1. L

    CPU setup for getting started with BI ?

    I'm a recently joined member who's spent lots of time reading threads about cameras, nvr software and network considerations. As I am putting together my initial foray into this endeavor I'd like to run my current plan by others. I'm starting out with 5 dahua cameras from Empiretech - all 4...
  2. joneda1

    Blue Iris CPU/GPU for mainly remote viewing

    I'm sure many parts of this question have been answered across many posts but I'm trying to get an answer all in one place. I am planning a new Blue Iris system which will replace a Swann NVR. I can access the 7 surviving Swann cameras on RTSP and I plan 3-4 new IP cameras. I have available a...
  3. L

    CPU stats for a dedicated Blue Iris server?

    Hi everyone, I'm working on building a dedicated blue iris server. I'm wondering what kind of a cpu I need. I currently have 4 feeds and may add 2 more in the future. I plan to continually record from all feeds (for a total of 6 camera feeds). I've been looking at the 10th gen intel core...
  4. P

    Low CPU utilization/Low FPS when server dormant

    Hi all, first time poster here. I have a strange issue come up when my IP camera server PC is left dormant (ie., Windows is locked and PC is left dormant for 30mins or so) - Frame rate in UI3 streams and (triggered) recordings drop to 0-3FPS and CPU utilization drops to 2-6%. If I walk up to...
  5. MikeT

    cpu going up by about 20% on new ui3 connection?

    Hi guys, I have v5 running with 6 cams. I was wondering if its normal or the cpu to go up by about 20% on each new ui3 browser connection? so for example when idle (no one viewing remotely) cpu is about 20% then on 1st connection it goes up to about 38% and on next connection it goes up to 58...
  6. sygad1

    12 x 8MP - system requirements - discussion

    Hi All Looking for some advice about a new system. Before I go on, I know there will be suggestions about VBR and lowering fps etc, but I am genuinely curious to know what would be needed and what bottlenecks would arise around pushing everything to maximum. Looking at a mixture of...
  7. S

    Quick pre-purchase question on CPUs

    So, I'm building a small micro-atk NVR system for Blue-iris and wanted to get feedback on processors, specifically the importance of hyper-threading. Ultimately I will have about 12 cameras. I'm currently looking at either an i5 9600k but I'm concerned about the loss of hyperthreading and...
  8. Vick

    System Build Help

    Hello, I have 6 4mp wifi cameras currently and my old pc is basically dying lol . I was wondering if someone with good knowledge can tell me what cpu + ram i should get to run all these 6 cameras with ease. I plan on recording 24/7 at 30fps @full resolution (yes i know, if i lower the fps to...
  9. master_tinkerer

    How much cpu is too much for BI?

    I'm looking at the Intel i9 for a new system. I have two 4k ptz ,two 4 meg , two 3 meg ptz, and 12 2 meg cameras. 20 total. Frame rates are around 5 to 10. Like to go faster With the i9, I can go from 10 core to 18 core and 36 threads. Would BI use 38 threads with 20 cameras? And would 32...
  10. J

    Blueiris h264 with quicksync vs h265

    Currently I'm just using a big ol un-fancy processor to run my main system. (see my sig). Most all my cameras are now on h265 (although I believe currently, h264 gives a better picture on my hiks, h265 I assume uses less resources so that's what I do if the camera has the option). I'm always...
  11. N

    Best ram for integrated gpu

    Hi all! I am uograding my blueiris server. I choose an i5-7400 with a te 630 as integrated gpu. So the million dollar question: how much important is the frequency of the ram? Ddr4 at 2400 la a good choice or i need a much higher frequency? Like 2600 or up? Thanks
  12. sygad1

    Dedicated BI, CPU choice

    Hi All, Looking for sensible recommendations for a CPU 5 Hikvision cameras @3MP each I use overlays Direct to disc recording 25fps I have this running on my dev machine (i7 4820k / 64GB Ram) and it runs very well, 23% CPU usage. I would like to setup a dedicated machine but don't want the...
  13. N

    CPU Issues

    Hello, Blue Iris is using 75%+ CPU with 4 cameras. 2 cameras are 720p Foscams (I know). 1 4mp Hik and 1 2mp Dahua. I am running Blue Iris on a Dell OptiPlex 3040 i5-6500 8GB ram. H.264 HW decode is set to Yes (no VPP) on all cameras. Direct to disk is enabled. What is a good way to begin to...
  14. Saymon Fernandes

    High CPU usage with only 28 Cameras

    Hello, I have a BlueIris Server with the following configuration: I7 6700K 16GB Ram DDR4 1TB HDD Currently runing 28 cameras and my CPU usage it's too right i think, in a average of 65%. I Need to run 64 cameras in that server. I notice that a few cameras runs with a very right bitrate, i...
  15. C

    Love Blue Iris, Need Help

    Hello, I have been running blue iris for about 18 months now and absolutely love it. I decided to add more cameras to my system but I quickly ran out of PC power. I upgraded in PC a while back so I have already been through all the usual memory creating tricks: All of my cameras write...
  16. F

    I can't playback more than 3 cameras through network

    Hi, My store has 15 cameras (hike vision) connected to a hike vision NVR through ethernet cable When I try to playback cameras, If I select more than 3 cameras, my CPU usage will become 100% (NVR Model: DS-7716NI-E4) NVR Information: Hangzhou Hikvision Digital Technology Co. Ltd. firmware...
  17. JCrowe

    BI Tools CPU overlay

    I upgraded both BI and BI tools today, (1/12/17), and noticed something odd. I believe it was happening before the upgrade as well. BI is running on a Dual AMD Opteron Quad core server with 32GB of RAM. OS Is Win Server 2012R2. Windows Task manager reports CPU between 44% and about 70% on...
  18. C

    PC Specs for Blue Iris - 4mp cameras

    Hi, I just installed 2 - Hikvision 4mp Turrets and am running Blue Iris on an AMD A10-5700 cpu with 8gb or Ram. With only 2 cameras the CPU is overloaded and I can't figure out if it is the way I have the program set up or if the PC just needs to be more powerful. Any thoughts?
  19. MichiganBroadband.com

    Steve at Michigan Broadband Systems Inc. Ann Arbor MI, USA

    Hi Just a quick intro. *not* Brand new to Blue Iris trying it out for a client. I work mostly in Michigan (USA) designing installing and maintaining information and communications systems for small to medium businesses around here and I typically travel for projects on average 3-4 times per...
  20. J

    CPU ranks up to 100%

    Greetings, I just downloaded the BI 4 and running in demo mode. I do have 4 cams and the CPU of my WHS is running at 99%-100% all the times. It is normal? BI 4 takes that much power? Or Am I missing some configuration? Thank you, John9569
  21. VorlonFrog

    Xeon E3-1225 - No hardware acceleration?

    Blue Iris version Windows 7 32-bit operating system Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E3-1225 v3 @ 3.20GHz Intel(R) HD Graphics P4600/P4700 PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_041A&SUBSYS_30A517AA&REV_06 If I enable overall default hardware acceleration, all my h.264 cameras return "No Signal". If I disable overall...
  22. T

    CPU maxing out... Thought it was powerful enough - ugh!

    Hi Friends, I have a surveillance system I have been cobbling together - trying to accomplish this on a budget after spending way too much for a turnkey package that failed miserably. Thus, I started with a dozen or so Lorex 2MP cameras that I salvaged from a terrible Lorex NVR system that...
  23. N

    Random CPU spiking & Missing Frames

    Hello folks, hoping you all can help me diagnose an intermittent issue with my system. I've been hitting the forums for the last couple weeks and finally decided I better just post something. I am using Blue Iris v4.0.2.3 x64 on a PC with the following specs: i7 2600 @ 3.4Ghz Sandy Bridge...
  24. MrCourtney

    CPU Utilization reports 0% after latest BI Update

    The latest Blue Iris update has introduced a problem in my Win 7 system: The CPU utilization reports 0% constantly. BI support says they've had a couple of reports of this but not enough to chase it down. Several hours before the update, I installed the Windows Update security fixes and we've...
  25. R

    CPU nearly doubled after update to BI x64

    Dell XPS 18 Intel Core i7-3537U CPU @ 2.00Ghz Win 8.1 64 Blue Iris x64 1-Dahua IPC-HDB4300f-PT (D2D on Motion) 1-DM36x_IPNC (D2D on Motion) 2-Foscam FI8608 (D2D on Motion) 1-Ipod as webcam (never records) ---------------------------------------------- After Updating to BI
  26. S

    BIG PROJECT - Advice Needed

    This forum has been a great piece of advice for my current camera build, but I need your help yet again guys. I'm currently running 4 cameras on Blue Iris. They are the Hikvision DS-2CD2032-I 3MP, Dahua IPC-HDBW3300 3MP, Dahua IPC-HFW2300R-Z 3MP and ESIP-PTZMINI12X-1080p 2MP Mini PTZ 12x. All...
  27. Overcon

    Configuration Question Camera & BI

    Hi all, I was hoping I could get some help on reconfiguring my system to help me expand my camera count & reduce my NVR resource utilization. I got a tip that you can setup cameras that can record motion themselves to send a trigger to BI to start recording when the camera detect motion...
  28. N

    New Intel i7 processors

    Anyone running the new i7 Haswell processors, the i7-5960X, i7-5930K and i7-5820K. Wonder how many 3MP cameras you can get on a PC with these processors and BlueIris. Finally they are offering the consumer what has been available to the Xeon server grade processors for 2 years with and 8 core i7...