1. Ceezyro

    door lock problem

    So i have the VTO3211D-P2 and the VTH2421FB-P and somehow i can't unlock the door from the vth but i can unlock it with my phone with easyviewer pro. Any solutions? in the unlock logs i get the card unlock fail.
  2. stavros54cy

    Dahua VTO/VTH group call issue

    I am having an issue with Dahua doorbell in VTO and dual VTH setup. It was already set up and working, until I decided I wanted to upgrade to the latest firmware, because I was bored ( I know, upgrading something with no reason while it is working, it is asking for trouble, and I got trouble)...
  3. M

    VTO2211G-WP + VTH5341G-W 'network abnormal video connect timeout' HELP

    Hi all, I own a VTO2211G-WP + VTH5341G-W but can't make it work and would like some advice. It is set up as one VTO and one VTH with VTO acting as SIP server. I can access VTO live view trough the VTH. But once I try to call the VTH from the VTO I get a black screen with the audio (only one...
  4. T

    VTO emulator for VTH

    Hi, Is there an option to emulate call from VTO to VTH? I need to build combined intercom (old analog with new) The idea is making board with embedded processor connected to LAN and have inputs for buttons (every apartment) . If you press the button then the VTH will ring and will show RTSP...
  5. rytuliux911

    Cannot make calls between Dahua VTO2000A and two VTH2421FW-P

    Hello, Can annyone can give a suggestion what can be wrong with system I'm working with. I'm trying to connect 1VTO-2VTH system. I kind of certain that I made network configurations properely, because live view on VTH and mobile phone is working, it's able to unlock the doors. But i can't make...
  6. IT-man

    How to integrate Dahua intercom SIP version to other SIP servers.

    Hi I am using VTH1550CH & VTO3211D-P2. both of them upgraded with SIP firmware successfully. I could successfully register my extensions in the SIP server(ZYCOO U20) :) , but can not make calls :(. I think it's codec problem , although I've already enabled the video stream codec(H.264) and...
  7. Eraking

    Dahua VTO2000A doesn't work (light starts blinking, it disappeared from the network).

    Hello, ipcamtalk members, this is the first time that I'm posting here. I have a Dahua VTO2000A outdoor station connected to Dahua VTH1550CH indoor monitor the VTO was working well I can view the outdoor camera from the monitor and the phone but just a 10 - 15min after, the VTO namespace light...