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    Noob here. Needing help picking a camera

    Looking forward to seeing how this goes. I too have animals and acreage and have thought about doing this.
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    Questions about model differences

    That is what I was thinking, so the next question is. How do I buy directly from Andy?
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    Questions about model differences

    My terminology was probably bad here. I wasn't really going deep into "facial recognition", I was just thinking along the lines of how clear the facial picture was at distance. Does that make more sense or am I still off? Using Andy as an example, same vendor three different stores. Is it...
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    Questions about model differences

    If I'm understanding things, PFF relates to facial recognition. So for my 3 exterior doors I was looking for cameras and came across these two. Using the IPVM Designer / Calculator to compare some cameras. I noticed the IPC-T2831T-ZS gave a PPF 137.5 @20' and the IPC-T2831TM-AS PPF 92 @20'...
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    EmpireTech 7 Years Anniversay Promotion Plan

    The sale starts today at 20:00 est? Is it a universal discount, 10% off, or on a individual item basis? Is there a coupon code or will the prices be reflected on the sites?
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    EmpireTech 7 Years Anniversay Promotion Plan

    Congrats all!
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    Firearms: Alec Baldwin - Colin Noir's take on it

    They need to update that for "forced-reset trigger's".
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    Military "Intelligence" at its finest?

    I was OZ division, worked in the blue tile area on my first CV. Our normal shifts were 12/12. CVN-68, VS-41, CV-63, VAQ-129, CG-59
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    Grounding remote cameras?

    Question. I have a fuse box out at my garage and in out buildings, each has it's own ground rod. Can I use those ground rods for other things, like cameras, electric fence chargers? Or is it unwise/unsafe to share the grounding rod?
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    EmpireTech 7 Years Anniversay Promotion Plan

    Congratulations Andy!
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    PoE Switch Suggestion List

    Speaking of distance. Can I run a PoE line from the house (which has PoE switch) to my outbuildings, plug into PoE device and plug devices in the outbuildings to that PoE? Not just can I, but is that good practice? :D
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    Military "Intelligence" at its finest?

    I have so much respect for the flight deck guys, they worked all day and all night. Those were the only group of guys that were allowed to lay sleeping wherever they were. btw, I was Navy Intel. IS1 (SW)
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    Initial setup plan feedback

    @Sportbiker Keep us updated. /following
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    Military "Intelligence" at its finest?

    Hey now! Has nothing to do with Intel. They tried to get me to help on plane wash down once, I told them I wasn't qualified and might accidently use sandpaper on the windows. I remember going around the horn while being chased by a hurricane on CVN-68, we had planes chained down on the flight...
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    IPC-T5541H-AS-PV Pan & Tilt not working

    Thank you. I just assumed, Yeah I know, because it moved inside the casing.