motion detection

  1. shaheern

    Nighttime LPR - No Motion Detected

    Hello all, I recently setup the Z12E and have been impressed with the results. I am able to: - View license plates and detect motion in daytime clearly - View license plates in nighttime clearly I cannot get an event / alarm to trigger during the nighttime when a plate is detected. My...
  2. N

    Which device(s) are actually performing analytics?

    So I'm here because I appear to be having some ONVIF compatibility problems between my new NVR and a random smattering of old/off-brand IP cameras, and some of the googling and forum reading I've done has left me with a big question. Which device(s) are actually performing video analytics? In...
  3. D

    Pauses between continuous motion detection

    I have a problem with several Hikvision IP Cameras. The problem is that I would want it to record all actions when motion detection occurs, but instead there are 10-20sec pauses (so no file containts that footage) between the video files it records on SD card, and this is not because there was...
  4. K

    Push Notifications for Certain Zones, Emails for Others

    Hello all, First time posting, and a rookie BI user. My goal here is to get my notifications dialed in, but I have been trying quite a few things and I haven't had any luck, so here I am! My goal is to have any motion in Zone A (My front yard) alert and send a push notification to my phone, and...
  5. C

    Cameras through windows. Temporary Ghetto Rental install.

    Noob here about to move to a ghetto rental downtown. I can see Tweakers in the park next to the house from my dinning room window 50ft away over the fence. Luckily I have a long driveway and I am behind another house. Is setting up a blue iris system and getting 1-2 of the nice popular outdoor...
  6. D

    Need help with motion trigger / alert settings... I don't know if this can be done

    Hi Everyone... long time listener, first time caller. I have Blue Iris / DeepStack setup currently with four cameras - 3 of them are Lorex E892AB and the fourth is a Dahua IPC-HDW2831TM-AS-S2. Main Streams for all four are 4k/15 and substreams are 704x480/15 with I-frame intervals of 15. They...
  7. W

    Imou Looc (dahua ipc c26e) - How can I activate and desactivate motion detection with Onvif

    Hi, I bought this camera because it was supposed to be compatible with IFTTT but it doesn't. My end goal is to be able to activate and desactivate motion detection with a physical bouton but I know it's maybe too much to ask with this price range of camera ?? Do you think it's possible to do it...
  8. A

    IDMSS plus help; No available alarm subscriptions in account

    Hi all, Can any one help me with setting up alarm subscriptions for iDMSS plus. I set up my partners phone pretty simple, set up an account on her email. Logged in and selected device . Did the same with mine but when I try to set mine up on my iPhone or ipad the alarm subscription tab is blank...
  9. T

    Outdoor motion detection - better camera or other ideas?

    I have 2 Reolink 420s covering a screen enclosed pool behind my house. They are recording continuously on a Synology DiskStation and everything is working fine except for motion detection. I need to capture the vertical screen area (doors and the rest) and 2-3 feet around the pool (if I lose...
  10. ermac

    Best Setting for Motion Detect Record

    Googling "anti-dither" and "latch" in security camera terms can be a bit confusing... seems the explanation and definition of these terms varies and not all that clear. Dahua's default settings for Motion Detect is anti-dither set at 5 seconds and latch set at 10 seconds as well as delay at 10...
  11. R

    new mobile app launch - make your existing ip cameras smart

    Hello All, I'm new to ipcamtalk and wanted to introduce my new mobile app aiwatch. It's a free mobile app that makes your existing ip camera/nvr/dvr smart with features like, * Intelligent motion detection and alerts. Accurately detect person, animal and vehicles from unwanted motion * 10...
  12. Deadeye

    Non-Hikvision ONVIF Camera not triggering motion detection on DS-7716NI-SP / 16

    Hello, I have some Hikvision cameras connected to my DS-7716NI-SP that work great and trigger motion events just fine, but I purchased another ONVIF camera (not sure of the model) that setup just fine and I can view the video and recordings with no issues, but I just can't get it to trigger a...
  13. G

    Hikvision ioState

    I have several Hikvision Cameras (2x DS-2CD2135F-IS, 2x DS-2CD2132F-IS) For my home automation I want to get the motion detection status. When Motion is detectet, pics where upload to a FTP folder and works fine for all cameras Now I want to read the ioState on the camera via...
  14. xbmcnut

    IPC-HDBW4631R-ZS motion detection issues

    Hi there, I've got two of these models amongst quite a few other models and these two are just not reliable on VMD. I've set up a primary zone with the various sensitivity levels and thresholds and at times, it will simply miss major motion events. I can walk from one Dahua camera (another...
  15. D

    PtzManualMotionDetect silencing videomotion.cgi/SubscribeNotify.cgi on newer cameras

    Hi. I've contacted Dahua for support about this and I await their supportive response... In the meantime I'd like to know if anyone uses the videomotion.cgi/SubscribeNotify.cgi interface for motion detection and knows how to shorten/disable the silence in the motion data stream after a...
  16. I

    New & Frustrated

    I had cameras installed in new construction in 2016. My plate was full so I trusted the person that recommended/installed/etc... I am not saying they did nothing wrong though. However, I feel the quality of picture I’m getting and the functionality is lacking. Mostly the quality of picture and...
  17. G

    Motion detection triggering on IR beam, car headlights etc

    Hello! I just turned on motion detection for all my Dahua cameras (four HDW5231RP-ZE and two SD49225T-HN) yesterday evening, and this morning I checked what I got. Well, seems like my PTZ cams touring around, shoot IR beam across my yard and that triggers those cams that happen to see them...
  18. W

    c# listening for Hikvision events

    Hi We're trying to make a program in c# to capture a JPEG and process it when there is motion detected. But the problem is that we have to listen for the motion event notification but we have no idea how. We've succeeded to show a live stream and capture a JPEG on button press. We know there...
  19. Matt L.

    Falsing - IR/Lighting Level Shifts

    Hello Foks, My camera sometimes has an issue of going darker by about 20% for a second and regaining in IR. It is very irritating. As a result, BI interprets it as object detected motion in the zone that is flagged to detect. An alarm sounds. Now, the obvious solution is the "Reset Detector...
  20. Prinler

    Solar Led Lights

    Hey guys, I was wanted to pop in here and share my experience with some new led lights I just picked up off Amzn. I recently installed 2x 2mp Dahua Starlight cameras over my driveway to watch my cars. In the pitch black they didnt show a ton of detail even with the IR lights provided in the IP...
  21. L

    Bugs & Birds trigger Motion - how to stop?

    I have cameras outside and when small flies go by the lens or when birds fly through the space - motion is triggered. birds... they never take up much of the visual area and they fly quickly, rarely landing. -- any way to tweak detection so that fast moving objects of 'less than N pixels' is...
  22. SouthernYankee

    HIKVISION combine Motion and PIR

    Is there a configuration method in the HIKVISION cameras to combine the PIR event and the Motion event ? Create event when both motion and PIR are detected. This would reduce the number of false events. Or am I way off course. I am using HIKVISION DS-2CD2442FWD and DS-2CD2432FWD
  23. J

    Motion Detection & Line Crossing - Disable Motion Detection?

    Hi All, Glad I found this forum. Lots of useful information. I bought some Hikvision IP cameras and a Hikvision NVR. Everything is hooked up and working. I've been piddling with the intrusion and line crossing settings but they don't seem to work even though they are enabled on the NVR. I...
  24. Flash619

    Red Motion Tags Missing From Recording Clips

    Greetings, I've noticed that on all of my cameras, the red motion tags beneath the footage segment are missing from all clips past a certain date. I'm specifically referring to those red motion event tags in the image above. Is there a way to re generate these in the event that they are...
  25. P

    Starter advice. Cheap setup for recording/motion detecting outdoors.

    Any advice is welcome. I'm looking to set up a camera to watch the back porch/patio area of a ground floor apartment. Neighbours have seen someone from the apartment building back there, possibly in a peeping tom situation - I'd like to catch him. After a bit of research I'd like to set up an...
  26. J

    Basic event prerequisite for Smart event?

    DS-2CD2042, FW:5.4.5_170124 Having hard time to set up the motion detection. First of all, it seems that Motion detection in the Basic event must be enabled to have the Smart detection (like Intrusion detection or line crossing) work?
  27. H

    Manuals/Resources for setup of DH-IPC-HDBW13A0EN-W?

    I have a couple of DH-IPC-HDBW13A0EN-W cameras and have set up motion detection - which is SORT OF working...but I am only getting partial recording. I need help with configuration and I can't find clear guides/manuals. I am a newbie and don't even know what 'snapshot' means (just as an example...
  28. A

    Suggestion needed on swiftness of motion detection feature on cp plus 1 MP cam

    Hello all I have a CP Plus 1MP IP cam.Works fine.Wanted to know how sensitive is motion detection,as i am concern may it not miss any usual data that has to be captured
  29. febeks

    Motion detection notification by NVR

    Hi, So I have NVR DS-7616NI-E2 / 8P and 2 IP PTZ cameras connected. When I go to Event-Basic Event-Motion tab, there is Channel No. where I have Camera 1 and Camera 2. I have exactly same settings for motion detection for both cameras, meaning that motion detection is enabled + dynamic...
  30. grfloater

    DS-2CD2532F-IWS on V5.4.0 build 160530 loses "Enable Motion Detection"

    Happened several times, stops motion triggered recording, after some hours of setting it all right. Example: Yesterday set up "Basic Event" (with or without "Dynamic", does not affect it) and I was watching it on web interface, till late afternoon. Had several triggered recordings, average every...