1. CaptainDrew

    Yahoo emails are no longer sending via SMTP. All are showing as drafts in Yahoo.

    The alarm notifications have been working flawlessly using a yahoo email app password. As of 3:15pm this afternoon they're all showing as drafts in my yahoo email box and not sending. Has anyone seen this before?
  2. K

    Push Notifications for Certain Zones, Emails for Others

    Hello all, First time posting, and a rookie BI user. My goal here is to get my notifications dialed in, but I have been trying quite a few things and I haven't had any luck, so here I am! My goal is to have any motion in Zone A (My front yard) alert and send a push notification to my phone, and...
  3. Mathius

    gDMSS Plus app - cannot store state, cannot log in or Register

    So.. I have a VTO2211G-WP, which is set up all working fine - but the Android app is really not working too well. I have tried to register within the app, get to the step "Acquire Verification Code" - and the resulting email has no code in it at all. It just says: Ahh - I'm already in the...
  4. LIndsayBraine

    Network Cameras no longer to have access to Google Mail (GMAIL)

    I wonder if anyone else has noted this announcement from Google : This means that f you have your Hikvision camera (it might affect other manufacturers too) to send alert...
  5. N

    Blue Iris - Email Video Clip Attachment Issue

    Hello, I am fairly new to BI but I have got everything setup and working correctly include receiving an email when motion is triggered on each camera. However, I want receive that email with the video clip of the trigger. Currently I have it emailing me a jpg image (sometimes the jpg isn’t even...
  6. saltwater

    My Google Apps will no longer be free - any viable alternatives out there

    Many, many years ago I signed up for the Google Apps (forget what it was originally called), it was free, and that enabled me to use my own domain name for my email. Anyway, fast forward to about 2012 and Google stopped offering the free version of Google Apps to new users, but they continued...
  7. M

    Need help with wireless cam -> email/http upload setup, looking at ezviz c3a or similar, prefer custom firmware ability

    I'm looking to secure a property which doesn't have internet, and I'd like to place cameras around a perimeter which will not have power cabling or much sunlight. I could possibly mount a battery, but solar will not charge in many of these areas so I anticipate changing batteries every few...
  8. J

    Email not sending from ip cam on Hikvision NVR

    Hi, First off thanks in advance to anyone who can help me with this problem! I have a Hikvision NVR which is on my home network with 3 cameras attached to the internal POE switch in the Hikvision NVR. However the ip cameras do not appear to have access to the internet to send emails due to...
  9. Z


    Got an DHI-NVR2104HS-P-S2 and would like to set up some email alerts (for example no hdd or hdd error), but got no email option at the NVR's web interface as seen here: Email/Email Notifications Setup GMail - Dahua Wiki Got only the following options: - TCP/IP - CONNECTION - DDNS - SWITCH -...
  10. latropa

    Using a plus (+) sign in the e-mail configuration for the built in Hikvision software?

    Having a + symbol in an email address is a RFC standard (Email address - Wikipedia) but I can't get the Hikvision setup area to accept it when I try and input an email with a "+" in the Configuration > Network > Advanced Settings > Email area: Is this just a bug/limitation of the firmware...
  11. D


    I have had these cameras now for 1.5 years, they always worked great. I am now no longer getting notifications on my IDMSS plus App nor can I receive any email. When I try to setup email i get email test connection failed? All settings are correct as i have 2 other cameras and do get emails...
  12. Kibul

    Send motion alarm emails only when alarm input is on?

    Is is possible to set Hikvision IP cam to send motion alarm emails only when alarm input is on? My IP cam has alarm I/O. I would like to wire it to alarm system so the cam only sends motion trigerred emails when the system is armed. It sounds logically and simple, but i can see no option like...
  13. S

    Hikvision NVR and Virtual Host

    i have a ds-7608 Ni e2/8p nvr and have upgraded the firmware to the latest and noticed there is a virtual host option. i have enabled it and can access the cameras individually. the recorder sends the emails of any movement by default which is not a problem. the only issue is the quality of the...
  14. eladnova

    Email photo burst

    Hi guys Does Hikvision support sending a burst of photos rather than a single image upon motion detection? My old D-Link would email me about 4 snapshots of an event in quick succession which IMHO is more effective than sending a single shot. Here's a quick screengrab of the way my old (very...
  15. B

    Hikvision NVR DS-9632NI-ST email setup not working

    I'm trying to setup the email notifications in my NVR for Video Loss and Video Tampering. We occasionally have cameras quit working so I'd like to know sooner than getting phone calls that the cameras are out. We have 30 cameras spread between 3 buildings; separate Hikvision poe switches in...
  16. F

    Hikvision NVR: Attached Email Images Distorted/ Obscured

    Hi All, Apologies off the top- this is my first post here and I'm rather new to the IP Camera world. Long story short I have a Hikvision NVR working with a few Hikvision IP Cameras and my email alerts are working fine. My only problem is the images attached come in distorted (See attached). Is...
  17. D

    Proof of Visibility

    Hello, I am trying to come up with a way to take a daily picture of one of my cameras and send it in an email. Sometimes this one camera gives me fits and I want a way for it to tell me 'yeah, I'm working and here is proof I can see something'. Has anyone tried anything like this? My...
  18. 1

    Email problem!!! Anyone know fix?

    Hey, I can't seem to setup the email notification, not matter what settings I try. I tried gmail, with normal password and 2 way authentication, tried to make a separate account as well. And of course enabled less-secure apps on all. I tried Yandex and GMX and GoDaddy free email, also tried...
  19. S

    Hikvision DS-2CD2342WD-I Email Attachments Not Working

    I'm new to setting to a Hikvision system for home - after a few weeks of tinkering it's not that straightforward! I have an NVR and an IP Camera (DS-2CD2342WD-I). After lots of tinkering I've disabled the NVR and have the camera connected directly to the network. I plan to get this up and...
  20. P

    Receiving Email Alerts But No Images Attached

    So, the good news is I've upgraded my NVR firmware and am now receiving email alerts when an event occurs (line crossing detection) to my gmail account. The bad news is after a while the emails do not include the images. This occurs when each Camera's Resolution is set for 2048*1536 and the...
  21. I

    Email configuration

    Hello, I'm trying to set email on my HIKVISION DS-2CD2342WD-I but when I test I have an error message 'Failed to connect to test server.' Here my settings: Sender: Sender address: SMTP server: Port server: 465 Authentication:
  22. U

    Hikvision iVMS-4200. Is it possible to change/customize the default email template?

    Does anyone know if the default email template can be changed in the iVMS software? I'd like to post pictures to a twitter or another stream but want to avoid all the text that gets sent along with the picture. Here's an example that is included with the picture. Is there a way to edit this...
  23. molb

    Wierd Email Problem - hikvision

    Had my hikvison ip cam, DS-2CD2035-I, now for a month or so. I have set up the email and everything works fine, getting all the alerts. But then this have happend to me twice, i notice that i didnt get any alert in my inbox. Log in to the webinterface and all email settings was gone, AND even...
  24. M

    Dahua NVR4108 Email 'Test Error'

    I cannot get a new Dahua NVR4108 to send email, except using Google's smtp service. That smtp service replaces all images with mid-grey pixels, a subtle way of saying "use another service." I have tried using several paid-for smtp email services. I get 'Test Error', when I press the test button...
  25. J

    Alert schedule seperate from motion detection schedule?

    Good morning, I have three different installs of BI currently. All is working quite well. I am looking to set up some profile work. Here is my question (as the profile part is a bit confusing to me): I have a PTZ auto tracker which monitors an entrance to an area. I have it set to record...
  26. M

    Acti NVR Model ENR-120 Network Setup Questions

    I am in the process of setting up an Acti NVR (ENR-120,Firmware ENR-020-V4.03.06-AC) on my home network. I need help with two things. I can't get emailto send (and I need this for event notification purposes). Also, I can't get Acti's Mobile Client on myiPhone to connect to my NVR. I have...
  27. D

    HIKvision ivms-4200.exe error code 507

    Hello I try to configure email send but when i click on test email i get an error with code 507 iVMS-4200.exe have someone a solution thanks best regards djillius
  28. S

    Email settings

    Hi I'm not able to setup an email notification. I'm getting a "wrong password" error message... In the past, I remember it was working... I tried with gmail smtp. Do you have also the same problem? Thx
  29. J

    Email notification when camera is offline

    I cannot seem to work out how to setup BI to email an alert when a camera is offline. I need to be notified when a camera is offline so that it can be rectified immediately. I have setup the email server. But all the camera alerts seem to be for triggered events and I can't find anything that...
  30. J

    Email settings fail, I need help!!

    Dear kind people of, I recently bought an ipcam on amazon, it is a DBPOWER VA033K+ overal a foscam replica. It was easy to set up, wifi works, videofeed of the internal and external networks work. The problem is that whenever i try entering my email settings the test tells me...