1. L

    Blue Iris AI & Zones

    Hello all! I have recently set up a few cameras with blue iris and am looking to set up ai now. I have set up different zones that are: Zone a-all zone b-my property/driveway zone c-the road I would like ai to trigger anytime it finds a person in any zone but only trigger for a car when it...
  2. M

    Motion detection in camera vs in BI

    I have some older (10+ yo) Axis camera that can do motion detection, but I have been using BI's built in motion detection to date. 1. I'm wondering if the built-in Axis detection algorthim is better than BI's - anyone know? 2. My CPU often runs 70% (I have 3 cameras). Is this mostly due to...
  3. Deadeye

    Which zone does BI use for triggering?

    I noticed that BI has many zones, but I haven't been able to figure out which zone that BI uses to trigger. Is it Zone A? Or is it all zones (layered with the largest possible area selected)? I tried watching some tutorials, but they don't really outright say. One of the official BI videos...
  4. S

    Blue Iris has good triggers but no alerts

    Hello, my alerts were working perfectly until I started messing around with the profiles. I normally don’t use any profiles but tonight I tried setting up profile 2 to have no alerts so I can select that one when the kids are running in and out of the house. I think I got that set up the way...
  5. EyeOfSauron

    False alerts with IVS on new camera

    I currently have 2 5442 cameras deployed with Dahua's IVS rules. One is a varifocal turrent, the other a 6mm fixed lens. The 6mm fixed lens is triggering constantly, I assume due to reflections and/or shadows. This is strange, as I have not had issues with the other camera. I assume this is due...
  6. R

    Trigger Notifications

    I have configured push notifications and email as an immediate action when a camera is triggered. The notifications work when I force the test, but will not work when the camera is triggered. Please help.
  7. Buttan Butt

    DeepStack fails to find any object if the triggering source is ONVIF

    Guys, I have a small problem and I just can't solve it by myself. Please tell me if you think you have any ideas how to get things working again. Blue Iris is at version Due to many changes lately I can't say at what point my problems started. Currently I'm using the Blue Iris built...
  8. M

    Turn on indoor camera when leaving home

    I have an indoor camera that is set up in BI but never records unless we leave the house for an extended period of time (trip of a day or more). I have to manually go in and turn on the trigger I've set up for it as well as the sound trigger and then when I come home I need (want) to turn both...
  9. kc8tmv

    BI5 Zone Multiple zone different crossing events?

    Is there a way I am not aware of to get BI5 using zone crossing to do something like: If A>B do this. If B>A do that, etc.
  10. M

    BI: syncing triggers between cameras

    I have a two-cam installation in a trailer park covering the entry driveways. Using BI version 5 (installed just a few months ago) I would like BOTH cameras to start recording when EITHER motion triggers. This would give me 2 views of every vehicle arriving/leaving. I tried syncing one camera...
  11. T

    Camera won’t trigger and has ~ symbol in upper right corner

    So I finally loaded version 5 and since that one camera no longer triggers record . Its a Hikvision. I can record manually but only for 30 seconds. Also cannot get cams on cell only wifi. I wish I had not uPGraded Anyone know why the tilde symbol is showing ? Thanks
  12. G

    Medium size trigger not working

    I am having problems getting BI to trigger. For example when a person walks past my mailbox. Cars and trucks work find. Attached is a snapshot of the motion sensor settings. I tried not using zones & hotspots, but that did not help. Normally this is set to avoid triggers from wind and trees. I...
  13. M

    Not recording long enough

    Running Foscam and latest version of BI. The problem Im having is this: The video recording is cutting off too soon. Example: I have landscapers that I want to record. They are working in 1 area for 5-10 minutes. Cameras will record for about 20 seconds and then shut off recording even...
  14. Matt L.

    BI will not send sound to Cam when triggered

    BI will not send sound to Cam when triggered, but it will send sound when tested from the alerts > sound alarm function. I have no clones of camera active, I thought at first that was the cause. Still, the camera gets an external trigger (not set to trigger by motion, only group, external, and...
  15. K

    Emailing scheduled snapshots. How?

    Okay, I just can't get my head around the schedule - trigger - alert relationships. First I created a cloned camera. Then set the following. Camera settings -- Schedule. I created three separate scheduled events. 9am 1pm 4pm each with the function "snapshot" Camera settings -- Trigger. Apart...
  16. J

    Doubt about Dahua NVR push notifications

    Hi! I have a system with 5 (for now) cameras. I am using a Dahua NVR4216-4KS2 to record footage from all of them. I connected the external alarm system to the first alarm input of the NVR. The behavior I would like to get is to receive footage from the cameras when the alarm system is triggered...
  17. Stacey Chambers

    Blue Iris setting different schedules for different cameras

    I have cameras in different locations that i need to operate and trigger on different schedules. i think i have the profiles understood but not sure how to apply to cameras differently.... for an example i want my doorbell camera to trigger, alert and record 24/7.... however i want my living...
  18. D

    IVS Snapshot Delay

    When using the IVS feature to send an email with a snapshot there seems to be like a 6 second delay from when the event is triggered and when the snapshot is taken. Because of this I am rarely ever seeing what triggered the event. Is there a way to get instant snapshots as soon as the event is...
  19. C

    Setting trigger parameters.

    I am trying to better understand the various settings for triggering. I adjust some setting but then have to wait until the particular conditions happen in the video stream to see if my settings are working as desired. This is a real hassle. A suggestion: it would be great if I could record a...
  20. T

    Trig picture for anpr camera

    Hello, I'm using the ANPR Hikvision camera DS-2CD4A26FWD. I would like to use the Alarm input to trig picture and send them to my ftp server. I succeeded to set the ftp server and connect the camera. I tried to set the parameters to use the alarm input but it appears that I don't have a...
  21. Weather_Junkie

    Motion vs trigger question

    First off, I figured this topic was better suited for "General Talk" than "Troubleshooting" as I don't think this is a problem but more of a misunderstanding of the BI software. So I hope I choose the right forum. Alright so I've been trying to tweak my outdoor Amcrest camera (IP2M-844E) to be...
  22. Weather_Junkie

    Amcrest camera not triggering

    Hi All, I'll get right to the point.I have my new outdoor Amcrest camera recording the driveway and street. I have it set up to trigger all in zone A which is everything besides the trees in case the wind blows the leaves. It easily records every car coming down the street as soon as it comes...
  23. A

    Suggestion needed on swiftness of motion detection feature on cp plus 1 MP cam

    Hello all I have a CP Plus 1MP IP cam.Works fine.Wanted to know how sensitive is motion detection,as i am concern may it not miss any usual data that has to be captured
  24. J

    Recording continuous but marking where motion occurred?

    Hi, this might be a silly question but is it possible to record continuous in BI but also mark on the timeline where motion occurred or something similar. I like to record continuous as I've had problems in the past with it not triggering. It's not a huge deal as I have plenty of space to...
  25. A

    Triggered vs Triggered+Periodic

    I'm new to Blue Iris and have been reading the manual and experimenting. I thought I understood the dialog box for Triggering, Triggering + Periodic etc., but the more I read and experiment, the less I'm certain... So what I would LIKE to do is construct a time lapse in which a normal speed...
  26. D

    Using IP message (API?) to trigger recording

    Team, Camera: 2DS-2CD2135FWD Storage: Synology NAS with Surveillance Station I would like an external application to tell the camera (or surveillance station) to start recording. A smart solution appeared to be to make the Alarm OUTPUT trigger the Alarm INPUT (based on this thread). ALARM...
  27. T

    Alarm linkage?

    Hello everyone. I have a small backyard that should not be accessible. I'd like to put a camera that warns me if someone (or something) is in the 20 ft x 20 ft area. Unfortunately I can't install an alarm system and I'd like to have a live feed of the area during the day so I thought maybe I...
  28. strathglass

    Missing following action

    I have an issue where I capture initial motion, but when that motion moves out of frame and then comes back in a second time (a short time later, maybe 5-20s), the second time motion is not captured/saved. Anyone know what setting to adjust for this? How many people just record EVERYTHING...
  29. dirk6665

    PTZ move upon certain zone trigger

    All, I like to "think" I am pretty adept with BI... but this one has me stumped. So with motion detection you can have different zones, right? Okay - I have a PTZ camera on the corner of my house that is typically trained on my driveway. I also have a very wide-angle on my garage that sees...
  30. A

    blueiriscmd - A Python cmd tool for interfacing to the Blue Iris API

    I discovered this awesome project by Magnus Appelquist who constructed a python script he calls blueiriscmd, that allows you to send commands to Blue Iris via HTTP to read status, trigger events, change profile etc all from the command line or embed the python code into your own python scripts...