1. C

    Is there any alternative to SMTSEC cheap cameras?

    Hi everybody, I hope this is the right place to ask for advice. I'm looking for an IP camera for which I can design the case and have a say in the type of lens. I came around SMTSEC in Aliexpress and their wide range of cameras. I bought some for testing purposes and they all seem to be quite...
  2. NewGuyDavid

    Weilailife Cameras and OpenEye NVR

    Hello, I am trying to connect a Weilailife camera to an OpenEye NVR. The OpenEye NVR can see the camera and communicate, but it's unable to pull streaming data. Unforunately the camera doesn't have an HTTP page but Weilailife has assured me the camera is onvif and on H.264. I highly doubt many...
  3. RepoLeved

    IMOU IPC-S6DP-5M0WEB-E27 Wireless Bulb Cam 5MP (Dahua based)

    Hi everyone, I'm opening this thread to talk about this Imou IP camera, model IPC-S6DP-5M0WEB. It's a small light bulb-shaped camera with decent video resolution, night vision isn't bad either. It has a built-in microphone, speaker and car/ human detection. Unfortunately, however, I didn't...
  4. Z

    Firmware Link pls

    Can anyone find the download link for firmware version V21. for device C6F0SgZ0N0PfL2 please?
  5. deoxyimran

    Motion Detect Snapshot schedule erased automatically

    Hi, I am using dahua nvr. I have a strange problem with this device. Every time I set the schedule of the snapshots for motion detect, it works for some time, but when machine is rebooted, the schedule is all gone. Why is this happening I don't get it? And yes I have motion detect and snapshot...
  6. Kxngcol3

    Hikvision Streaming

    Hey everyone, so here's my issue. I'm using a Hikvision NVR to run 24 IP Camara's for my work place...we recently got a client that said they wanted to view a section of the office that had person's working for said client. I'm trying to find away to show the client 3 out of the 24 IP cams we...
  7. ashkanj

    My Login Info Suddenly Dosent Work For Ip cam

    i have this cam that i can access jpeg web capture version of it with user name admin and password empty but suddenly from 3 days ago i cant access it from the login page but i still have access through web capture .
  8. N

    Port 8000 Only Port Open after factory Reset

    Hello, I have a hikvision ds-2cd6986f-h and I'm unable to configure it using Hikvision tool (Batch Configuration). I did a Nmap scan and it appears that the 8000 port is the only port open. I can ping the device. I'm able to use SADP to change the IP address but the issue persists. It was like...
  9. A

    Dahua Camera Network Registration

    Hi Guys, I'm having so many issues trying to get access to my camera web browser. I can't for the life of me get this working. It use to work and all of sudden one would work and now both don't. I have reset my network settings. Tried changing to static and back to dhcp. I'm tried unplugging...
  10. S

    Wi-fi glitch/bug on IP CAM - C6F0SoZ3N0PcL2

    Hello, I try to setup an IP camera - C6F0SoZ3N0PcL2 and I ALWAYS get the same error when I try to connect to a wi-fi network - "Background busy, please try again." Does anyone has any ideas on how to solve this? If more info is required, please ask :) Thank you, Peter. Note. Attachment 1 -...
  11. R

    Problem with model c6F0SpZ3N0PcL2 crashing with night vision on

    Hi everybody, I recently purchased one of these IP Cams (model c6F0SpZ3N0PcL2) and initially, I was quite happy with the results. It is responsive, and the picture quality is quite good. However, I'm having a technical issue and at the same time, connecting with technical support is challenging...
  12. BIGHH

    Camera if forging

    hello on nvr cameras are forging when opening full screen sometimes 5-10 second how can I fix it> bandwith and bitrates are normal.
  13. G

    ipcam C6F0SgZ0N0PfL2 help

    Hello guys, i have a problem with ipcam C6F0SgZ0N0PfL2 firmware V18. and here it is: the contrast and luminosity image settings are lost every few minnutes or so. Should i try an firmware upgrade ? in this case with wich one ? thank you in advance !
  14. L

    Cam Lag with BI, VLC, etc., but NOT ONVIF...

    I just purchased this cheap IP Cam but noticed a lag on the RTSP stream in Blue Iris as well as the device's mobile app. The interesting thing is that using "ONVIF Device Manager" PC app, there is NO LAG... Weird. The ONVIF reported stream is: rtsp:/
  15. R

    People counting function doesn't work

    Hi. I'm having trouble with setting up the People counting function on my IPC-HDW5442TM-ASE I've set the smart plan to People Counting and have drawn the rules properly, but crossing the specified area doesn't seem to work. No data gets recorded in the "report'' section and no event gets...
  16. AveryFreeman

    Dahua firmware update works on all but 1 camera - stuck at uploading

    Having an issue upgrading my friend's HFW2831T-ZS, he bought 3 from Andy's Amazon store for his restaurant The reason I started asking about firmware updates is because my friend's HFW2831T-ZS have always acted funny. We have trouble connecting to camera recordings via DMSS app. Related...
  17. B

    connecting cameras to 2nd nvr

    Morning genius. Got a problem, I have two hik nvr’s. One with 16cha ports and one with 8ch. 16 cameras are connected directly to 16ch nvrs port. I would like 8 cams to record on 2nd NVR as backup. Is their any way I can record them without switch? Both Nvrs are connected to router. Thanks in...
  18. M


    My UNIFI switch was showing one of my POE devices as “Zhejiang 38:21” with a vendor label as “Zhejiang”. Have you ever noticed that on your Dahua cams? I do see that name associated with Dahua but I was surprised to see it.
  19. pr1970

    Nest doorbell software equivalent for ip cam

    Hi All I have a nest doorbell and also a couple of dahua ip cameras. I find the nest is such a pleasure to use , being able to scroll through the recording instantly, compared to the ip camera that I seem to give up as it is so slow reading off the sd card. Is there anything equivalent to Nest...
  20. diego8314

    ONVIF cam can't "Match Code" for wifi

    Hello, I'm Diego. I have an NVR 4 channels with 2 cameras connected (the cameras that came when I bought the nvr, which are super generic). What's the difference between protocol N1 & ONVIF? I bought 2 new cameras: SV3C SV-B06W-720p-HX I want to add them to the own wifi of the nvr (like the...
  21. HelpMe3

    can't find firmware update

    Hi So I have 5 dahua ip cams, however these all run on old software versions of 2015-11-06. I would like to update them, however searching the dahua wiki / firmware finder tool I get 0 results for my cam. device type: IPC-HDBW4300E-AS software version: 2.420.0009.0.R, build : 2015-11-06 WEB...
  22. B

    Cannot connect camera to NVR

    Hardware: IPcam (x2): DaHua IPC-HDW5231R-ZE NVR: NVR4108-4KS2 Problem: I was able to set up my two cameras and it worked fine for about 8 months and then the switches suddenly died. I bought new switches so they work now. I have two switches, one switch right next to the NVR and another switch...
  23. R

    new mobile app launch - make your existing ip cameras smart

    Hello All, I'm new to ipcamtalk and wanted to introduce my new mobile app aiwatch. It's a free mobile app that makes your existing ip camera/nvr/dvr smart with features like, * Intelligent motion detection and alerts. Accurately detect person, animal and vehicles from unwanted motion * 10...
  24. G

    china webcam

    hi i bought 2 ip cams. 1 from wish and 1 from aliexpress. New 2.0MP 1080P HD Wireless WIFI IP Camera 20M 30PCS Infrared Lights Night Vision IP66 Waterproof Camera Support PTZ Two-Way Audio Phone APP Control Motion Detection 128G TF Card (Not Included) | Wish the wish camera have this info Device...
  25. Laurentiu Bosca

    IPcam to NAS photo storage

    I've got this issue with my Hikvision DS-2CD6365G0-IS that is connected (NFS) to a DS218j NAS where I cannot find the snapshots that are scheduled at a 5 minute interval. I can see them on the webapp of the camera but not on the NAS. On the NAS folder I can only find the videos that the camera...
  26. K

    Question about Smartwares CIP-39220 IP Cam

    I bought a Smartwares CIP-39220 IP Cam and its not that great so far. It only works on Android/IOS devices by default and the app (SW360) requires to have access to the Media and Location of my device. Also the cam doesn't work on a local network and requires internet access (to a Chinese...
  27. G

    Laview nvr LV-N9616D6E parking outdoor cam suggestion

    Hello everyone New member to IPCamtalk. i have Laview nvr LV-N9616D6E with 10 cams . need to add 4 good parking /outdoor ip cams. i do not know what works with this nvr LV-N9616D6E . please Suggest. i dont know if i could use other brands. does not have to be plug & play.i can user manual ip...
  28. RingMyBell

    How to access ringbell from another PC?

    Hi everyone! My question is about an issue that I hope has been already solved. I just want to access my wifi ringbell not only from my app on the phone but also from another computer, a desktop or anytihng else that is connected to the web. I don't know if this thread had already been...
  29. M

    Need help with wireless network problem

    hi guys i have installed a wireless network for my home ip cams. the setup is like this i have a main 300Mb access point connected to my NVR and 3 300Mb router around the house , routers cooncted to ip cams with network cable and the routers connected to main access point trough WDS. these...
  30. Daniel2018


    Hi, I seriously need assistance on this, as you may Notice I am a newbie and trying to run the system in my house, I will explain as much as I can. I have a 16 port 32 ch nvr, got it a while ago with 14 cams, everything was really plug-and-play until i decided recently to add more cameras at...