1. B

    Dahua SDK developers

    Hi Guys, I work for an AI company and we are looking for Dahua/CCTV software engineers to expand on our integrations. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!
  2. A

    Dahua removed links to firmware and software

    Hi everyone, it has been a couple of days since dahua removed link to download tools, SDK, firmware, and software generally. Link: Download Center You can check the images attached. Does anyone know what is going on? I cant find SDK to continue my work on software...
  3. orfaly800

    Help me to finding frimwaer AHB7004T-LM

    Hello everyone I need a software file for the device MMB 7004T-LM. I searched a lot and could not find it. I found a file, but the cameras did not work. Please help as soon as possible. Thank you
  4. wilcor83

    Dahua Smart PSS

    Hello Everybody ! I have a problem with Smart PSS software, im getting the error "Failed to open video" in my windows 8 Laptop. I try in a Mac and it work perfectly. Does anybody knows how to solve this issue in windows ? Im trying to see this cameras by using the NVR serial number.
  5. M

    How to upload video from an ip camera to telegram?

    Do you know software that automatically uploads video from ip camera to the telegram messenger in case of detection of people in the frame. Thanks!
  6. pr1970

    Nest doorbell software equivalent for ip cam

    Hi All I have a nest doorbell and also a couple of dahua ip cameras. I find the nest is such a pleasure to use , being able to scroll through the recording instantly, compared to the ip camera that I seem to give up as it is so slow reading off the sd card. Is there anything equivalent to Nest...
  7. HelpMe3

    can't find firmware update

    Hi So I have 5 dahua ip cams, however these all run on old software versions of 2015-11-06. I would like to update them, however searching the dahua wiki / firmware finder tool I get 0 results for my cam. device type: IPC-HDBW4300E-AS software version: 2.420.0009.0.R, build : 2015-11-06 WEB...
  8. E

    I can use different software for my NVR?

    Looking on this forum, I see people talking about blue iris, other software,etc. I’m slightly confused....I have a lorex system and use the lorex software on my PC and iPhone to interact with my NVR. 1. Are we able to interact with our NVR via 3rd party software? I never knew this. 2. What...
  9. S

    Blue-Iris Features

    I've installed a Dahua Camera that I'm testing at my outdoor area of my house. After mucking around with SmartPSS it's a little buggy and can't get certain things to work correctly, especially PC-NVR for playback / record or recognizing my NAS. Reading on the forum, seems most users are using...
  10. E

    Advice for 50 cam Server

    I'm currently tasked with upgrading/gradually replacing the IP Cam system at work. We have two Q-See NVRs with 42 Q-See cameras. Yes, I hate it. I'm looking for advice on hardware and software to use as a replacement. My plan is to get hardware that will support about 20 cameras to start, but...
  11. BiigRich

    PC Software to work with no-name Chinese camera

    I just received a no-name Chinese surveillance camera as a gift. I am attaching pictures of the camera and the box it came in for reference. It "looks like" a Meisort IP20 360 but, as I said, it has no name. It looks like this (follow link)- Meisort IP20 1080P HD Wifi IP Camera wi-fi 360 Degree...
  12. akiisi

    Camera freezes DS-2DE2A204IW-DE3

    Im on a project that has 4 camera (DS-2DE2A204IW-DE3) they are set to always tour if there is a reboot or a power loss then the cameras freeze to tour mode and wont move. As VMS im using Wisenet Wave. Only thing at this which fixes it is: Deleting the camera from the software and rebooting it...
  13. K

    Best way to actively monitor 2 Dahua NVR with over 50 cameras

    2 Dahua NVR one with around 36 cameras and another around 10. What is the best way to have someone monitoring live feeds and view historical alerts? Thanks for the guidance can you explain why on your option. Option #1 1 NVR plugged to a 60 inch monitor. 2nd NVR plugged to 60 inch monitor...
  14. M

    Looking for VMS software alternatives

    Hi everybody, I was wondering if any of you guys know a VMS under the format of a OVA to deploy into VMware/etc or simply an ISO image to create a virtual machine on my server. I am currently using NetCam Studio 1.7.0 (which is super easy btw, by far the most stable VMS I used) but it is hard...
  15. B

    CMS for hi3535 that does not contain virus/trojan

    Hi. Does anyone know any CMS software for a hi3535 board (Owsoo) which does not contain Trojan or virus? It's like EVERYTHING from China contains a sketchy backdoor
  16. D

    What are your thoughts on your video surveillance system?

    Hi All, I'm doing a survey as part of my computer science coursework and would really appreciate any help. Unfortunately, I have no other selling points to entice you further in to taking the survey other than: you get to use your keyboard and your computer, and you get to think for a bit...
  17. T

    My setup (SD492225T-HN) and request for software recommendations

    I bought a SD492225T-HN from @EMPIRETECANDY. It arrived yesterday and I got it up and running quickly. I'm very pleased with the camera. I have questions about software though that I am hoping to get some help with. For posterity, I got network out to this camera using a Powerline Networking...
  18. guruerror

    Recommended Camera Software for Axis/Dahua Setup

    I've been testing various camera monitoring solutions and have yet to find one that adequately supports both Axis and Dahua cameras. Currently I'm running Axis Camera Station and SmartPSS independently to monitor my setup (4 Axis M1054s and 3 Dahua DH-SD22204TN-GN), but I'd like to find a...
  19. P

    Blue Iris detects RTSP ports for cameras, but 400: Bad request

    I have just installed the trial version of Blue Iris in the hopes that it would give me better control of the two new cameras I recently got from Banggood (China). The CMS client software supplied finds the cameras, which are hard-wired to my Xfinity router via Ethernet, and it shows the video...
  20. Merlin93

    Your experience with NVR vs PC (Blue Iris, etc.) using Dahua cameras?

    Hey folks, I know this topic has been beat to death in other forums and it has become a controvertial topic with some people. This also may not be the ideal sub-forum for this question, but I am specifically looking for real world experiences from people who have multiple Dahua cameras and have...
  21. Mike K

    Network Configuration with 2 Switches?

    Here is my situation: If I have two switches, one in each of two buildings connected with a single fiber trunk cable & Each switch is "managed", but the manufactures are different & Each switch has its own firmware to handle device/network configuration assignments & Both switches are VLAN...
  22. M

    LaView NVR Integration with 3rd Party Software Question

    Hello All, I am new to the ipCam talk forum and the IP cam world. I have the LaView 8 Channel LV-N9808C8E IP/NVR setup. All is good with access over internet, internal and external, as well as ddns. I can also view through the LaView NET app on my andriod. My problem is that I cannot view...
  23. Mike K

    BI and Individual IP camera SW?

    Not having purchased the BI software yet, I'm wondering how it works when you might have as many as 6 or 8 different IP cams with different operating features, each from a different manufacture, and each having their own unique software? Do you just throw away the respective different SW...
  24. Mike K

    Blue Iris Relative to HD monitoring?

    Not having the BI software yet, I'm wondering if the BI program has any Hard Drive monitoring features such as the case with the "Sentinel" software program.
  25. P

    does PTZ (onvif) camera support 3rd party softwares?

    Hi all, i wanted to know if Trinetra, ZVision, Sricam or DkVision cameras can be opened in 3rd party software. i went through reviews, i guess its closed system camera, so it work only in the software that manufacturer provide . i'm wondering if i can get the streaming path/http URL (for PTZ...
  26. Mike K

    Network Design and diagnostic software tool?

    Recently I came across this network SW called "NetBrain". looks great but also expensive. Does anyone have any experience with it? Is there any known free shareware that will do the same thing? This SW is advertised to be automated in so far as the definition of all the network devises and...
  27. M

    New Setup

    Hello, I have switched my software over to Blue Iris. It is not as easy as I thought to setup. I expected that it is a secure program and worth the time. I figured out I am going to have to change my router ip's etc. When I first plugged my cam in I thought it would auto config boy was I wrong...
  28. M

    Greetings from Finland

    Hey, Been active on another camera/security related forum for quite a while now, found this one figured I should join. About me: Just a guy from a company thats making VMS software, doing some tech supporty stuff (as a job) related to our VMS and everything around IP cameras and networks...
  29. strathglass

    Error with new HikVision DS-2CD2032-I (I/O error)

    I have the latest 64 bit Blue Iris software. An older HikVision is working OK (f/w version V5.0.2build 130805). A couple newer devices I bought last year and am just hooking up now are not working with Blue Iris (can see live view OK on the camera web page per its IP address): these newer...
  30. B

    Computer freezes running Win. 7 32 and 64 bit after a few minutes using BI 3 software

    Running BI 3 and it is the last updated version. For some reason the software after being activated will only work for less than 30 minutes and then it freezes the computer. Using the BI android app it will work on my Samsung 5 at first away from my home wi-fi but then after a few minutes it...