1. L

    Cam Lag with BI, VLC, etc., but NOT ONVIF...

    I just purchased this cheap IP Cam but noticed a lag on the RTSP stream in Blue Iris as well as the device's mobile app. The interesting thing is that using "ONVIF Device Manager" PC app, there is NO LAG... Weird. The ONVIF reported stream is: rtsp:/
  2. L

    cannot connect LaView B9 wireless IP camera to BI

    Hi everyone, I am very new to BI, so new that I'm running the trial version just to make sure that the cameras I already have will work with the software before I commit to buying it. I have a few La View wireless IP outdoor cameras. Prior to buying, the reviews mentioned that these can connect...
  3. J

    RTSP on a Laview NVR

    I have a Laview NVR and am trying to connect my Wyze camera using the rtsp protocol but having no luck. Does anyone know how to get this working. I can get it to work on everything else except the Laview NVR. Thanks
  4. S

    New Laview DB6 2.1MP AI Doorbell Camera - Battery Powered.

    I was looking through Laview and saw this newly listed, though it isn't for sale yet. Its a battery version of a doorbell camera. I assume its a rebranded Hikvision camera. The page is so new the video that is linked is wrong it shows the 3MP one we are used to that is hardwired only. Below is...
  5. area651

    LAView Firware update info

    Last year I purchased 2 cameras, a dome (LV-PD514028C) and a bullet (LV-PB3140WC). I liked them well enough that I bought 2 more. When I looked at the firmware versions though, the older ones (by like 1 month) didnt match the firmware version on the "newer" ones. I contacted LAView in hopes to...
  6. L

    LaView NVR with Amcrest Camera Compatibility/Setup Help!

    Hi All! First time attempting to setup a security camera system. I bought (2x) Amcrest POE cameras and a LaView NVR (below). Reading a bit more, I'm worried about setting up a system with different manufacturers. How much of a pain will it be to grow this system over time? Should I return one...
  7. Deadeye

    Hikvision clones?

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone knows if all of these doorbells are the same under the housing? Hikvision - Uniden -...
  8. J

    LaView Doorbell Halo One

    I am unable to connect to the doorbells wifi for setup, We are supposed to use the verification code as the password. The code on my unit is only 6 characters and both iphone and android(i tried both) require minimum of 8 characters. Totally lost what to do. I guess pack it up and send it back...
  9. G

    Laview nvr LV-N9616D6E parking outdoor cam suggestion

    Hello everyone New member to IPCamtalk. i have Laview nvr LV-N9616D6E with 10 cams . need to add 4 good parking /outdoor ip cams. i do not know what works with this nvr LV-N9616D6E . please Suggest. i dont know if i could use other brands. does not have to be plug & play.i can user manual ip...
  10. T

    Picking a Security Camera System

    Hello all, thanks for the help ahead of time- I am looking to have a 4-6 camera security system soon up and running. I need one to two of them to be outside, and two to be indoors. I am somewhat technical savvy, and would prefer most to be wireless as I do not have Ethernet in my walls, and...
  11. P

    Match color wires from LaView camera to pin numbers of female RJ45 sockets

    Several of my model LVPZ804N4 LaView cameras have their female RJ 45 sockets destroyed by corrosion due to water intrusion past the protective socket cover. I need to match the color of wires from the cameras to the pin numbers of female RJ45 sockets. Following are the colors of the 6 wires...
  12. P

    A lot of condensation on Laview LV-PB3040W bullet cam

    So recently after a couple rainy fall days I saw some excessive moisture/condensation in my LV-PB3040W (2MP) cam. If I understand correctly, these are rebranded hikvisions, though I'm not sure which hikvision model exactly. I had noticed some ("normal") temporary condensation before, during...
  13. N

    Laview 32 channel NVR w/ POE Switches Problem

    Good evening, I am hoping that someone in this forum can assist me. I am currently working on a 32 channel 4k install with a mix of bullet and dome cameras. I keep running into the problem of only seeing 1 camera on the POE gigabit network switches when I have all POE ports populated with...
  14. F

    LaView email notifications

    So here's my dilemma... I have 3 LaView LV-PB932F4 bullet camera's (which are rebranded Hikvision from what I've read on several forums), 1 LaView LV-PD50208 dome camera (also a rebranded Hikvision camera) and 1 Hikvision DS-2CD2342WD-I turret camera, all connected to a LaView LV-N9808C8E NVR...
  15. Bob Smith

    LaView LV-N9508Q8E DVR - no mouse cursor or GUI

    Hi guys, I'm new around here. I just recently picked up a LaView bundle with the DVR model LV-N9508Q8E. I'm having an issue where there's no GUI or mouse cursor. I can't change any settings. It was working initially when I tried it out, but I noticed this issue again a few days later and a...
  16. K

    Newb in Indiana

    Been talking with the wife about getting cameras installed for a while now and finally got a Laview doorbell camera to get my feet wet and hopefully catch the UPS driver throwing our packages on the porch. Wish the camera was clocked 90 degrees so the wide angle was vertical instead of...
  17. Q

    add PoE camera with powerline adapter

    I have a Laview NVR set up. Ethernet port of NVR is connected to a powerline adapter. Everything works fine. I want to put another camera in the garage. The NVR is on the 2nd floor. I don't want to run Cat5 cable from garage to the 2nd floor. I thought that I could plug the camera into an...
  18. BusyDad

    Where to start? NVR not detecting camera connected directly to it :(

    I recently purchased a LaView NVR (LV-N5216D6E) which came packaged with a few bullet cameras (LV-PZ804N4). The bullet cameras were picked up by the NVR immediately. I decided to buy 2 additional dome cameras (LV-PD51208C) to add to this system. I stuck with LaView branded cameras assuming...
  19. cwebber

    LaView NVR (LV-N9808C8E) and Lorex (LNZ32P4) Cameras

    Hey all, We have had the LaView NVR setup with 4 LaView IP cameras and 1 LaView PTZ for awhile (I wasn't the one who originally set it up). I decided to try to add a few more cameras for more viewpoints. I purchased Lorex PTZ cameras (which state they are ONVIF Compliant as is the NVR). I've...
  20. S

    LaView NVR owners, are you receiving notifications on iOS?

    A few months ago, I stopped receiving notifications on my iphone from the LaView Net app (it's just a rebranded version of iVMS 4500). I've been having a painfully slow conversation with LaView's support trying to get things working again. They don't seem too interested in helping me. To make...
  21. Dougm

    LaView LV-N9616D6E view through browser issue

    I'm setting up the Laview system. When no cameras are plugged in and the system reboots, I can access the NVR through a local computer browser. When I plug one or more cameras in, there appears to be an IP address conflict and nothing shows through the browser plugin. Also after plugging a...
  22. M

    LaView NVR Integration with 3rd Party Software Question

    Hello All, I am new to the ipCam talk forum and the IP cam world. I have the LaView 8 Channel LV-N9808C8E IP/NVR setup. All is good with access over internet, internal and external, as well as ddns. I can also view through the LaView NET app on my andriod. My problem is that I cannot view...
  23. Pinball2k

    3rd party camera setup on LaView NVR

    I purchased an 8 port LaView NVR system with 4 cameras. I have 2 other IP cameras I want to use with the system. They are two different brands but both claim to be ONVIF compliant. I was able to install both of these on my LaView system and can see the image from these cameras just fine...
  24. M

    New LaView System - would love some experienced eyeballs on my "install plan"

    Hi all, I was hoping to get some insight from people who have done this before as I have not. Here's what I have and what I am planning: House - ranch with partially finished basement. Wood soffits, just under 1/2 acre lot. I have eight IP POE cameras that will run to a LaView NVR that will be...
  25. J

    LaView LV-KN988P86A4-T2 Premium IP 8 Channel Security System with 6 IP 1080P = $699

    Well, sold out so never mind. hopefully someone else got one. Amazon Deal of the Day: $699.99 Seems good, I think it is a Hikvision 7632n-e2?? Can anyone confirm the Hikvision model and / or provide input on this "deal?" Thanks