1. P

    BI can access I cant

    Hi all after many internal problems I caused with my setup, I now have a goof Ipcam setup via BI. however, I have one cam working perfectly with BI but when I try and get in to it via webpage the PW or Username is wrong? I am using the same one BI is using and working well with. can anyone help...
  2. Vido

    Onetime password for DVC DRA-0821HN

    Does anyone know how to calculate the password for DVC DRA-0821HN DVR ?
  3. Kitsos

    SriHome NVS001 – forgot device password, cannot reset to factory settings

    Hello all, Let me first say that I have browsed some relevant threads in this forum, but I have reached a dead end. I am aware that my NVR (NVS001 - WebArchive) is low quality, but I want to make one last attempt to make use of it before researching for a Hikvision or a Dahua. Recently, I...
  4. Sthenia

    Floureon H.264 Network DVR Telnet credentials?

    Hi everyone, i am new here. Here is my issue: I bought this H.264 Network DVR back in 2014. I need to connect using telnet to DVR, i got telnet on pc, the DVR is connected to router and ip pings with no problem, i can use the web browser interface connecting trough local ip, but when i try to...
  5. D

    DS-7716NI0I4(B) reset password

    Hello, I have recently acquired a Hikvision DS-7716NI0I4(B) NVR that has not been reset and is still password protected. Reading around online I can see that there could be various methods of resetting the unit. Unfortunately none of them have worked yet. The ones that were already tried were...
  6. G

    Can anyone help with decrypting md5crypt hash?

    I found this hash $1$RYIwEiRA$6EsyjpEtqze8yGdO9qcuR0 in the firmware for IP Camera Tantos and can't decrypt it. I tryed with hashcat and john the ripper
  7. Z

    Hikvision DS-KH9510-WTE1 firmware update

    Hi, Does anyone know the process to firmware flash one of these devices? I have tried TFTP server on and and nothing happens on load up. I have connected via JST 4 pin to see if I can force update by pressing Ctrl + U on startup, but on this device it says press any...
  8. Dave88LX

    Another "password for NVR5416-4KS2" thread -- have pattern though

    I purchased a Dahua NVR5416-4KS2 NVR from @EMPIRETECANDY in 2017. I started messing around, setting it up. Life got in the way, it's been sitting in the basement. Now I'm trying to get things going again. I remember the pattern login, but, not the admin account login. I've searched a few threads...
  9. PowellSkier

    Q-See QCW4K1MC 4k Wi-Fi Security Camera

    I have two Q-see cube cameras that were updated to the 2.621.00QS000 0.R firmware version and the default password is no longer admin! Does anyone have any idea what the default password for this firmware version is? All attempts at initializing\adding\configuring these cameras with Dahua and...
  10. B

    How do I find/reset my PC's IP address password (for Blue Iris mobile app)

    In order to use the Blue Iris mobile app, I'm planning to use my PC as a server to store and access IP camera footage. I have my PC's LAN internal IP address: 192.168.x.x:x, (including port), but I don't know that IP address (and port)'s username and password. I never needed it until trying...
  11. A

    IPC-HFW1435S FTP Password not able to setup

    Hello, everyone! First post in the forum :) Didn't find any thread for this problem, so if there is one, please just give me a link! To the subject: I am trying to setup an FTP connection on my Dahua IPC-HFW1435S-W-S2 for snapshot uploads, but every time I enter the credentials and click "test"...
  12. C

    IPC-T5442T-ZEB disables ability to paste into password

    Hey @EMPIRETECANDY , I got one of your IPC-T5442T-ZEB cameras off Amazon. On both Mac & PC, using the Chrome browser, it seems that I cannot paste a password into the login screen, either with a right-click "paste" or "paste as plain text" selection or using ctrl-v. When doing any of these...
  13. digitalman

    New IPC-HDBW4231F Admin login problem

    I bought 3 PoE cameras from EmpireTech-Andy via Amazon: Loryta IPC-B5442T-ASE (3.6mm Fixed Lens 4MP Starlight+ WDR IR Bullet) Loryta IPC-B5442E-ZE (4MP Starlight+ WDR IR Bullet) EmpireTech IPC-HDBW4231F-E2-M (2.8MM Lens IP Camera 2x2MP Starlight IR Mini Dome) The first 2 cameras set up easy as...
  14. S

    30X Zoom HD Outdoor/Indoor PTZ IP Speed Dome Camera 5MP 1080P 80M IR ONVIF POE

    jk-phd54fdm550aprm China Brand .. missing password and login. Need a way to resetting or make a new password. Any that can help me with that 30X Zoom HD Outdoor/Indoor PTZ IP Speed Dome Camera 5MP 1080P 80M IR ONVIF POE
  15. Kiady


    Hello and thanks for your help in advance . I have an ez-ip camera from dahua, after having reset my camera, the tab to be able to change the password when the device is started for the first time no longer appears and in ip config the camera is already initialized. what is the problem if...
  16. Lee Arrowsmith

    Hikvision Hilook DVR-204Q-K1

    Hello All, new member here and desperately need some help with my Hikvision Hilook DVR and resetting the admin password. I've been in touch with Hikvision support multiples times and tried to reset the admin password using the XML file support sent me via the SADP tool. Unfortunately after...
  17. M

    iVMS-4200 needs a different username or password?

    iVMS-4200 finds my NVR-216-E/16P and IPC-D220-IZ, as does SADP. However, after I Add them it says that they're Offline and hovering over that text says the password is incorrect: "Incorrect password. You still have 4 chances. Please try again". I'm using the same user 'admin' and the same...
  18. J

    LaView Doorbell Halo One

    I am unable to connect to the doorbells wifi for setup, We are supposed to use the verification code as the password. The code on my unit is only 6 characters and both iphone and android(i tried both) require minimum of 8 characters. Totally lost what to do. I guess pack it up and send it back...
  19. J

    HikVision DS-2CD2D14WD password

    FYI, the little HikVision DS-2CD2D14WD Administrator password must only have alpha-numeric characters (letters and numbers like "a B 1 2 3 ...", nothing like "- + ? ..."). Otherwise, you will not be able to login to it after setting the password (you will then have to factory reset it). Just...
  20. M

    NVR4208-8P-4KS2 can't detect camera

    Good Day I bought a Dahua NVR4208-8P-4KS2 with 5 DH-IPC-HDW1230C-A and 1 DH-IPC-HFW1230M-I1 3 of my HDW and the HFW can't search in my NVR. But the other 2 HDW can be searched. We tried opening the camera and see that there is a light whenever I plugged it in my NVR, this goes to all of my...
  21. C

    Hikvision Password reset

    Hi guys, Made a boo boo today. Setup an NVR a couple of months ago and have forgotten the password. I have followed hikvisions procedure to reset (send xml file from SADP). They sent back a reset file but it doesn't work. I get error code "failed to reset password other: 2022" does anyone know...
  22. A

    IP Cam - can no longer log in - password changed? Hacked?

    Hi All, new to this forum and IPCams in general. I've installed 3 x Trendnet TVIP310pi cameras via POE, all have been working fine except for one of my cameras. Recently I found that the feed on my phone had stopped, I logged on to my laptop and tried to access the camera with IP, I could get...
  23. luculescu

    Help me to reset password of admin user

    Hi guys, I tried a lot to find an answer about resetting password for my TURBO HD DVR DS-7100 Series but no luck, I tired with the script ( Hikvision Password Reset Toolinstalling Hikvision Tools v. to insert the code ) , I tried also an old software to reset password but same result...
  24. F

    Hikvision DS-2DE4A320IW-DE: Can't set complex password

    Hi all, Hope you can help me with an issue: I have a Hikvision DS-2DE4A320IW-DE 3Mpx camera (Firmware V5.4.8 build 170210, which is the latest I think) I haver no issues accessing the camera (Either directly or through the NVR), but I am unable to set a more complex password: It only accepts...
  25. G

    Upgraded DVR DS-7732NI-SP with DS-90xx&96xx-ST&77xx-SP_USA_Firmware_V3.3.7_160314

    I am hoping someone can assist me. I upgraded our DVR at the office and now the password no longer works. Even the default password of: U: admin P: 12345 does not work. Am i missing something, did I use the wrong firmware?
  26. D

    Can't login into NVR DS-7616NI-E2/8P after firmware upgrade (password field problem)

    Greetings everyone, My system is: Hikvision DS-7616NI-E2/8P Original firmware: V3.3.6 build 151229 Purchased from China but sold as the full European upgradable version. I updated with the following file from Hikvision's european site: Home » portal » Product Firmware » Back-ends » Recorder...
  27. O

    3518 Telnet Passwords

    Hi Dear IPCAMTalk'ers, I am stucked login HI3518 processor ipcam through telnet. I don't have root username and pass. I tried whole possibilities mentioned on google but no help. Does anyone help me how to find root username and password.. Warm Regards!
  28. J

    (fixed) password won't work for web or NVMS7000

    Hi all. I have looked all around for answers on this and it does not make much sense to me but hoping there is an expert that knows what I am doing wrong (or better terms to search for - I have looked at Hikvision vs LTS). I recently got a LTN8716-P16 LTS NVR from good ole' milkisbad. I have...
  29. R

    ds-7716n-e4/16p Password?

    I have a ds-7716n-e4/16p that I got on amazon. I can not login into tried all the passwords. 12345, 123456789abc any help,
  30. D

    New Password Reset for DVR,NVR, CAM Help

    im trying to restore the password of my DVR using SADP with its way of exporting the XML file...there is way i can generate the fixed file to import into the DVR so that i can get the password to defaults? or currently there is no third party tool to do that? thx