1. R

    Camera Surveillance In Leu of Legacy Security System

    I'm wondering how many people are using cameras/alerts in leu of a legacy security system, and if this is even a reasonable idea?
  2. S

    WTS Lots (10+) Hikvision cameras and NVR

    I'm in the process of upgrading my Hikvision setup to Dahua and am selling off all my old stuff. I originally purchased everything from LTS Security, who was a vendor on this forum at the time (not sure if they still are or not), so all my cameras are USA versions and upgradeable via firmware. I...
  3. J

    Any POE Cameras for Blue iris with an internal POE connection?

    Good Day All, Are there any good cameras for blue iris that hook up the way Unifi G4 cameras do internally? I've mainly only used Dahua/Hik cams for Blue iris. Love the cameras, but I need some low profile cameras running through brick, so don't want to have ugly boxes that the cameras are...
  4. Lame_GamingBG

    So i want to buy an NVR but i am not sure if my cameras will work with it

    So i have 2 cameras settled on position in my house and they are currently working with an SD cards and the phone app is very glitchy and i want to make my cameras use an NVR becouse there will be better app and more space for them to record but as i said i am not sure if it will work it says...
  5. S

    Opinions on Cloud based video surveillance systems ?

    Everything seems to be so on premise focused when it comes to security while literally every other business systems are in the cloud or connected somehow. Why are security professional so reluctant to move ahead with technology? EDITED BY FENDERMAN: This spammer works for eagle eye networks a...
  6. T

    Another new build thread: Need help with locations/cams

    Hi all, Long time lurker. Finally made an account. I am building a 2 story home and would like to install some perimeter cams. I was thinking of using a synology box (like DVA3221) to record low frame rate streams, and upon person detection (using its AI), record high frame rate streams for...
  7. U

    PoE IP Camera using .mp4

    Hello, Basically I need to create my own application streaming video from a PoE IP Camera, the camera I have only uses .dvr files, are there any PoE IP cameras that use .mp4 files?
  8. R

    Help need in deleting the IP Camera's on a Hikvision DS-7608NI-K2/8P

    HI I recently purchased a secondhand Hikvision DS-7608NI-K2/8P online and seller is unable to share the password for IP cameras that were previously installed on the machine. I have tried factory resetting the machine and been unsuccessful. I desperately need some help in deleting those...
  9. D

    Camera Comparison Help Please N24CG52 VS T5241TM-AS Turret

    I have kind of settled in on a couple of N24CG52 Dahua cams. looks to do all what I would ask of them, but was recommended the IPC-T5241TM-AS, I am looking in a Dahua US catalog from 2018 and would like to compare, wondering what the US # is for the T5241 #, so if anyone can fill me in on the...
  10. pasquale.ambrosio

    API Nvr get list of connected cameras

    Dear All, I'm using Dahua http API to know: - the list of cameras conenected to the NVR - start date of recording of single channels For the moment I'dont find any method can help me. Somebody can help me? Thanks in advance
  11. V

    Living in an RV/Van.

    Hi all, I've been on this search for answers & I can't seem to get any on other sites. So I'll be living in a converted travel van that I've built. My goal is to install a dash camera, a rear view camera for back up that ALSO serves as a rear "dash cam", & two undermounted side mirror cameras...
  12. G

    Wifi camera recommendation

    Hi, I am looking for suggestions on a WIFI camera. I know WIFI is not recommended (I have read the wiki). The camera is to send an image to a server at a fairly low rate (1-5 times a minute) so 100% connectivity is not crucial. – Wifi connectivity – IP64 or better (waterproof for...
  13. C

    LTS cameras preset functions

    I have searched here, Google and DDG every single way I can think of. Changing words around, placing “quotation marks”, etc. Not a damn peep! I remember there were presets in many LTS cameras that triggered various internal functions. Was quite useful. The presets are high up, like the 30s or...
  14. A

    Hikvision DS-7732NI-K4/16P NVR 17+ cameras

    Hi all, I'm having a right time with a new Hikvision DS-7732NI-K4/16P NVR and I'm struggling to solve this one in a way I like. User has 20 cameras, all POE Hikvision which I've installed. Plug each one-by-one into the 16 port POE switch on back of the NVR, so it does it's auto setup...
  15. J

    Gas Station Robbery - Need Help

    Hello everyone, My father's gas station was broken into the other night- Someone rammed their truck into the front door and attempted to steal the ATM machine. Unfortunately, our current security cameras were too poor of quality to see what the thief looked like or the fine details of their...
  16. H

    What is the technical term of process when camera sends data to harddrive and it recycles disk space

    Hello all, I want to know what the technical term is; when a home security camera system comes with its own 2TB harddrive in which the 2TB harddrive automatically stores all data sent to it by the cameras for the last 2 weeks of recording and then the harddrive frees up disk space...
  17. L

    Computing Engineer pro, Camera noob

    Hi there! I'm a computing engineer and electronics "hobbist" and I would like to study the IP cameras and I would like to have a little advice from you. I'm really noob on this field and I even don't know the terminology yet. Sorry about that. I would like to buy two motorized indoor cameras...
  18. M

    Which wifi cameras are better for Blue Iris?

    Hello, I need to get some cameras for Blue Iris V4 I have already very old cameras from Sricam and Wanscam working well but new generations doesn't seem to work well So I want to add new cameras with an affordable price (I can't pay on Amazon) So Ebay or direct Paypal My needs : Wifi + PTZ +...
  19. S

    Overwhelmed - You're the PRO, Pls Make Reco's

    Andy, Saw you referenced quite a bit – newbie here. Picking up a server box to run BI later today and now need to pick a couple of cameras. I don’t really care if they are “International” or domestic consumption models so long as instructions and menus are in English. We’ve had our cars...
  20. S

    Another Brand CCDCAM ?

    Searching for IMX178 and IMX185 cameras, I came across Has anyone ever tried them ?
  21. Frank M

    Security Camera Questions

    Security Camera Questions I own a business in an industrial park in leased space. I have 2 main security issues: 1) Trucks and 2) break in/s Trucks. Several times I have lost gas, batteries and once had a “break-in” into an enclosed trailer. I would like a camera system to catch these...
  22. joshme

    Bullet vs. Turret - When to use each

    I'm new here and trying to find the right outdoor wireless IP cameras to set up around a small group of townhomes with a shared driveway, as well as inside a commercial kitchen. I've noticed a lot of folks recommending turrets and others recommending bullets or mini-bullets on these forums, but...
  23. B

    HIKVISION 8MP Bullet DS-2CD2085FWD-I vs HIKVISION 5MP Turret DS-2CD2355FWD-I

    Hi, I am still wondering whether I should go for a bullet or the turret variant of the ip camera. The camera will be surveilling the patio and it will be installed to a *vertical wall* just a 2 meters above the main door (4.5m from target) -pointing down towards cover the 4.5m long entrance...
  24. Mike K

    Network Node Construction Complete

    This is the part of my overall system witch is located in my marketing building. Now complete, I hope. The rack frame is lagged to the wall frame, and the depth is adjustable. Both sides have hinges so the Individual devices can swing out from either side. This assembly contains the...
  25. N

    Support for Panasonic WV-SW155 ?

    I recently purchased a home with a Panasonic WV-SW155 (WV-SW155 | IP Camera/Network Camera | Panasonic Security System) already installed, so I'm trying to get it working. I found iSpy software (which says the camera is supported), but now I've read more about my options and I'd prefer to use...
  26. T

    WTS new 1080p home security cam system, 2 bullet cams

    new 1080p home security cam system, 2 bullet cams exact model LV-KT934HS2A5-T1 direct from manufacturer received as a gift. i opened the box just to see what's inside. did not opened all the smaller boxes and packaging within. box sitting on my table asking $200 shipped via paypal. im open to...
  27. A

    hikvision nvr and opening it up to the internet safe?

    Hello, I have a HikVision NVR DS-7604NI-E1 want to be able to view the cameras from the internet, mainly so I can use imperihome app to view my cameras on the move. I also want to use other softwares on my laptop that will need a direct connection. Is it safe to open the ports below to the...
  28. MrRalphMan

    False positives from NVR's motion detection (Hikvision 7608-NI-E2)

    Hi, I'm getting a bunch of false positives with motion detection on my HIK NVR with two cameras at night. Just behind the bushes at the front of the photo's is a road and it seems to pick up every car that goes by with it's lights on. During the day it's pretty good with not many FP's Here...
  29. Mike K

    BI and Individual IP camera SW?

    Not having purchased the BI software yet, I'm wondering how it works when you might have as many as 6 or 8 different IP cams with different operating features, each from a different manufacture, and each having their own unique software? Do you just throw away the respective different SW...
  30. B

    New Setup (multiple locations)

    Hi guys, sorry if this is not the correct subforum to post this. And sorry for the long post, I'm new to this and I want to do it right. I'm looking to upgrade an existing camera system for a relatively small business (it's a bar) with 2 locations. I've done my homework and I figured an Intel...