1. Prinler

    Latest BI 5.8.15 - Hardware Acceleration Decode Disabled?

    Hey everyone, got an issue. 100% CPU on an 7th gen system I have been running for a friend. 12 camera system, continuous record. i7 - 7700 No external GPU CPU 100%... got to poking around, doing some basic overview of what is going on. Noticed the hardware acceleration on every camera is set...
  2. W

    Blue Iris - UDP Camera Issue

    I am trying to connect a Bolin PTZ camera into Blue Iris via UDP and my video looks like this: or I have to use UDP because I am also feeding this camera to a video decoder card. I am running version x64. In the camera status window, I am seeing the FPS/key shows 0.40/0.00. The...
  3. S

    Processor Recommendation for 8, 4mp (2688x1520) Cameras.

    I'm looking to replace my current cameras and add 4 more, so I'll need to upgrade my Blue Iris machine since it tops out at CPU usage a lot. Looking over at the wiki (Choosing Hardware for Blue Iris | IP Cam Talk), there are some great recommendations, but it doesn't really give any specifics...

    Steve at Michigan Broadband Systems Inc. Ann Arbor MI, USA

    Hi Just a quick intro. *not* Brand new to Blue Iris trying it out for a client. I work mostly in Michigan (USA) designing installing and maintaining information and communications systems for small to medium businesses around here and I typically travel for projects on average 3-4 times per...
  5. J

    Samsung SNH-P6410BN - Won't work with BI

    SOLVED: Samsung SNH-P6410BN - Won't work with BI I have a Samsung SNH-P6410BN IP camera that I'd like to add to Blue Iris. I'm running I've tried adding this camera using by selecting the profile for this camera from the Make/Model dropdown list and I've tried RTSP h.264 MJPG MPEG4...
  6. E

    Wireless Battery Powered HD IP Cameras for Blue Iris

    Has anybody used any Wireless Battery Powered HD IP Cameras for Blue Iris that work well and you recommend?
  7. E

    Wireless Battery Powered HD IP Cameras for Blue Iris

    Has anybody used any Wireless Battery Powered HD IP Cameras for Blue Iris that work well and you recommend?
  8. N

    Blue Iris service not recording on motion

    Hi all,I'm running Blue Iris as a service. It's definitely running (I've checked task manager) and it's using 25% CPU so it's definitely doing something. Howver, it's not generating any alerts (i.e. it's not recording on motion detect).When I run the console, it all works as it should.Any...
  9. N

    UscreenCapture Filter w/ Blue Iris - max'd out framerate

    So I've been using UscreenCapture Filter as a camera to monitor my system remotely via Resource Monitor, this seemed to work great in 32 bit, and once I switched to 64 bit, it also seemed to work. I have Blue Iris set to capture 2 FPS and 'automatically adjust' for FPS unchecked, and I have the...
  10. S

    Performance and general questions

    First off guys I really appreciate the help and expertise, another tip of the cap to Milkisbad... awesome cameras + great service. Background: I do IT work so i'm not totally clueless, just enough to be dangerous :). I got an opportunity to setup a security camera system at a fairly large...
  11. C

    Version compatible best for XP..?

    What Version 3 or 4 is best compatible for XP..? :rapture: Running XP - 3.0 Ghz with 3 Gig Ram Netgear CG4500BD N900 Cable modem. My two Foscam FI9831W V2 cams keeps losing connection in blue iris I close blue iris and they come back on for 1 to 10 min and go off again. Rare do I lose...
  12. strathglass

    Error with new HikVision DS-2CD2032-I (I/O error)

    I have the latest 64 bit Blue Iris software. An older HikVision is working OK (f/w version V5.0.2build 130805). A couple newer devices I bought last year and am just hooking up now are not working with Blue Iris (can see live view OK on the camera web page per its IP address): these newer...
  13. S

    Audio from Logitech Alert Cameras

    Having a lot of fun customizing Blue Iris to give me want I want with my 11 Logitech Alert Cameras. So far I have not been able to get any sound from them with Blue Iris. I have searched this forum and two others, but have found no help. I even sent a request for info to...
  14. T

    Hikvision 2 way audio help

    First off, I'm psyched that there is a forum here to help people like me and others, thank you! A friend of mine who owns a tripe A mini storage facility, had a ton of break-ins last summer. I have decided to help solve this problem by installing a network of IP cameras which reports back to a...
  15. K

    Digital PTZ and De-fisheyeing video footage

    It would be great if Blue Iris would add support for fisheye cameras such as Digital PTZ and splitting a fisheye stream into multiple different views to seem as if you had 5 cameras when you really only have one. The people I work for are wanting to use PTZ cameras instead of fixed cameras to...
  16. Z

    Using IP Webcam with Blue Iris

    Hello, Several of my IP cameras are old Android phones. I use IP Webcam to make the phones into dedicated cameras. I am able to view these cameras locally and remotely. Unfortunately, I can't find the right settings to make them work in Blue Iris. Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks.
  17. code2

    Blue Iris or PSS with Hikvision

    AS the title states which one would you recommend and why
  18. K

    Web server remote view very slow

    Alright. When viewing Blue Iris through the web server, all the cameras seem like they are running at 5fps or less, which is noticeably slow. Even when viewing one camera at a time on remote view, the video is still really laggy. The main time frame for when remote viewing is required is usually...
  19. M

    Blue Iris Crashes every few min

    Has anyone seen this issue. I am running Windows 8.1 and Blue Iris Every few minutes the service crashes and restarts. Here is the error in the event log. Faulting application name: BlueIris.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x550209ca Faulting module name: ntdll.dll, version...
  20. P

    Suggestions for a small, wide angle, wifi, audio, blue iris compatible camera?

    Hi, I truly appreciate any help. It took me a while to find this forum. I currently use Blue Iris with 2 foscam cameras but would like to replace them with something smaller and less conspicuous. Ideal features: Indoor use Wifi preferred (but Ethernet is ok too) Wide angle (this one is...
  21. strathglass

    Any Hikvision-type camera supporting sound?

    I understand that the Blue Iris apps support sound (correct me if that is wrong). I currently have some HikVision DS-2CD2032-I 3MP bullet cameras outside and they work great. But I would like to get a similar quality camera for the front door that also supports audio with a built-in mic...
  22. S

    Clips disappear on x64

    Hello! I have clips in my stored folder going back about 60 days, but they do not show up in Blue Iris anymore since the latest update. Under clips it only goes back 7 days...... What the problem is?
  23. R

    2 PTZ camers Blue Iris and IP Cam viewer

    i have Blue Iris 4.012 and 2 PTZ cameras connected, i am using IP Cam viewer on my Android as i also have it connected to a another DVR system, my issue is when trying to control either PTZ camera it is controlling the first one i had installed, has anyone had this issue, how did you resolve it
  24. N

    Hello / Looking for advice

    Hello, My name's Evan, I recently became the IT administrator at the health club where I worked as a life guard. (I've had a strange career path at this place) My employer is putting in a security camera system and had a contractor come in but the quote was ridiculously high so he'd like me to...
  25. R

    Microseven® M7B57-WPS and Blue Iris?

    Has anyone used the Microseven® M7B57-WPS camera with Blue Iris?
  26. P

    No Signal with Foscam FI9804W

    After spending the majority of yesterday on this, I'm giving up and asking for help--I can't for the life of me figure out what I'm doing wrong! Setting up new Foscam camera and trying to integrate it into Blue Iris. The Foscam set up went fairly smoothly, easily found the camera using the...
  27. C

    Macro issue (weather) using Blue Iris Tools

    I can't get the macro to input the weather on my cameras feed. When selecting via the text box "%9" within Blue Iris it simply displays "macro 9". I'm using Windows 7 64 bit. Blue Iris 4 defaulted to install in program files, Blue Iris Tools defaulted to install in program files x86 so I'm...