1. S

    Security cameras from previous owner

    Ok I don’t know if this is the correct place to post. I moved to Toms River nj and there are 4 security cameras like this. I was wondering, is there a way to make use of these ? No idea how the previous owners connected.
  2. saltwater

    Blue Iris - video signal to televisions - how to

    What is the best way to run a video signal from a Blue Iris computer to spare HDMI ports of televisions in other rooms? In my rooms I have a coax point and multiple ethernet points available. Some coax points are used for free-to-air television. What components would I need, and would there...
  3. M

    Hikvision video batch convert

    Hi all, As many know, when you save a block of video from a hikvision camera, dvr, ivms, etc., you might end up with multiple video files, and whether it's one file or 20, they will be in a semi-proprietary format. ie. mpeg-ps in an mp4 container. The hikvision format converter isn't the most...
  4. wilcor83

    Dahua Smart PSS

    Hello Everybody ! I have a problem with Smart PSS software, im getting the error "Failed to open video" in my windows 8 Laptop. I try in a Mac and it work perfectly. Does anybody knows how to solve this issue in windows ? Im trying to see this cameras by using the NVR serial number.
  5. Mihaitz222222

    Getting the footage from Hikvision devices.

    Hello! I have a few Hikvision dvrs and i was wondering what is the best way to get the full quality footage. I've been downloading it through ivms 4200 and then using another app to convert it so it can be played it without their player. If this is the best way, what software do you recommend to...
  6. S

    Medical Simulation Setup

    Hi all, first time poster. I'm the technician at a medical simulation center. The cameras that we're using for capturing the simulation sessions are almost unwatchable svideo PTZ camera's, and some logitech webcams. I'm looking to completely overhaul the system, but I'm going to have to do it...
  7. langeveld024

    ds-2cd2345fwd-i strange problem (video)

    Hi there, first time poster here. i have a ds-2cd2345fwd-i cam producing some sort of distortion/correcting all over the video for a few seconds and then the video gets sharp again. im not sure how to call it if there's a name for it so i attached a video. This happens when recording in h264+...
  8. Quardah

    My stuff gets stolen from my porch. How to start?

    Hello folks. This is my first post. I will be straight to the point because i need to get the job done ;). I recently purchased my first house and i've already had packages stolen from my front porch while i was at my job. I must mitigate this, as my job heavily depends on receiving my items on...
  9. Papi

    Larkkey camera - issue with viewing SD stored videos

    Recently acquired a Larkkey camera, which - for the price - provides very decent functions. Unfortunately I have not been able to view the recordings without the Android app connecting to the camera, as the SD card stored files (multiple 8-900K .image files, stored in folders apparently...
  10. vanni93

    Stream Http problem

    Hello, I have a DS-2CD1023G0-I cam and I would like to visualize live stream on a web page. I have already set the sub stream to mjpeg and activate the Hikvision GCI. Putting this url I'm able to take snapshot: ipcam/Streaming/channels/102/picture But putting this one I'm not able to see live...
  11. 42er

    What video editor can edit Dahuas .dav video and save it as .mp4?

    Hello, today, I convert a video file, made from my Dahua SD59430U-HNI, with SUPER from .dav into a .mp4 container with h.264 codec (because Hitfilm Express don't know .dav container). Then I cut the .mp4 video with Hitfilm Express into the parts I want/need. Isn't there a video editor, which...
  12. ermac

    CBR vs VBR recorded video quality

    I am sure this topic has been discussed before, but could not find any previous posts here. Security industry white-papers and professional installers both make their cases for either CBR or VBR to record video files. So storage space and bandwidth aside, I am interested to hear your thoughts...
  13. KellyCx1

    Battery powered cams & API

    Hello. Does anyone know of any cameras that are powered by a battery? I need a camera that would work to record guests entering into events at check in. The reason I asked the API question: It would be great if I could use an API to link a timestamp from when the user checked in to the time...
  14. M

    DisplayPort vs HDMI....

    Many of the recommended business class PCs suggested for BI have DisplayPort video output and no hdmi port. I’m told that this can be adapted and I see that passive cables are available as well (DisplayPort to hdmi). If you’re buying a new PC the third port can be configured as hdmi (instead of...
  15. T

    How to save BI recording within IE?

    Hello all, I am unable to save a pre-recorded video to a windows desktop when accessing it via Internet Explorer. Windows 10 Pro, using IE11, ActiveX installed When selecting a previous recording then clicking the red record button within IE, it will save a portion of the beginning...
  16. jiriteach

    iDMSS Push Notifications - Push Type? Video/Image Doesn't Work - FIXED!

    Hi There - I have IVS intrusion zones setup on my Dahua cameras. Detections are working fine and push notifications are coming through but when I click on on the notification - if push type is video or image, it doesn't work. Says no record? I have SD cameras in all of cameras. They are set...
  17. Onder


    Acesee company in Aliexpress doing fake box opening. a returned one He steals all the money by showing the product as broken. Rogue and dishonest As a matter of fact, he sells promotions with the money he stole from people. Acesee offical store - Mantia He in Aliexpres is distributing...
  18. M

    VTS-5240B - Clear Config

    Anyone know how to do a clear config on this device over RS232/Serial? Cant get in to settings menu after firmware upgrade. Firmware build date 20180117 Version 4.200. Has a an option for password recovery, using QR code, but server replies back that they cannot provide an unlock code. Thanks...
  19. A

    Foscam R2 - video corrupted

    After last upgrade of BI one of my cameras, Foscam R2 can't be seen the video. The connection is working great, then I see the camera's videook in the BI for a second or two, but then its stop and I see grey of some colors on the BI. Connecting directly to the camera is working ok. Any ideas...
  20. R

    Can't see my IP Camera's video remotely. But wait........

    Hello, The issue I am having is that I can login to my camera's onboard software remotely, but I can not see any video remotely. So, I can get to the tools, setup information, but I am not able to see the video. I have Port Forwarding on & enabled as you can see that I am getting to the...
  21. CPO

    [videos] [install] LOREX (Dahua) LNR6826K 4K System from Costo

    I just bought my first IP Camera system and will be installing it within the next few weeks. I've never done this before, so I am learning as I go. I've spent a lot of time researching and learning (which is my MO) and found myself here on ipcamtalk a lot. I figured this was the perfect place...
  22. I

    Recording Feed from SIP Video Intercom

    Would it be possible to record the video stream from a sip video intercom, specifically a Fanvil i30? I have a freepbx server in place along with a box running blue iris. For security sake I'd like to record video stream if possible from the video intercom. The i30 does output video in h264...
  23. G

    Problem with HTTP-Videostream

    Hi, I have a Hikvision DS-2CD3145F-I and I can access the "still picture" link and the RTSP-Stream via VLC Player. Unfortunately I did not manage to get a video stream via HTTP from the camera. I tried several different kinds of links like: rtsp://IP:port/Streaming/Channels/101...
  24. J

    Video Clips skipping in the middle

    I am setting up a new Blue Iris Server (this is also my first Blue Iris setup). I have got things up and running pretty good. Currently I am only working with one test camera before we purchase more and fully set up. The camera is a Foscam F19821E. Anyway, I currently have it set up with...
  25. nayr

    Dahua AutoTracking Demos

    Here is the best one yet, someone tried to sell me new windows even through all mine are already modern. Some quality was lost trying to convert this H265 DAV into something standardized.. If anyone has there own demo videos, post em up..
  26. VorlonFrog

    Limb falls from tree - bye bye patio table

    This happened last week. Captured by the Reolink 411 camera. The limb falls about twenty seconds into the video.
  27. N

    how to see blueiris video and clips

    i have a server that runs blueiris, and that server does not have a monitor. is it possible to see blueiri's clips with the blueiris visualizator in an another pc? i don't want to export the videos or uses teamviewr et similia, i would see the video with the blueiris software. Thanks
  28. C

    BI iPhone app performance issues, alerts and alerts video playback black screen

    For some reason now whenever I pause the alerts video playback on the iphone app, the screen goes black until I press play again. Previously it would pause and actually increase image quality of the still significantly. Also clicking the alerts button from the main screen hardly ever displays...
  29. Bradmph

    Cats Caught On Camera

    Years 2015/2023 Starting our 8th year - Cat Photo Listing update October 13th, 2023 Cats Caught On Camera Doing Their Sneaky Things & Whatever Else Shows Up. The residential neighborhood cat collection and other animals documented I decided to start documenting our local neighborhood CAT LIFE...
  30. bababouy

    Dahua 1.3 - waste management no-no

    Hey Guys, This is one of my first couple of posts. This was a new install for us about two weeks prior to this video. You might want to skip through some of it being that its 18 minutes long.