1. koala2709

    Issues on NVR access

    Dear all, Im desperate :/ I have a NVR from hilook, and 2 cameras from hilook also. Everything works, BUT, i cant login on the NVR itself. I tried the reset via QR code, and sent it to pw_recovery email from hikvision, they never answer... I tried blank email + attach, with title, no title...
  2. SANAMI25

    Need ds-7608ni-i2/8p bin file

    hi i need bios bin file for ds-7608ni-i2/8p if somebody has it please send me
  3. R

    Help, Saance poe camera internal wiring

    Hi, due go water ingress corroding the camera wiring connector to the RJ45 cable connection I cut the camera side connection to expose the color wiring. Please can anyone tell me what color goes to what pin of a T-568B rj45 connector. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  4. Testing123TT

    Help in selecting proper NVR

    Hey guys, I have the following cameras: 2x Dahua 4k HDW3549H-AS-PV-2080B 2x Dahua 4k HFW3549T1-AS-PV-2080B 2x Hikvision 1080p cameras (that I plan to connect to a Dahua NVR via onvif). Possibly 1 more HFW3549T1 in the future, but not 100% The question is - from what I understand reading the...
  5. R

    Can't access WUI, but RTSP will stream

    I have a generic IP camera, the instructions say to use PanoEagle AjDevTools, so I'm assuming it's some kind of clone. Strange thing about this camera is that it comes with a static IP from factory of, my network is 192.168.0.X, but I was able to log in to the web interface by...
  6. Y

    Can I save a view layout for a day and a night shift with Hikvision iVMS-4200 software?

    Where I work, we run iVMS-4200 camera software on a Windows 10 PC. On the monitor, we have a large camera view (3x3 size out of the 4x4 area) with 7 smaller views (1x1 size) to the side and below it. For the Overnight shift, I'd like to save a profile (or whatever it is called) with a different...
  7. D

    New to this, but have a question about a Hikvision HNR32P8-8 and ONE single camera not working.

    Hello, all. Truth be told, I'm new to this hardware/software. I've recently had to start managing a Hikvision HNR32P8-8 w/ 6 cameras connected to it. I unfortunately don't know what any of the camera models are because they are connected to a separate --phycically seperated-- subnet...
  8. R

    Single camera continuous recording issues w/ IVMS-4200, Storage Server, Alternatives?

    Howdy all, I recently put up a Hikvision DS-2CD23787G2-L(U) and have been trying to configure it to continuously record. To do this, I have set up a Hikvision PCNVR Storage Server on an old PC and formatted a 2TB Skyhawk HDD in which the recordings are stored; IVMS-4200 is used for remote...
  9. I

    Unable to get other RTSP streams from Herospeed XVR - Only Channel 1???

    Hey all, Really stumped here, bought some very on sale stuff that turned out to be rebranded Herospeed, I've been trying to intergrate it with my existing stuff using iSpy and Home Assistant. I can't seem to get any other RTSP streams other then Channel 1.... Some Info on the XVR: Device...
  10. J

    Need help and introduction

    Hello, my name is Jared I am a homeowner in Pinellas County Florida. I have recently encountered some unfortunate situations in my new home. I believe that installing cameras is my solution. I reached out to members on Reddit for advice but have not found anybody well versed. They did however...
  11. OzDrDj

    Help With YCC365 Cloud Cam (Maybe China Dragon) Firmware

    Hello All, I have a Dozen of these YCC365 Cloud Cams installed all over my home. They are still working happily with the YCC365plus app from google. However yesterday they updated the Firmware and now I can't get a feed to my iSpy software on the computer. I have tried everything I can think of...
  12. Hawk1891

    Need help installing 1 camera

    Hello, it's been awhile since I was on here. I moved about two years ago and tried to reinstall my poe camera IPC-HFW8232EP-ZE but I got stuck on setting things up. At the other house I had a friend help me over the internet and I forgot what he typed in and did. I have the ethernet cables and...
  13. L

    Strange DMSS Notification Issues

    Hi All, long post warning please help wondering if anyone could help me as I am super stuck with the below issue. since having my CCTV system installed my DMSS notifications have been spot on. I have a Qvis NVR and cameras and the SMD on them has been amazing. Since Sunday evening the...
  14. ryanthetide

    Swann DVR-1580 Firmware / Any Information At All.

    I've hit both a dead-end information-wise and literally with my DVR now boot looping.. I have a Swann DVR4-1580/DVR4-720P/DVR-6904AU (last one is a guess from my 'detail' section before boot looping my dvr) and I'm in dire need of firmware and guidance from anyone to just get it working again...
  15. LowVtgKings

    Dahua motorised cameras go ghost after couple days

    I have 6 dahua motorised 6mp cameras in my shop and they are connected to a poe switch with furthest camera being 20m away. For the past month I’ve had issues with the cameras going ghost mode and disappearing from the device list all at once. On the PoE switch both data and power lights are on...
  16. M

    Dahua IVS Schedule doesn't work

    We have setup a dahua camera (IPC-HDW3849H-AS-PV) were we have an IVS that alarms with lights if someone go into the area, but we dont want it on 24/7 so we changed the schedule on the IVS to be on between 21:00 to 06:00, but it dosen't seem to work because it still sends alarm when it should...
  17. N

    Hello! Getting Started.

    Nice to meet you all! I just recently bought a house and want to take security seriously in these uncertain times. As a camnoob and new homeowner, I have no idea where to start. I've never used a forum before so I have no idea where to post my ideal set up for advice and direction from the...
  18. J

    Completely new and in need of help

    I have come across an AXIS Q6055-e from an online purchase and can't figure it out. I have never used a "POE" device but from what I can tell I need a "POE injector" so I got the 30W one and used standard cat5 patch cable from home router to injector and from that to the AXIS camera. I believe...
  19. Kirstin

    Two Cameras Both Different Brands One APP?

    I will make this as short as possible of course if you need anymore info from me I would be more then happy to provide it. Thanks up front for any help. :) So I current have a system installed at my home, its this one...
  20. A

    IDMSS plus help; No available alarm subscriptions in account

    Hi all, Can any one help me with setting up alarm subscriptions for iDMSS plus. I set up my partners phone pretty simple, set up an account on her email. Logged in and selected device . Did the same with mine but when I try to set mine up on my iPhone or ipad the alarm subscription tab is blank...
  21. TL1096r

    Newbie Starter Guide to IP Cam System – VPN setup – Computer Hardware – Blue Iris – Dahua Cameras

    This is an intermediate / newbie guide for people just starting out looking for a surveillance setup. I know this setup might not be for everyone and there are many options. You can find a lot of this information in the Wiki: IP Cam Talk Wiki | IP Cam Talk A great place to start in the Wiki...
  22. E

    System Selection Help Needed

    A good friend of mine asked if I could help him update his camera system. He currently has DI-0635V SUPERDOME® 620TVL INDOOR IR DOME CAMERA W/ AUTO-IRIS VF LENS cameras with a Truon DVST 8808 8 CH H.264 DVR. So he has coax. He said the new cameras all can be stationary. Is there a decent...
  23. O

    Need NVR / Blue Iris setup w/ full duplex audio for Elder Care grandparents.

    I am being overloaded w/ trying to figure out systems and options Help much appreciated - there's a ton going on here and I have no surveillance experience. *Trying to get home ready to move grandparents back from assisted living which was completely unreliable to their needs. One has dementia...
  24. S

    Help Newbie get my 2335 working

    Excuse the newbie! Purchased 4 Hikvision DS-2CD2335FWD-I cameras. Had them installed using cat 6a and connected to POE switch. Ran SADP tool and activated the 4 cameras. Problem is when I go to a browser and type in the IP of any of these cameras, there is NO live image. So I tried to...
  25. T

    Picking a Security Camera System

    Hello all, thanks for the help ahead of time- I am looking to have a 4-6 camera security system soon up and running. I need one to two of them to be outside, and two to be indoors. I am somewhat technical savvy, and would prefer most to be wireless as I do not have Ethernet in my walls, and...
  26. J

    Q-See NVR can only connect to 3/4 cameras

    I bought an NVR setup with 4 cameras from Costco recently and I have been trying to set them up. I have all 4 cameras plugged into the power sockets but only 3 of them actually connect to my NVR. When I unplug 1 of them, the 4th camera suddenly connects. Why is this happening and is there any...
  27. D

    This setup ok for live view? Help!

    Hey guys, Looking to build a new 8-CH system with Hikvision (only 6 cameras), basically just need 1080p quality and will mostly be using it for live viewing on local monitor (directly to NVR), not so much remote, HDD will be installed for recording. Setup looks like this: 1x NVR-108MH-C/8P 6x...
  28. euwashere

    Hi all!

    I'm in need of some couseling because I'm really lost with so many options. What I need is a survailance system that can créate users that are only there to watch some video feeds and later on can be erased. The reason being is that I want a survailance system because its about time but I have...
  29. I

    MEISORT - YT342206A -

    Hi I purchased this camera on Ali Express and it works fine in their app but I would like to use it in conjunction with Blue Iris and I cant find a way to get it working. I used NMAP to scan its IP Address and it has very little open port 23 - telnet port 23456 - aequus port 34567 -...
  30. kees

    Help with Text document install/fine tuning

    Hello, Is there someone who can help me with: A document with step by step install off BI Tools 1.2.2 (specially Pushover notification by motion detection). Can help me in Dutch tnx Kees