1. S

    [Paper] Spying on the Spy: Security Analysis of Hidden Cameras

    After investigating a collection of generic Chinese hidden camera modules, I identified several critical vulnerabilities that enable attackers to gain full control over a target device from anywhere in the world. The problem is that these modules are components in various devices sold online (on...
  2. Pseudomizer

    One Camera has 2 different IP addresses in same subnet?

    Hi guys, I purchased an outdoor cam 6 months ago on Amazon "5MP PTZ Security Camera Outdoor, CKK 5MP Wireless Pan Tilt Zoom (4xDigital) IP Camera with 64GB SD Card Human Detection, 2 Way Audio, Color Night Vision, Floodlight & Siren Alarm". This camera is now no longer available. My UDM Pro...
  3. S

    Security cameras from previous owner

    Ok I don’t know if this is the correct place to post. I moved to Toms River nj and there are 4 security cameras like this. I was wondering, is there a way to make use of these ? No idea how the previous owners connected.
  4. R

    Indoor Camera With BI and App Access

    When we are away I usually use OpenVPN to get into our network and look at the cameras via BlueIris. My wife doesn't like that and she wants an app to access multiple indoor cameras and that allows her to PTZ the cams and have 2-way audio "communication" (with the dog). What might complicate...
  5. W

    cant decide which camera to go with

    i've been searching for awhile and so far i think Amcrest TB2886EW-AI is the best. I have a bunch of Ring products but looking to add another NVR System. Budget: about 350$ per camera. (Need 4 cameras) can be a bit higher. NVR needed separately. Usage: for a ~1500 sq/ft house. Single or 2...
  6. Z

    log4j - Are we doomed?

    I'm just starting to hear more about this vulnerability. Supposedly it can infiltrate any computer system in the world and has the potential to shut down the internet. Reportedly, Iran is already trying to hack Israel's government computers with it. It has also been reported that 800,000 attacks...
  7. T

    Another new build thread: Need help with locations/cams

    Hi all, Long time lurker. Finally made an account. I am building a 2 story home and would like to install some perimeter cams. I was thinking of using a synology box (like DVA3221) to record low frame rate streams, and upon person detection (using its AI), record high frame rate streams for...
  8. T

    Swann DVR, Blue Iris and ZeroTier(with d-link dwr-921 router) security question

    Hey folks, networking newb here. To give context at the request of my parents i'm setting up a cctv system for them as there have been a rash of burglaries in our area. Started with using swanns android app but quickly finding them was to many limitations with it so I went looking for...
  9. nfreeman

    Need help identifying this security camera!

    Hey all, Can anyone identify this camera? It may not be produced anymore. I need it for a film I'm making. Thanks in advance!
  10. B

    IP Camera Suggestions For App Development

    Hi, i am currently in search for an IP Camera that lets me connect to it using RTSP (or other methods) to an app i am developing in android studio. i have all ready tried two cameras first was the TCP Smart home camera which didn't let me connect to anything at all out side the app and then i...
  11. Quardah

    In need of advice to plan creating network (hardware mostly)

    Hey folks. I have been reading a lot on this forum and i have some questions before making a move. I would like assistance from senior with experience in this domain it would be greatly appreciated. As a quick and brief introduction, i got into this new home and i would like to setup a network...
  12. guykuo

    Ubiquity EdgeRouter X - Configuring to Isolate Surveillance Networks

    Ubiquity EdgeRouter X - Configuring to Isolate Surveillance Networks (This topic began as an inquiry regarding interest. Enough desire was shown to proceed. Main content is later in this thread) Main content begins at Ubiquity EdgeRouter X - Configuring to Isolate Surveillance Networks...
  13. oowSEM

    Dahua security

    Hi guys, Could you please tell me can i create user and assign MAC address to him? I need it to avoid sharing credentials between peoples. Thank you, oowSEM
  14. V

    Living in an RV/Van.

    Hi all, I've been on this search for answers & I can't seem to get any on other sites. So I'll be living in a converted travel van that I've built. My goal is to install a dash camera, a rear view camera for back up that ALSO serves as a rear "dash cam", & two undermounted side mirror cameras...
  15. B

    Make camera access through VPN

    I have a Imou Ranger 2 camera. It works correctly with its own Android app. The camera does not use IP Forwarding (have uPNP disabled). I don't know how the app communicates to my home network. Does it bounce off AWS or some other Chinese server? I have a OpenVPN server. Can someone explain...
  16. S

    Wired or Wireless Alarm System for Home

    I've been looking at some Dahua and Hikvision products on their alarm systems. Are the wireless systems good? Obviously in terms of installation the wireless would be better, however would the wireless be of interference with other wireless devices in the home causing problems? Router...
  17. J

    Gas Station Robbery - Need Help

    Hello everyone, My father's gas station was broken into the other night- Someone rammed their truck into the front door and attempted to steal the ATM machine. Unfortunately, our current security cameras were too poor of quality to see what the thief looked like or the fine details of their...
  18. TL1096r

    What are you using/doing to make your camera more secure?

    There are a lot of great threads that talk about securing you camera but some of the step by step instructions that really help the noobs like myself are mixed around. I wanted to make a thread to share my experience with setting up stunnel so it is all in one place. ----- Knowing why you...
  19. c hris527

    Vulnerability Database For All Hardware

    I'm not aware of this site being posted on here yet, Its quite the clearing house of hardware vulnerability's and dates. Covers a lot of real estate including Cameras. As far as I can see it been updated to at least mid 2018. VERY good reference before you fire up that new router or camera...
  20. M

    IP Cam, NVR, and push notifications.

    So, I understand the whole security and VPN aspect of what I see a lot of you guys preaching. Truth be told, I'm a network engineer. So, I have a few questions, and maybe someone can answer them? My Setup (currently have Nest cams, but looking to replace them with a possible NVR)...
  21. O

    Are these attempts to access my router-based VPN?

    Yesterday I saw a bunch of activity from Australia-based IP addresses in my router system log. Today I’m seeing addresses from the Russian Federation. They seem to be failed attempts to access OpenVPN. Is my assumption correct, and, if so, is this something to be concerned about? Are there...
  22. P

    Using "Secure Session Keys" Login from some devices

    I'm in the process of getting BI set up -- I've been going at it with disparate cameras and using Vera to view them. Now that I have BI installed, it's nice to have a centralized repository. I can point the Vera to the BI server and get integration that way. However, it seems that in order to...
  23. P

    New guy needs help

    Hi guys, A few years ago my dad had a questionable guy install an "HD" system, Im not happy with the resolution/quality of this system, keeps malfunctioning and can't identify faces and license plates at 50 feet away which is how far the street is from my front door.. I want to replace this...
  24. realsecurity

    Cam without any connection to outside

    Hi ipcamtalk, im searching for a cam without any connection to the outside. As i understood, this outside connection over P2P. I dont want that. I need a cam with the following attribute: cam for outside simple connection to my internal network. ideally over wlan i want to access the cam over...
  25. T

    Hikvision patches hik-connect vulnerability.

    Hikvision announced that its platform had a vulnerability in the way it handled cookies here: Security Notice - Statement on Insecure Cookie Handling Vulnerability in - Hangzhou Hikvision Digital Technology Co. Ltd. The write up of the bug here : explains how it could be...
  26. tangent

    Yet another reason to disable UPnP on your router!

    Disabling UPnP has been long standing security advice here, but this new attack emphasizes just how dangerous and broken UPnP is. This vulnerability is exploited from the WAN side of your network. Check out this detailed presentation from akamai which includes a list of nearly 400 router...
  27. R

    IPC querying 'none' domain

    As part of setting up my first camera/nvr, I am trying to determine that the camera is not trying to phone home etc. The camera is a IPC-HDW5231R-Z. According to my pi-hole logs it will regularly query a domain of 'none'. I have used wireshark, and all it shows is normal ARP traffic. I have...
  28. L

    use hikvision indoor station as web cam?

    hello good ppl, ive got a [DS KH8301-WT - fw: 1.4.70 build 170222], when using the ivms mobile app, i can hear audio from the indoor station - is there a way to use the built in camera also? tia
  29. Z

    Need recommendations for IP cam with end to end encryption, good security

    I have used a Panasonic BL-C230a IP camera for nearly a decade and have loved its features even though it was a bit difficult to set up. It does have end to end encryption, albeit the SSL protocols it uses now are old and are now compromised. Moreover, the IP camera is showing its age and it...
  30. T

    Limit Cameras By User?

    I have a home security setup with BI that uses many different cameras. I have set up a tablet as kind of a central system viewer in my living room. I recently decided to add the USB cameras on mine and my wife's computers (which the kids are not allowed to use). My question is, is there a way...