 2020 Lorex Nk264-89AB 9 Camera System?

    Hi I bought this 16ch 9 camera NVR POE bundle at costco 3.5 years ago. I never installed it due to various life situations including health. I’ve recently just popped open the box and while half way done through the install (my own cat6) I realized the tech probably has improved and i should...
  5. A

    Lorex NVR with GW Security Camera

    Lorex claims that their N864A64B NVR is ONVIF compliant. GW claims that their GW6050MMIC camera is ONVIF compliant. Both vendors have answered my specific questions. When I connect GW6050MMIC to N864A64B, they won't work. I left them connected for about 30 minutes. The Lorex NVR does not detect...
  6. J

    Hello from Wisconsin!

    Hey all, I stumbled across this forum while trying to research the Lorex 8 camera nvr system I saw at Costco and quickly learned they are not known to be good. My wife and I are moving into our first house next week and I want to be able to monitor the house as I travel most weeks for work. From...
  7. Nighthawk37

    Best NVR with cloud features like Push

    Hi. I recently switched from a Vivint system to Dahua wired NVR system with / alarm.com combo. the cameras and NVR system is cool but I’m extremely disappointed in the lack of basic features like push notifications on motion alerts. This is for a home system and the ability to be notified when...
  8. S

    Lorex NVR and PTZ question

    Hi there, I've got a Lorex N845A6 with a couple wired and wireless cameras connected. Everything is working great but but am trying to figure out how to remotely control a 2K PTZ camera (Lorex model: W462AQC). It's for the Twitch stream for my daughter's goat house and its a small space and...
  9. S

    Lorex NVR 846 not able to backup using external drive

    When I plug external Hard drive with it's own power source Lorex 846 NVR shows as external HD present, but with 0.00kb free/0.00kb total. Then I tried with WD Passport drive (this one does not have it's own power source) but for this one it shows 0.00kb free/3.0 TB. Meaning it shows how big the...
  10. C

    ONVIF compatibility between POE camera / NVR setup

    HI all. I have a Lorex POE 5 camera system with NVR looking to add a WIDE ANGLE camera (as opposed to PTZ) by mounting to the chimney. I have been reading about the REOLINK DUO for a wide angle camera but I'm wondering about compatibility, Lorex said 'don't use any cameras other than ours'...
  11. A

    Moving current Surveillance HDDs from one Lorex NVR to a New One - what to keep in mind?

    Hi there, I'm upgrading to a new Lorex NVR that has more channels, and I'd like to use the surveillance drives that are currently recording on my old NVR in the new one. I don't see anything about whether or not I would need to format these drives before using them in the new one, but I'd like...
  12. D

    Lorex cameras from Costco

    Hi, I don’t know if I am posting in the right spot or not but I have some questions about the Lorex 6 camera system from Costco- hardwired. I have the app for this on my phone and if anyone is familiar with this, you can view events in the timeline of each camera. This line is normally blue...
  13. Beastiegirl

    Troubleshooting for all of my Lorex cameras are offline

    I have tried very solution that was suggested by the Lorex website. Nothing is working. I’m not able to view the footage or record on my phone. Everything was working fine for months up until an hour ago. Please help.
  14. R

    Lorex unable to browse camera settings

    I'm having an issue with a Lorex camera setup that I'm curious if anyone else has run into. With the NVR system I have you can pull up the NVR via IP address from a PC to get to the settings of the NVR and then from a section called settings you can see all the IP cameras and there's a button...
  15. L

    Microphone recommendation for Lorex LNZ32P4B POE IP Cam

    I have a Lorex LNZ32P4B POE IP camera (PTZ dome camera) that is connected to a Blue Iris system (2 total cameras). The Lorex cameras I have include a microphone input connection that is a pigtail from the ethernet cable. I asked the Lorex chat representative for what type of microphone I...
  16. G

    Connecting Wyze V2 via RTSP to Lorex NVR

    I have an 8 channel Lorex kit featuring a N841 NVR and 4 E891AB cameras. Considering I have 4 open slots left in my NVR and I have a few Wyze V2 cams around I decided to try and use RTSP to forward the stream to my Lorex NVR. I was able to successfully do this by going to my Lorex settings...
  17. Moyeen

    Planning to buy NVR any suggestion and brand

    Planning to buy NVR any suggestion and brand? what I should avoid purchasing? Thanks
  18. P

    Lorex E891AB (aka IPC-HFW1841EN-PV)

    https://www.lorextechnology.com/-/E891AB-1-p I picked up one of these 4k Lorex units cheap with a cut off ethernet/power dongle. My first few attempts to fix with a new ethernet jack resulted in no link light, tho it did power up over PoE, so I opened it up and hooked up the serial adapter...
  19. witchboard

    Tips on how to mount bullet camera on soffit for aiming?

    I have some Lorex LNB8111-C bullet cameras. I'm wanting to mount them under the soffit, but I'll only be able to adjust the pitch of the camera. It doesn't twist side to side when in that position. Do they make a box or something that I can mount to the camera to that will allow it to twist...
  20. J

    Replace Lorex LNE8950 with?

    I have an Lorex LNE8950 4K Nocturnal IP Audio Dome Security Camera that just went toes up. This is currently paired with a late 2017 Lorex 8 channel NVR LN908-N (LNR608). It seems like I've lost two of the LNE8950 cameras due to nearby lightning. I bright flash seems to cause it to stop...
  21. M

    New here - looking for some help setting up/augmenting my Lorex system

    Hello! I have the infamous Lorex 6 camera kit from costco - one of the earlier versions https://slickdeals.net/e/10409612-lorex-dahua-oem-6x-4k-8mp-security-camera-system-w-8-port-poe-ip-nvr-2tb-hdd-kit-at-costco-b-m-ymmv-for-799-99?page=78#commentsBox camera model: LNB8005 NVR model...
  22. brianegge

    Lorex Smart Deterrence IP Camera siren API

    I have eight lorex cams setup and use them to detect deer trying to eat my garden. These cameras all have a siren built into them which is plenty loud. I’d like for when the camera sees a deer for it to turn on the siren. I’ve read through the dahua api manuals and can’t find anything related to...
  23. IpCamEnthusiast

    Adding Storage by installing new hard drives into NVR

    Hi, I have a situation where I need 90 days of storage for 25 cameras at 720p and 10 fps. My best idea right now is to use two 16 channel NVRs and open them up and install two 8 TB hard drives into each NVR. I already have the Lorex equipment so for better or worse I need to use Lorex. As far...
  24. B

    Lorex NVR doesnt hold time. Keeps changing after few hours to 13hrs ahead

    Hello everyone. Been having this issue for months. Lorex tech support cant find the issue. I have reset my NVR's multiple times. I have 2 NR9326x NVR. I have set the time from both the nvr directly and via browser login and it wont hold the time. The time automatically changes to 13hrs ahead. I...
  25. N

    Dahua HDW5832R-ZE, Amcrest MT2544EW, Lorex LBE8974

    Can anyone tell me the real difference between the Dahua HDW5831R-ZE and the Amcrest MT2544EW and the Lorex LNE8974? Other than IV features, is the Dahua better? Does the Dahua produce a better image? Why does the Lorex have so much more IR range? It is real range or are they padding the specs?
  26. prince1566

    Need help buying LPR

    Can someone guide me in buying the best dahua camera on the market which would cost around 500-700 usd, i am so confused with so many cameras they have. I need it for a small hotel with a single entrance and exit. Also i have a lorex LNR616 with 16 4k cameras so i would prefer something that is...
  27. G


    Hello. First timer here. I have enjoyed reading many links here. Very informative and helpful group. I'm hoping I can get some advice on what to do with a set of Lorex cameras we have and the NVR has died. Is this a situation in which we can use Blue Iris with our Windows computer? And if...
  28. jd415

    Night Images Compare 8MP Camera With A 1/2.5 Sensor And A 1/1.8 Sensor

    Updated photos from my last post, both are Lorex (Dahua OEM) 8MP LNB9272 1/1.8 Sensor 8MP LNB8005BW 1/2.5 Sensor Keep in mind I have no street lights, it was not a full moon and it was pitch dark outside. All settings are default set to auto for testing purposes.
  29. R

    ONVIF Camera with Lorex DVR

    Hello all. I'm new to this forum. I'm looking for recommendations of ONVIF cameras that are compatible with my Lorex DV916 DVR. I bought a Wiya Smart Camera which supports ONVIF and successfully added it to the DVR (status showed green), but there was no video. Contacted Lorex support who...
  30. B

    Need reccomendations: Dahua compatible 4K @30fps camera with audio

    I own a Dahua NVR5232-4KS2 NVR and need recommendations for a camera that meets these specifications: • 4K video at 30fps • 2.7~3.2MM wide angle lens (varifocal is fine) • Must have audio input or a built-in microphone • SD card is optional • Must be compatible with Dahua's motion detection...