1. T

    VMS Software Recommendations

    Hello all! I'm looking for some input for some recommended VMS (Video Management System) software. I'm currently using the free version of Milestone and although it's a pretty good piece of software, it SUCKS running on a Windows 10 or Windows Server computer. Recently, there was some crime in...
  2. S

    Looking for a solution for alarm and video all in one

    Hi all, So I've been tearing up the internet up and down looking for a solution to this. I want to be able to integrate a wireless alarm panel (like the Honeywell Vista Panel) with ONVIF cameras. I've been looking for a some sort of user friendly version, but I specifically don't want to use...
  3. M

    Price levels on DW Spectrum and NX Witenss

    Does anyone know the price-level for these two VMS's for a rather small setup (4-8 cams, home-user & small-business)?
  4. ermac

    New version of SmartPSS for MacOS released

    Hi, I see Dahua have released a new update of SmartPSS for MacOS Catalina dated 14 April 2020. Has anyone updated and tried this version yet? Is it stable? The December release was not and was very resource heavy. The new release is available here...
  5. erenko

    Vendor: Eocortex - Spammers and liars, avoid!!!

    Hi everybody! Who can tell me, where can I learn more about Eocortexvendor? Who can сompare this with other vendors? EDITED BY FENDERMAN: ERENKO is an employee of EOCORTEX and is a lying spammer scammer. Avoid this software. This russian company employs scammers.
  6. akiisi

    Camera freezes DS-2DE2A204IW-DE3

    Im on a project that has 4 camera (DS-2DE2A204IW-DE3) they are set to always tour if there is a reboot or a power loss then the cameras freeze to tour mode and wont move. As VMS im using Wisenet Wave. Only thing at this which fixes it is: Deleting the camera from the software and rebooting it...
  7. F

    Besides Blue Iris, what else is there there?

    Like the tittle says gentleman. Is there another competitor worth looking at? I think I am going to ditch synolys surveillance station for now.
  8. M

    Looking for VMS software alternatives

    Hi everybody, I was wondering if any of you guys know a VMS under the format of a OVA to deploy into VMware/etc or simply an ISO image to create a virtual machine on my server. I am currently using NetCam Studio 1.7.0 (which is super easy btw, by far the most stable VMS I used) but it is hard...
  9. B

    IP Surveillance Software with decent people recognition

    Hi, Im looking for a ip video surveillance software that has decent people recognition with 16 cams, mix of Hik, Amcrest, FOSCAM. Im not looking for tree, plant, spider, bird recognition, just people. I found sighthound and that seems to do a decent job. Is there anything else you can...
  10. M

    Hikvision NVR - Issues with iVMS & Mobile App

    Hello everyone - i've been a long time browser, first time poster. Recently decided to take the jump and upgrade my system to a Hikvision camera system. Have 16 cameras plugged in and for the most part working. Some background to my system: 1) NVR i'm using 32CH Hikvision DS-7732N-E4/16P...
  11. M

    Greetings from Finland

    Hey, Been active on another camera/security related forum for quite a while now, found this one figured I should join. About me: Just a guy from a company thats making VMS software, doing some tech supporty stuff (as a job) related to our VMS and everything around IP cameras and networks...
  12. D

    Web-based VMS / NVR for publishing video from any IP Camera

    uVMS: a web-based Video Management System for publishing, viewing and recording of live streams from any type of video camera or software / hardware video encoder. http://www.umediaserver.net/uvms/index.html This is not a hosted service but a software that you run on your own server. Ability...