1. M

    10 cameras, 7 repeaters, mesh wifi? what would you buy?

    I'd like to get your opinion on good setup for 10 security cameras. I've included a map here: Repeater locations In a perfect world the cameras would connect to a cloud recorder. If the web was slow, they would store the footage locally, and upload when possible, but still be synchronized...
  2. bigoliver

    POE ONVIF compatible doorbell with WiFi/poe chimes

    Hi all, I want a Poe doorbell for greater reliability, and so I don't have to hire an electrician to change the doorbell transformer. I want it to connect to my NVR and record either 24/7, or just when a person comes to the door. I want the bell to connect to my phone and inform me when it is...
  3. Regulator

    Lightning and grounding... what else can I do.

    Ive had my system installed for around 1 year and have replaced the Longspan extenders twice and the gate controller twice. Im not sure what else I need to do. These were not direct hits either. The system starts coming off the hub to a Longspan into Ubiquity ETH-SP-G2 and then exits the...
  4. A

    Recommendations for a good Doorbell (POE/IP65)

    Hi All I'm planning to install a lan based doorbell and need your recomendations. what i want a POE/IP65 outdoor one (i live near sea) that can connect to wifi chime over my home wifi LAN the recording facility should be adapted to my NAS drive Dahua VTO2111D-WP seems to be a good investment...
  5. aesterling

    PoE cameras' video occasionally freezes & slow pings via NVR

    I'm trying to determine why my cameras' video occasionally freezes/drops frames like in these two examples, both on the NVR recordings and Blue Iris recordings. Hardware: Hikvision NVR DS-7616NI-I2 (built in PoE switch, latest firmware) Hikvision DS-2CD2385FWD-I Turrets (connected to NVR...
  6. CmdrBond

    Hikvision PoE NVR and PoE Illuminators (Or 12v)

    High, I have a Hikvision DS-7108-SN/P PoE NVR and 4 DS-2CD2132F-IS 2.8mm domes. I've finally got round to playing with the settings regarding night vision, and am getting terrible IR bleed. Possibly due to reflection. So bad, I've actually turned off the IR on each camera. I don't really...
  7. R

    Techage system - anyone have experience with these?

    I am looking to setup an 8 camera system to cover a warehouse and have found these on Amazon. It seems to meet my requirements and budget, does anyone have experience with these systems? Is there anything I should be aware of that would make me not want to purchase them...
  8. S

    NVR suddenly stopped working - PoE power overload

    Hello, I have a HikVision DS-7608NI-K2/8P that suddenly stopped working, the cameras are not powering up (as far as I can tell). I have checked the logs and I see a lot of "PoE power overload messages" since the day it stopped. The lights at the back, for each camera UTP port are not blinking...
  9. T

    Unimpressed by Reolink kit - want 4 camera setup for home

    Hi there! I am in the UK. We currently have one Logitech Circle and one Logitech Circle2. Fed up with some features of it, I recently bought this Reolink 5MP kit for £370 from Amazon. The specs seemed to have almost everything I was looking for on paper...
  10. S

    Connecting Amcrest POE with a Lorex NVR

    Hi everyone, I bought a Lorex package from Costco,. They are POE cameras. During BF I bought another brand, Amcrest, POE and supports ONVIF. After hooking up the Amcrest to my Lorex NVR, I see on my Lorex screen that the Amcrest IP is, Lorex screen says its using ONVIF protocol. Any...
  11. P

    CISCO PVC2300

    I found a CISCO PVC2300 POE two way audio IP Cam in my cupboard I had forgotten about and never used. I assume its far to old to use now? I mean in terms of firmware it would be vulnerable security wise?
  12. K

    POE camera suggestions

    Hi I am looking for following requirements from a security camera. I searched a lot online but couldnt find one. Please suggest. POE Outdoor (IP66 etc) 2-way audio H.265 H.265+ compression 4MP or more Reason: I dont like products of Arlo like companies having to deal with their "cloud"...
  13. kiwibird

    unknown if camera has poe. Will it be damaged

    unknown if camera has poe. Will it be damaged. Brand x camera. Dont have the specs. Anyone have suggestions?
  14. C

    Can my Dahua DH-SD59225U-HN be powered by 48v DC POE?

    I have important question: my "DH-SD59225U-HNI" camera is a POE and the NVR "NVR4104-P-4KS2" is also a POE, I now wish to operate both Camera and NVR on 48v Dc "POE" power, but I am worried. My concern is my Dahua camera DH-SD59225U-HNI is a 24v AC (External power supply) and the NVR Recorder...
  15. TJH132

    Managed vs. unmanaged PoE switch

    I currently use an unmanaged 8-port PoE switch (4 powered, 4 un-powered) as part of my network. It was a real plug and play set-up and has been completely reliable without any intervention. But now I'm looking to add cameras and devices and need more ports. There's definitely a point where...
  16. nofali

    POE cable

    Hi guys, I jsut bought 2 poe cables for my dahua ipc with alarm input on and audio in and out It's two sided poe... But i am not sure how to use them! Please see attached photo Waiting for help!
  17. 1

    DC input as output when utilizing POE?

    i have noticed that when utilizing POE, if you test probe the DC input (be it barrel jack or wires depending on camera) you can measure voltage on it with a voltmeter. is it possible to use the DC input as a power source when utilizing POE instead of a power adapter? what kind of current...
  18. H

    IP poe cameras with cat 3 wire

    ok , here is the question. Rather than run another cat5e cable to my attic which will be a pain, i would lke to utilize an existing cat 3 cable. The camera is an older hcm-531 poe (802.3af) low res 640x480 ptz. The cable run is 150 feet. I thought I would just hook uo the 3 pairs into an RJ45...
  19. dcc

    Rate my config and advice on nvr

    Hello guys, I plan on installing some dahua ip cameras at the country side and this is my plan for now: - mikrotik sxt_lte_kit dual 4g router for connectivity ( has a vpn server ) - 2x IPC-HDBW4231E-AS cameras under the porch - 1x IPC-HFW4231T-ASE for the vinery ( ~70 yards ) I would...
  20. B

    Amcrest IP8M-2496EB POE outdoor camera doesn't see SD cards

    Recently installed an Amcrest IP8M-2496EB POE camera and it seems to work great except for the recording functionality. At first I thought it might be a problem with the SD card, which was bought at the same time as the camera, so I tried another today. Here's what it's doing... Accessing the...
  21. wonwon

    Need to power POE Cam and Illuminator off one POE run, possible?

    Need to power POE Cam and Illuminator off one POE run, possible? I was kind of dumb and when I engineered this project, I didn't make sure the cameras have IR on them. I would just return the equipment and get cameras with IR on them, but a lot of other hardware specific to the cameras was...
  22. John Joseph

    PoE from switch through wall socket

    sorry if this is a dumb question .. Does PoE carry through walk sockets ? So a cable connected from the PoE switch into a wall socket, and a cable from the camera terminated in the back of that wall socket .. I am guessing this don’t work but thought I’d check ?
  23. M

    Which IP Cam for my Project?

    Hello, I've searched a lot for IP Cams with an API/SDK, but I'm not sure which camera fit's best for my project. AXIS? Instar? Vivotek? LevelOne? Other? I would be very thankful, if someone can recommend a camera for my requirements. I'm very unsure... Requirements: Good WEB SDK/API to...
  24. F

    Can I use a PoE adapter on my IP Cam and physical installation query

    I've recently bought a Floureon PTZ Dome Cameraand I would appreciate some advice on how best to install it. The power lead is only 1.5m in length, which is not long enough to reach any power sockets in the house from where the camera will be located. It doesn't have PoE but I was thinking about...
  25. Culmac

    How far is far enough?

    I was looking for info for long runs of cat 6 but really didn't find anything conclusive.. This is just an FYI if you were wondering. Everyone knows the limitations of ethernet cable.. 100 meters. I ran 300 feet of a good quality (all copper) cat 6 cable to a light pole and used an Amcrest...
  26. John Joseph

    Advice for outdoor camera (PoE)

    Hi, I'd like to get at least one camera put up at the back of my house, where I have been broken into a number of years back and had another attempted break in this week. Ideally, I had something like the following in mind; Preferably PoE (the router sits on the other side of the wall where...
  27. John Joseph

    Advice for outdoor camera (PoE)

    Hi, I'd like to get at least one camera put up at the back of my house, where I have been broken into a number of years back and had another attempted break in this week. Ideally, I had something like the following in mind; Preferably PoE (the router sits on the other side of the wall where...
  28. Jimerb

    Mixing Amcrest & Lorex POE equipment.

    I'm looking to get the Amcrest 1080P Outdoor PTZ POE IP Camera Pan Tilt Zoom (Model IP2M-853EW) and connect it to my Lorex POE DVR. Does anyone know if doing this would work? What should I be on the lookout for? The camera appears to have POE and audio video cameras. My exissting cameras...
  29. P

    Any LaView NVR compatible PoE IP cams, with audio+mic? (i.e "2-way" audio)

    Hi guys, I went thru the LaView website and I can't seem to find any decently priced cameras (budget is ~$250) there to be able to have a PoE powered IP cam on my porch that can also act as a "door cam" / video doorbell (ala... Ring/Nest/Blink etc... where the device notifies you someone is at...
  30. Dumebi

    Hikvision IP DHCP Issue

    Hi all, I have attached my network diagram I experience a problem whenever there's a power outage on my network. When the power is restored, the IP Cameras (34 of them) cannot get IPs from the Router/DHCP Server (and end up on APIPA) until I reboot the Hikvision POE Switches once more and...