LAView Firware update info


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Aug 18, 2018
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Last year I purchased 2 cameras, a dome (LV-PD514028C) and a bullet (LV-PB3140WC). I liked them well enough that I bought 2 more. When I looked at the firmware versions though, the older ones (by like 1 month) didnt match the firmware version on the "newer" ones. I contacted LAView in hopes to upgrade and they are only willing to change the firmware if there is a problem that stops the camera from working. They said they are afraid of bricking them. I was not only trying to make sure all 4 were current but at least the bullets are all on the same Firmware version and the Domes are also matching the other domes.

Anyways......long story short, don't expect to ever update the firmwares on LAView cameras. Luckily I got them all uber cheap!

Also fwiw, I can only find the PB3040WC bullet on the LAView site. My bullet is a PB3140WC though. Not sure what the differences in the two are.