port forwarding

  1. rikhtehgaran

    Imou Ranger 2 Static IP problem on port 37778

    HI I have two Imou Ranger 2 cameras and I want to connect them with static IP so I forwarded the port from LAN:37777 to WAN:37777 and connected to it from my statistic IP address on DMSS on port 37777 but when I changed the forward port from LAN:37777 to WAN:37778 it doesn't connect on DMSS...
  2. V

    Remote connection issue on iVMS 4500

    After something happened or router has been rebooted i have noticed that I'm no longer can see my cameras remotely. I have HikVision ERI-Q104-P4 with 4 cameras which i can access from iVMS-4200 from my laptop which on a same WI-FI as NVR, but not remotely. Steps to troubleshoot i have...
  3. C

    Dahua NVR "control room" connection, 3 open ports on router

    We are fairly new with the Dahua equipment and would like to know if and how you can safely make a remote connection with a "control room" in case there is an alarm notification in the middle of the night and people from the "control room" also would like the see the 'live view' of the...
  4. MBZ

    SV3C, portforward, access but no video outside of network???

    Running into a very strange issue with two new SV3C PoE (B01POE-3MPL-A) cams. I've set up many other models and brands of cams with port forwarding etc with no trouble for years.... but this is the first time I've ran into this: Everything works find inside the network - but outside the network...
  5. T

    Port Forwarding thru AT&T BGW320-500

    A customer called me to reconfig some network devices after switching from cable to AT&T Fiber. They gave them a BGW320-500 gateway. Port forwarding a 7600 series HIK NVR. Was working...then stopped after they buried his drop. Network is up and running but lost PF. Checked settings in the GUI -...
  6. stampa.ale

    LIVE STREAM Dahua ip cams to cloud server without setting the port-forwarding and DDNS

    Hi everybody, I have a website with 10 live ip cams (Dahua cams) that are live streaming HD video to monitor the beaches and the ocean in different locations in Fuerteventura island (Canary Islands). https://www.fuerteventuraplayas.com/en/webcams The ip webcams are connected with cable to...
  7. K

    SSH Tunnel to bypass port forwarding

    Hello, anyone have an suggestions on how to bypass port forwarding? Right now we ship a single camera to our clients and we have to remote in to their system and get into their router and open ports. Anyone have a solution for bypassing port forwarding? Maybe some type of ssh tunnel...
  8. TL1096r

    What are you using/doing to make your camera more secure?

    There are a lot of great threads that talk about securing you camera but some of the step by step instructions that really help the noobs like myself are mixed around. I wanted to make a thread to share my experience with setting up stunnel so it is all in one place. ----- Knowing why you...
  9. F

    Amcrest IP3M-941W Ports

    Hi, I received an Amcrest IP3M-941W camera as a gift. I can’t seem to find any documentation on what ports I would need to forward in my router to access this when not connected to my home WiFi. I set the camera up to use port 8580, and I can connect to it fine when on the same WiFi network...
  10. B

    Why does EZViz Mini O create hundred's of port forwards?

    I noticed that the IP of my EZViz Mini O had literally hundreds of port forwards on my router. It is creating them automatically. As soon as I delete them, it starts to recreate them. This seems to be a security issue.
  11. S

    Dahua & DDNS No-IP

    Hi all. I was recently able to connect to my Dahua through a LAN cable with the help of this forum and I now stumbled upon DDNS... I followed a very good step by step instruction found here I have created an account, activated it, chose my domain name and user name and did the configurations...
  12. J

    HikVision 7708 blocked on port 8000

    Hi Guys i am running numerous HikVision NVR's on 4G routers for my customers. i have an issue where every once in a while an NVR will just stop communicating over the web. when getting to site to investigate, the router is still online and working and the NVR is still online and working but...
  13. S

    IP Cameras with build in servers v/s NVRs with build in server

    Hello, We are a small start up working with a bunch of IP Cameras. Our requirement is to pull IP Camera stream to AWS. We achieved this after playing around with a bunch of IP Cameras from various different companies. our main issue, we encountered was configuring the IP Camera for port...
  14. M

    Port Forwarding and mobile app

    Hi, I admit I am new at this and have no clue. Wanted to setup a front and back door camera for an elderly family member + old foscam. Setup DS-2CD2355FWD-1 AND DS-2CD2142FWD-1 I was trying to set this up without an NVR to reduce the expense. Unbeknownst to me I bought one regular camera and one...
  15. M

    Port Forwarding and mobile app

  16. A

    Can not get NVR to communicate with the Web

    I'm new to the forum, but searching/browsing for awhile. Recently purchased Dahau NVR5216-16p-4ks2 and 6 cameras. I have them all up and running great. (even caught someone going through my wife's unlocked car already) I've searched for a month; I've tried everything that people recommend to...
  17. Damers101

    Here From AZ

    What's up guy's, I'm just a guy good at his job! I'm starting out in my own now and it's super spooky but going ok. I want to help you guys and create myself a name. It seems to be when I train they don't retain so let's do this.
  18. F

    Hikvision ddns IP Address

    I've currently got my cctv system set up on hikvision's old ddns service (hiddns). So I've got a url like: DDNS Which takes me to a 302 redirect page to my ip:hikvision port. QUESTION: Is there a URL I can use from hiddns to get just my IP address. I want to find my dynamic IP address and...