low light

  1. Marvin

    Low Light/night color Dome??

    Looking for a low light/night color dome that can be used on a MDU/Apartment building setting. Colorvu would be perfect if it was vandal proof.. Anything similar in a dome and/or box Camera?
  2. wopi82

    Multiple camera low light test

    Corona virus is spreading all over the world, and so we're all forced to stay home. Here in Poland all shopping centers, schools, kindergarten, playgrounds, etc. are closed. So, together with my wife, we have to find way, to do our regular job, and take care of children. It is time consuming and...
  3. N

    IP Cam recommendation for extremely low lux without IR

    I have an observatory that takes images in the in the infrared (Hydrogen alpha band) and I can run it from my house. I would like to remotely monitor the telescope to make sure no cables are getting tangled. If I turn on the LEDs, my exposure is ruined. Currently I used a camera that does...
  4. Z

    Extreme low light conditions

    Hello, I am currently working with iPolis SNZ-6320P. We work outdoors in changing locations (installing cameras per requirements for periods of 12-48 hours). I have two major problems with it: 1. I am not fully satisfied with its extreme low light conditions. (night with no lights) 2. usually...
  5. ppp

    Best IP camera for low light without IR LEDs

    Hi, I've been asked to source 4 cameras to monitor some astronomy equipment during night observations, ideally wide angle. I cannot use IR LEDs as they will affect the equipment. Any recommendations on the best setup for such a case? Thanks! Peter
  6. AdySan

    These 2MP, Starvis sensors are the sh*t

    tried out my first 2MP starvis sensor, the low light performance is beyond awesome. I feel bad that all my other cameras are 4, 6 and even 8MP, and look like garbage compared to this. Should have taken the advice in the cliff notes seriously. Here’s comparing a cheap HikVision indoor camera to...
  7. L

    Dahua Starlight vs Hikvision low light performance

    I've spent hours trying to figure out which cameras are good for low light/night color recording. On this forum, it looks like Starlight is the gold standard, however, looking at specs for Hikvision's EasyIP 3.0 2355 Turret (5MP), the lux ratings are nearly identical. Does that mean hikvision...
  8. xmfan

    front door alternative cameras

    Hey ipCamTalkers :wave: I already purchased a couple of 5231R-z cameras from Andy but have not installed them yet, gonna do that real soon. Got side tracked on an another project that took priority. I am looking to buy my next camera to cover my front door. I cannot use or install the common...
  9. S

    Another Brand CCDCAM ?

    Searching for IMX178 and IMX185 cameras, I came across www.ccdcam.com Has anyone ever tried them ?
  10. O

    So ... what about DS-2DE2202-DE3/W camera ?

    Hi all, Just to have your opinion about this: this camera works well except it can't send email alarm because of no TLS option on camera. Here I'm working on a 4G TP Link router. 1) is it possible to do something with the router 2) if not, did you think Hikvision will made an upgrade for this...
  11. J

    Sanity Check - Better cameras, IR Illuminators or tweak Blue Iris?

    Well, I've had some cameras up for a while but I've mostly used them just to see what's going on in front of the house from my office. I woke up this morning and saw that someone had broken into my car in the driveway. I thought I at least would have some good video. Well, in my opinion, the...
  12. B

    Hikvision Mini Dome - Better low light?

    I've got a Hikvision mini dome installed that I'm trying to figure out if I can get better color night images out of. It is a 4mp 2.8mm DS-2CD2542F. The 1st image below is from the Hikvision and the 2nd is from a Skybell doorbell camera. I was surprised that the Skybell image looks so much...
  13. Korgoth

    DS-2CD4085F-AP 4K - 8MPixel camera night video

    Hello People are asking about this camera and low light performance, here you have it: And here you can check DS-2CD4065F-AP - 6MPixel camera, similar sensor, LIVE VIEW :D http://hotel-bania.webcamera.pl/