1. Y

    Audio in Live Mode, but Not When Recording on Multiple Camera Models

    System: Windows w/ AMD processor BI Release: Upgraded to tonight to see if it would fix the problem. Previously running latest stable release. I am able to monitor live audio fine. The problem is happening with Amcrest and IPC-T5442TM cameras. Some work fine though and the setting...
  2. R

    What is a decent IP cam for my budget?

    Good morning everyone, Some years back I bought one of the original IP cameras, it was an Ubiquiti(sub branded, actually manufactured by Hikvision I believe) and after I got it working it was pretty cool. Had a few bugs, but the tech was relatively new at the time. I lost that camera long ago...
  3. C

    Looking for Local (SF Bay Area) Turnkey Support

    I've been installing Blue Iris systems, including the network hardware, for several years, and some users are looking for long term support for these systems to ensure they have someone to turn to if there are problems. Does anyone know of companies in the SF Bay Area that might do this? Thanks
  4. C

    Hikvision Password reset

    Hi guys, Made a boo boo today. Setup an NVR a couple of months ago and have forgotten the password. I have followed hikvisions procedure to reset (send xml file from SADP). They sent back a reset file but it doesn't work. I get error code "failed to reset password other: 2022" does anyone know...
  5. A

    Milestone support company

    Hello, We are a small manufacturing company and have milestone installed with hikvision cameras. Is there any companies that support milestone that you recommend? Is it possible to have software support directly from milestone and if so is it any good? Thanks
  6. remoras

    Hawell Camera support on BI?

    Hello community, I have a Hawell power-full night vision HW-RS399A camera which is not in the Blue Iris list with supported cameras, is there a way to update the software to work with this type of camera? I have 10 cameras of the same model in different locations and I want to use Blue...
  7. bp2008

    4.0.3 - March 29, 2015

    Here is the change log from BI 4.0.3: A bug has been fixed which likely was responsible for crashes during remote viewing of BVR file content from slow devices, specifically those taking longer than 1.5 seconds to randomly reposition within the file. Commands page been added to the...
  8. dk22

    Hikvision Support

    Anybody know how to get support from Hikvison? I bought a DS-2CD3332-I off eBay. Booted it up, reip'd it to my network, changed the password and have locked myself out. Thought I saved the password in my keypass but it didn't save. I followed the guide off...
  9. davidfungf

    Hikvision SDK support

    May I know whether "DVR/DVS/IP Camera Windows Client SDK V4.3.0.6 (for Windows 32-bit)" support DS-2CD2312-I/DS-2CD2332-I ip camera? We planning using the C# SDK to develop a software application. Please advise. Thanks.
  10. MrCourtney

    CPU Utilization reports 0% after latest BI Update

    The latest Blue Iris update has introduced a problem in my Win 7 system: The CPU utilization reports 0% constantly. BI support says they've had a couple of reports of this but not enough to chase it down. Several hours before the update, I installed the Windows Update security fixes and we've...