1. E

    Dahua camera not showing up + static green and red light

    Hello, I have a problem with a brand new camera I just installed. This one isn't showing up at all over the NVR. I checked the cable, poe and everything is perfectly fine. Also, I don't know why but the cam's having two little lights on at all time. If any of you got an idea of how to fix that!
  2. M

    Poe+ (at) compatibility

    Dear all, I have an hikvision nvr Ds-7604ni-se/p which supports Poe (af) and wanted to add a camera hwp-n4225ih-de(b) which requires poe+ (at) I think that my nvr won't be able as per descriptions to use the camera. Is there anything I can to? I was wondering to use an external poe+ power...
  3. S

    Camera setup

    Hello! I've been looking around the forum and wiki but haven't been able to find an answer to my problem. If you know a post where I can go just point me in the right direction. I'm setting up my cameras with blue iris and I just can't see the camera no matter how I've configured things. And...
  4. C

    Recommend video security setup

    I am building a house and closing end of next month. I have pre-wired for 9 cameras around house and garage. If I put anything inside, I will just run wireless cameras. I have always said I would get Lorex but I know there are so many experts here who could provide better guidance than my...
  5. Lloyd Christmas

    Auction Cameras - Junk or Value Find?

    I have followed this forum for awhile and eventually want to get a blue iris system with starlight cameras. However, the budget isn't there right now. I picked these up at an online auction for $15/camera. They are "new" in box, but they are discontinued models. It seemed like I was getting a...
  6. A

    PTZ Locked status - tour disabled

    Hello, I have a problem with DH-SD22404T-GN. After half a year of constant tour (2 presets, 15 seconds wait), camera locked PTZ options after reaching 95% of rotation times (idk what the numbers are, it's not written anywhere). I saw a few topics about it, but none of them had a solution. I...
  7. Jb2644

    Amcrest NVR with other brands

    I wish I’d discovered this site before building my security system. Thank you to everyone for sharing their knowledge. I was wondering if anyone has experience with using non-Amcrest cameras on their Amcrest NVR. I have 3 Amcrest POE cameras, 2 smart home Amcrest + the Amcrest doorbell, and...
  8. G

    Husband being sneaky

    My husband and I have been separated for a couple of weeks now because I believe he is having an affair and will not admit it. He does stay on our property and come to the house when he needs to. Yesterday he came over right before work and on my security camera I could see he was just standing...
  9. nfreeman

    Need help identifying this security camera!

    Hey all, Can anyone identify this camera? It may not be produced anymore. I need it for a film I'm making. Thanks in advance!
  10. sygad1

    Show a limited number of cameras on my tablet

    Hi All, I have 10 cams running but only want to show 4 on an ipad, this will be used to keep an eye open for deliveries whilst on conference calls. My first thought was to use profiles and make a "delivery" profile making the unwanted cameras inactive in this new profile. I'll be dammed if I...
  11. TundraCam

    Door Station w/ 2 buttons ?

    Is there a good door station / doorbell that has two buttons (plus camera and possibly mic & speaker)? I'd like to be able to distinguish between someone standing at the door who needs someone to come immediately and a package drop-off that is not so urgent. So far those that I've found are...
  12. S

    Recommendations for IP camera to record and live stream my bird feeder (4k, 25fps+ and less than $200)

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone could please recommend an IP camera to record and maybe live stream my bird feeder to youtube? I already saw a similar thread from funkyduck, but they are specifically looking for a hikvision one. The specs I would prefer would be for one that is 8mp (4k), at...
  13. F

    Camera needed voltage

    Is it okay to give cameras 13.5v constantly? When it was 12v in the night some cameras turned off and other got some abnormal lines now when i made it 13.5v they are fine in the night but will this harm the cameras? Thanks in advance for reading this.
  14. R

    Help need in deleting the IP Camera's on a Hikvision DS-7608NI-K2/8P

    HI I recently purchased a secondhand Hikvision DS-7608NI-K2/8P online and seller is unable to share the password for IP cameras that were previously installed on the machine. I have tried factory resetting the machine and been unsuccessful. I desperately need some help in deleting those...
  15. jd415

    IP Camera With HDMI Output

    This is pretty cool. Will come in handy if you ever want to install a camera outside your front door of your home or business and have a dedicated screen for the camera to see who is at your door. Fast forward to 9:18 if the link doesn't automatically do it.
  16. D

    Streaming video from Door Station of Hikvision (DS-KV8102-IP)

    I need to start Two way audio with Door Station camera Hikvision (DS-KV8102-IP firmware: 1.51). I am using Curl to test: curl --digest -u admin:admin It returned: I set http port for this camera is 8102 but it did not make scene. I also tested...
  17. saltwater

    BI and camera selections

    I am considering a Blue Iris solution for my new home when it's built. I haven't used any CCTV systems before. I know you can get purpose-built NVR's that have their brand of cameras. From what I can gather, each camera can be connected to via its IP address and from there various...
  18. jd415

    Raytheon License Plate Reader Camera

    I was watching the show Inside Edition and noticed this, I didn't know Raytheon was also making LPR cameras too, pretty cool. Below are also some more pictures I found online, those are some big IR illuminators!
  19. S

    Dahua speed camera

    Hi All, Has anyone had any experience with dahua vehicle speed cameras? looking at this one have a Hikvision ANPR camera already. Looking to upgrade to a camera that has speed inbuilt in the camera that overlays speed on the image that doesnt need a separate radar to work. Anyone know if this...
  20. Cranzy

    Hi from Aus - looking for recommendations

    Hi, I have been slowly browsing around and reading forums about which cameras I should get. Initially from reviews and suggestion I saw the Hikvision ds-2cd2385fwd-i was the camera to get, but more recent forum posts - it seems Duhua seems more recommended. Here is a 3d Model of my house 3D...
  21. O

    FOR SALE - Brand New, sealed: LUM-510-NVR-8CH

    This unit is BRAND NEW and SEALED from the manufacturer and includes a 1 TB hard drive as well as all other factory provided accessories. This NVR is the newest 8 channel model. I purchased this unit for a client 1 month ago, and that client has decided to go with a 16 channel LUMA NVR instead...
  22. Quardah

    My stuff gets stolen from my porch. How to start?

    Hello folks. This is my first post. I will be straight to the point because i need to get the job done ;). I recently purchased my first house and i've already had packages stolen from my front porch while i was at my job. I must mitigate this, as my job heavily depends on receiving my items on...
  23. J

    Hikvision Setup Help

    Im after a bit of help with my Hikvision setup. Im trying to get my cameras the smoothest/best quality picture I can. Ive got one dome - DS 2CD2142FWD-I and two bullets - DS2CD2042WD-I. The NVR I have is DS-7604NI-K1/4P Any help with settings would be greatly appreciated. I understand each...
  24. C

    LTS cameras preset functions

    I have searched here, Google and DDG every single way I can think of. Changing words around, placing “quotation marks”, etc. Not a damn peep! I remember there were presets in many LTS cameras that triggered various internal functions. Was quite useful. The presets are high up, like the 30s or...
  25. L

    Need help

    Hi i am new here. My name is Luna Dean and i want to buy best security camera so please suggest best one thanks.
  26. jd415

    Video Skips Frame When Viewing Playback Of Motion Detect Video Only

    When I watch playback of motion detect videos it skips a few frames. For example if a car drives in front of my house I only see the first second of it driving by and the remaining few seconds of the car I do not see. If motion detect is not enabled and I watch playback of the motion the issue...
  27. Tuckerdude

    GoSwift 4K Bullet - Buyer Beware (Nelly's Security)

    Hey folks.... I normally don't try to trash on companies especially when I've had good history with them. But, I've gone through all the proper channels and not received any response so I'm here to do my part to prevent others from wasting their money. About 3 months ago, Nelly's Security...
  28. B

    Looking for opinions on NVR's

    I work with all commercial IP camera systems, and VMS, so I don't know much about the quality and features of equipment and software outside of my world. I currently use Blue Iris for my home system. My wife wants me to install a system in her business. I really like Blue Iris, and would...
  29. Boban Aleksov

    Camera recomendation

    Hello there, this is my first post on this forum... Greetings from Serbia. Looking for reccomendation for good night camera that can reach 50-60 meters at least(200ft) with it's own IR system. Currently i have Dahua HFW1230S and HDW4631C-A and both of them fail to reach those distances...
  30. S

    Hikvision Cameras work on main switch, but not on remote one

    I just purchased 2 more Hikvision DS-2CD2042WD-I 4MP HD cameras to match the one I have working already. I plugged them into my main, 24 port switch downstairs and configured each of them with unique IP addresses. I am also using injectors to power these POE. I was able to see them fine on both...