Can not get NVR to communicate with the Web

Sep 23, 2017
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I'm new to the forum, but searching/browsing for awhile. Recently purchased Dahau NVR5216-16p-4ks2 and 6 cameras. I have them all up and running great. (even caught someone going through my wife's unlocked car already)

I've searched for a month; I've tried everything that people recommend to try. I am able to view locally on my network, but to know end can't ping outside. I Have an older foscam that I was able to port forward and view remotely with no problems. So I know I am able and doing it correctly for port forwarding.

I wouldn't mind doing VPN, but I have DSL (6mb) out in rural area. So with they dynamic IP address, it makes things difficult. But if I could get the port forwarding to work, I'd be happy with that.

I changed my port numbers and opened them all (tcp,http,....) I have mac address assign static ip for the NVR and I put that IP address into the NVR. I am able to communicate with SmartPSS,ConfigTool, and Smart Player on my laptop.
My router is Netgear D7000. ISP is windstream (i called and they are not blocking any ports on their end)

THE ONLY thing is: When i was working with the Foscam, I had the port open. I would go to canyouseeme and it would show closed. It finally showed OPEN after I tried viewing it remotely. It seemed like it needed that extra data pull to open it (more data that canyouseeme sends). So i tried a site (can't remember right now) that is able to send more data through the port. Still no luck.

There are lights that indicate things are working on the NVR. HDD, Power, Net, (something else). the Net is not lite up (go figure) but when I unhook the cat5 cable. It lights up. (weird).

ANY help on either the port forward or setup VPN with a Dynamic IP from windstream.

Thanks everyone!


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Jan 6, 2017
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Hmm, if you have set the static using the mac, then maybe set the nvr to dhcp, that way it should get the right context for the network

I would not attempt VPN till you have the basics right