1. kmac6192

    SmartPSS download speeds very slow

    Recently set up a dahua system at one of my new stores and the download speed from smart pss is dramatically slower then it is for my other store locations. The only real difference between this stores setup and the others is that all cameras are run directly into the NVR not a POE switch. Ive...
  2. C

    Need advice: Stay with Dahua+SmartPSS or move on?

    Background: For many years I’ve used Dahua DVRs plus SmartPSS on the Mac. I like the technical capabilities and functionality of SmartPSS, despite some obvious flaws, and hate most of the crappy phone apps available to access these units. Outside motion detection is problematic but I use...
  3. D

    SmartPSS not available for download anymore

    Hi Guys, Anyone know why they removed SmartPSS download from the dahuasecurity website? Thanks!
  4. D

    SmartPSS stuttering image

    Hi Guys, My setup is 2IP cams and NVR from Dahua. When I display my cameras on the DMSS app it works like a charm. Without any lag on HD quality. When i display the cameras on SmartPSS is has a bit of lag. On the main stream it is very noticible, on the sub stream not that much. My camera...
  5. G

    Smart PSS Dahua problem

    Hello, i have problem with smart pss. Every time the camera gives an alarm ivs smart pss takes a screenshot. Where to disable this option?
  6. L

    SmartPSS error exporting footage with IVS/ intelligent sections using time clip [solved]

    Hello all, I have IVS tripwires setup in some of my cameras but, until recently, could not export footage containing sections when they were triggered (they are recorded as Intelligent sections, orange in colour). I am using SmartPSS V2.003.0000001.0 2020-04-13. After selecting the required...
  7. I

    DAHUA PC-NVR remote connection

    Hello for all. Historically, I used smart PSS and PC-NVR (1.16) to record cameras and view them remotely (via VPN) from another PC. I decided to upgrade (to Smart PSS v.2.003) and an unpleasant incident happened - when viewing the remote archive, PS-NVR crashes which writes streams (At first...
  8. Ratfink11

    SD59225U-HNI DH_SD-Eos_MultiLang_PN_Stream3_V2.810.0000000.4.R.200509 Current Firmware & Webplugin Issues

    Hi All, This is to track current problems with latest firmware. (SD59225U-HNI DH_SD-Eos_MultiLang_PN_Stream3_V2.810.0000000.4.R.200509) Since I have more than 20 cameras using this firmware in real life I might be seeing more problems than evaluation. additionally, having a large investment Im...
  9. L

    Dahua SmartPSS slow footage download speed [solved]

    Hello all, I felt compelled to write up an experience I had with downloading footage from my parents’ NVR. I bought and installed for them a Dahua DHI-NVR4108HS-8P-4KS2. Everything worked great except downloading footage locally via SmartPSS on their PC was somewhat slower than expected (see...
  10. ermac

    New version of SmartPSS for MacOS released

    Hi, I see Dahua have released a new update of SmartPSS for MacOS Catalina dated 14 April 2020. Has anyone updated and tried this version yet? Is it stable? The December release was not and was very resource heavy. The new release is available here...
  11. D

    import device in SMART PSS software using excel

    hi How can I import device to SMART PSS software (DAHUA ) using Excel with username and password(NOT hash)? in usual import mode password must be HASH encrypted
  12. K

    SmartPSS tanking CPU usage when split in 4

    Hello fellow IP Cam users, I recently got introduced into a SmartPSS system with cameras and everything setup, however my task was to investigate why it is lagging. What they meant by lagging was the CPU being tanked at 100% when the Live View cameras were viewed in a 4-way camera split. After...

    SmartPSS cuts the video in the main stream

    Hello SmartPSS cuts the video in the main stream. At the same time, the sub stream works flawlessly. The problem is observed only on one computer. And this happens at a time when I am working hard to optimize the speed of sites. Video codecs are new. The version of the SmartPSS is current...
  14. T

    SmartPSS on macOS Catalina

    The new version of macOS (10.15, Catalina) comes out in a few days and will no longer support 32-bit apps. The most recent version of SmartPSS I've been able to find is DH_SmartPSS_Eng_Mac_IS_V2.00.0.R.20180507_CodeSign. Unfortunately this is still a 32-bit only app, meaning it won't work for...
  15. O

    macOS Catalina will kill your SmartPSS

    The problem is that SmartPSS is a 32-bit application. Apple has been warning macOS users and developers about the end of 32-bit software support for quite some time. With macOS Catalina (macOS 10.15), the end is actually here. 32-bit software just won’t run in macOS Catalina. It won’t be slow...
  16. E

    SmartPSS Picture/Snapshot bulk download problem, corrupted JPEG

    Hi everyone, I'm having some strange problems with smartPss snapshot bulk download that no one seems to have (I've searched a lot before posting here). I hope someone can help me. Thanks! CONTEXT Camera: - DAHUA IPC-HFW4231E with 32GB sd-card SmartPSS versions tried: - V2_02_1_R_180619...
  17. S

    Blue-Iris Features

    I've installed a Dahua Camera that I'm testing at my outdoor area of my house. After mucking around with SmartPSS it's a little buggy and can't get certain things to work correctly, especially PC-NVR for playback / record or recognizing my NAS. Reading on the forum, seems most users are using...
  18. S

    SmartPSS (PC NVR) - Adding NAS Storage Drive *SMB*

    Hey All, I've successfully routed a Dahua camera to test. I'm using Smart PSS / PC-NVR software on my computer. I'm trying to get PC-NVR to recognize my NAS Storage device that's connected, but I'm having trouble getting to it via SmartPSS. My NAS can be connected via SMB. I'd like...
  19. I

    SmartPSS + PC-NVP + IPC-HDBW1320E

    hi guys, I am new and hope somebody could give me hand with this. I have added offsite camera IPC-HDBW1320E (FW 2.600.0005.0.R) to SmartPSS (2.02) using SerialNumber. Camera has enabled Easy4IP and status is online. Camera shown in device list, it is online, can see live view, also browse...
  20. R

    Cannot install Smart PSS -- no "Next" button visible

    I am installing my first wired camera system. When trying to install SmartPSS, the first page of the installation process comes up, but the window displays no "Next" or "Cancel" buttons. I see such buttons on the corresponding page of the instructions at SmartPSS/Install Smart PSS - Dahua Wiki ...
  21. Fastb

    Solved - Smart PSS - Viewing with "Full-Win"

    All, I use an old clamshell PC to run Smart PSS. I use the "Live View" screen to keep an eye on the cameras. I have it set up near my kitchen. The default "window scale" is "Original". However, this leaves black space to the left and right of each image. See image. So I change "Window...
  22. B

    Dahua Smartpss

    My camera setup will consist of 5 Dahua cameras. I noticed there is a software for Windows called Smartpss, which I assume works only with Dahua cameras. Is that correct? Is this software any good or can't it be compared to Blue iris or alike? I have no need for fancy functions, I have an...
  23. thomaswde

    Dahua SmartPSS and PC-NVR - Valid alternative to using BI, Zone Minder, Milestone, etc?

    I've not found anywhere on this site where anyone has really dove off into SmartPSS and PC-NVR as a full solution for IP cam management as opposed to using BI, Milestone, etc. Granted, I'm sure this makes more sense if you're 100% Dahua versus a mixed bag. Since I mention it throughout, I'm...
  24. thomaswde

    Hey all! First post from an IT guy just setting out down the IP camera path...

    Greetings! So I've been a fly on the wall here for a while and have learned much, thanks to all. I decided to dip a toe before plunging in but wanted to dip the right toe, so I ordered a HDW5231RP-Z as my first cam after seeing all the praise for it around here. Received it and mounted it...
  25. M

    Event calendar chart in SmartPSS

    I'd like to give you a small introduction first. I'd like to install a surveillance solution at home. Therefor I've a small dedicated system running, based on a SoC mainboard with Intel Celeron N3150. So it's really low powered. I want to run 5-7 megapixel IP cams with motion detection. And...
  26. S

    Hikvision and SmartPSS

    Hello Can anybody please help me. Purchased a Hikvision DS-2CD2012-I. The camera works with IVMS-4200 which it came with. Problem is this camera adds to another 33 cameras which is a Casey DVR system, running on PSS on Windows. One of the other cameras is a IP camera and works with PSS...