1. randomperson

    Please, I need help. Wansview W6 IP Camera

    I am having so many issues with these cameras. Following is an email I sent Wansview which did no good. 1. They will NOT connect through rtsp or onvif. I have done everything the way you are supposed to. I have the cameras set up with dedicated ips on a subnet through my router. I access it...
  2. E

    UNV NVR camera network

    I recently bought a UNV NVR for my home and 8 UNV IP cameras. The UNV NVR is putting the cameras on the network. My main home network however uses network. Is there any reason to put the cameras on the same network or would leaving them on an entirely different network...
  3. T

    Swann DVR, Blue Iris and ZeroTier(with d-link dwr-921 router) security question

    Hey folks, networking newb here. To give context at the request of my parents i'm setting up a cctv system for them as there have been a rash of burglaries in our area. Started with using swanns android app but quickly finding them was to many limitations with it so I went looking for...
  4. M

    Why does the Dahua firmware upgrade process suck?

    The procedure for Dahua firmware upgrades really sucks. Jumping through the hoops..... 1) locate the firmware and DL; 2) Log into cam GUI; 3) save config; 4) reboot cam; 5) install new firmware; 6) factory reset; 7) find your cam on a subnet you are not normally using; 8) update settings...
  5. D

    First time home CCTV network setup

    Hi everybody! I am soon to become a fresh home security system owner and I am trying to understand a few things about the camera setup, especially the network side is a bit unclear to me. As far as sensors for siren alarm are concerned, I got that covered with a security contractor but I wanted...
  6. M

    What Cat-6 cable do you recommend?

    I'm about to order some network goodies from Graybar, and I need more network cable. I have a box of 5E that will do gigabit but I wanted all new purchases to be Cat-6 or better. So, is there a certain brand or certain model of UTP Cat-6 cable that you prefer? Yes I will run POE: access points...
  7. P

    Need assistance with network throughput

    Hello all, I searched the forums and did not see any threads directly related to my concern. My apologies if I missed anything already existing. At home, I'm currently running 5 x Hikvision ColorVu DS-2CD2347G1-LU 4MP turret cameras and 5 x Reolink cameras (these are about 5 years old; I'm...
  8. Quardah

    In need of advice to plan creating network (hardware mostly)

    Hey folks. I have been reading a lot on this forum and i have some questions before making a move. I would like assistance from senior with experience in this domain it would be greatly appreciated. As a quick and brief introduction, i got into this new home and i would like to setup a network...
  9. J

    Trouble with wifi ip cameras stuttering. New wired NVR?

    Hi everyone I'm new to the forum. I have searched everywhere and still can't find a solution. I ordered an 8 camera Wifi cctv system a while ago (it's a chinese one). The only branding I could find on it says it's a Sinye Tech Wifi CCTV camera system. On the cameras itself it only says Model...
  10. rifaazeem

    Geovision ADR1300- IP Camera not working through switch/router ports

    Hi all, If anyone could assist me on this issue will be much appreciated. situation cable from camera to Rack side ( aprox 120 meters) but it has separate power source nearby the camera, when connecting directly to the laptop its working and pinging without even 1 drop out. but when i connect...
  11. kakaru

    my laptop cannot connect to camera, but PC is able.

    on my old pc(2 NIC), if I connect like this 'second NIC'---'POEswitch'---'camera', it works...I can connect web interface and do any other things. but on my laptop(1NIC, 1wifi), if I connect 'NIC'---'POEswitch'---'camera', not work....I can only find camera in dahua configuration tool(from dahua...
  12. ermac

    Packet loss, jittery image at times

    Hi, I notice on the live feed from my DH-SD49225T PTZ that it can be a bit jittery on large scenes with fast moving objects. Seems to be less so when the camera is zoomed in on a smaller area. Recorded playback seems to be smooth and so does live view on mobile devices. The DH-SD49225T IP PTZ...
  13. zeralight

    PTZ Control in realtime

    I'm using the Hikvision Device Network SDK (for Windows 64-bit) to control a camera PTZ position. The control must be realtime: the camera moves accordingly the mouse movement on the screen. I have found these APIs: NET_DVR_PTZControl( [ Start | Stop ], [ UP_LEFT | UP_RIGHT | ... (8 directions...
  14. aesterling

    PoE cameras' video occasionally freezes & slow pings via NVR

    I'm trying to determine why my cameras' video occasionally freezes/drops frames like in these two examples, both on the NVR recordings and Blue Iris recordings. Hardware: Hikvision NVR DS-7616NI-I2 (built in PoE switch, latest firmware) Hikvision DS-2CD2385FWD-I Turrets (connected to NVR...
  15. Parallax

    Recording to nas. Disk not ready. Tried everything.

    I have tried to record to nas but get disk not ready error. Tried changing the service log on credentials to the one my nas uses. Logging into the same credentials on windows fire explorer I can add edit and delete files. Using freenas if that is useful info
  16. ozzywadd

    Hi All, Advice would be much appreciated!

    In short... I have a need for a camera system that will allow me to programmatically tell the camera to start recording, stop and save to file to be referenced in the future if needed. This is to record every instance of a manual task for quality assurance. Ideally, this would work with some...
  17. I

    Ip Addresses for Cameras

    So, we took over a building that has existing IP Cameras. My ip addresses are 192.xx I believe, the other cameras were set to 172.xx The 172.x cameras are showing power on my PoE switch. I really don't feel like climbing a ladder 4 times to reset the cameras. Does anyone have any ideas to reset...
  18. I

    Recommendations of a POE switch(4+ port) for home use

    Hi guys, as IP seems the standard to go and POE becomes a neat way to power the devices up, I wonder what POE switch for a home scenario you can recommend? Requirements: 4+ POE ports (at least 802.3af support?) - better 8 What standards should be supported? Are 15W output per port enough...
  19. Mike K

    Router/Modem IP Addresses?

    I have a "Fing" app on my phone and it's real handy for viewing all my devices and their respective IP addresses on my various different LANs. However, what I'm not sure about is if there is a separate and unique IP address other than the default Gateway address for the Modem when it is built...
  20. abilesh

    play back recording started to lag

    hi, recently i installed 100 hik vison Ip cam along with 3 hik vision NVR and 8 TP link 16 port switchers. my ip range given from - along this network 20 computers also been connected to this same network with the ip range of on words. the entire network...
  21. D

    Scanning for Cameras off network

    I was going to put this in my other thread but its a bit off topic so I am starting a different one in case someone has a similar question. The Dahua cameras come set with a static IP of My network is Currently, I have to change my local LAN settings on my PC...
  22. Mike K

    Is anyone using "SpiceWorks" to monitor there network?

    SpiceWorks is free SW and returns a lot of good performance data on critical network components, but I'm having some trouble setting up the SNMP string for my router. Anyone else using this SW?
  23. Tuckerdude

    Blue Iris and network load...can it measurably slow down my home network?

    Hey folks...Happy Holidays! I've been noticing recently, that my home network has begun to get quite sluggish. I'm running high quality cable throughout, with decent Gigabit switches at every junction. My Blue Iris setup consists of 34 cameras of mixed resolution but quite of few are now 4K. I...
  24. X

    Suggestion: Add on-network detection to geofence

    Hey all, so the geofence feature of blue iris is awesome, I was often forgetting to turn the sytem on when in a rush, and this is a great solution, except for one part of it, I live in a basement suite. Now, in some areas, it's fine, but in a lot of areas, my phone must loose gps signal...
  25. J

    Dahua Smart PSS not finding network host? NVR4104-P

    Hi, I have a DAHUA NVR4104-P NVR connected to 2 DAHUA IPC-HFW4421B cameras. I used to be able to view the camera feed from Smart PSS on my networked computers (and directly from the web app if I ran the old browsers). Recently I upgraded my cable internet to a higher speed and with it got a...
  26. B

    5.4.5 Network Disconnected Exceptions

    I purchased a few of these Hikvision PoE cameras and, unlike my other Hikvision PoE cameras, all of these cameras report Network Disconnected Exceptions in their logs every 1-3 minutes. My managed PoE switch reports the ports the cameras are using going off-line every 1-3 minutes and coming...
  27. P

    BI service WDMYCLOUD

    I just cant understand how to get this working.. I am pretty "FICK" at the tech stuff I changed BI to service as it was power hungry on my spare machine. Since then it will not record to the WDmycloud networked drive. I have seen posts by the boss "fenderman" but i cont understand what to do. I...
  28. Damers101

    Here From AZ

    What's up guy's, I'm just a guy good at his job! I'm starting out in my own now and it's super spooky but going ok. I want to help you guys and create myself a name. It seems to be when I train they don't retain so let's do this.
  29. F

    Should I consider reinstall of Blue Iris?

    I am having the worst time with my Blue Iris set up! I have a 4 tb surveillance drive in order and when I install that into my computer I am considering a total reinstall of Blue Iris. I had Blue Iris set up for a Dahua POE camera and everything was working fine. I had the weather overlay from...
  30. F

    I can't playback more than 3 cameras through network

    Hi, My store has 15 cameras (hike vision) connected to a hike vision NVR through ethernet cable When I try to playback cameras, If I select more than 3 cameras, my CPU usage will become 100% (NVR Model: DS-7716NI-E4) NVR Information: Hangzhou Hikvision Digital Technology Co. Ltd. firmware...