1. kukita

    nvr dahua

    Hello, I have a problem when I want to connect the dahua full color cameras to the NVR nvr-5432-16p, the nvr recognizes the connection, allows the device to be loaded but does not give IMAGE/VIDEO, we tried assigning an ip within the network range and still not It gives an image, then we try...
  2. ermac

    Strange noise / pixelation at bottom of camera image

    Hi, I have a 2mp Dahua PTZ, that has been brilliant since 2019. However, recently, the past 2 or so months I have noticed a strange constant pixelation / noise at the bottom of the screen. It is there constantly. Whether there is movement in the scene or a still scene, change of light, shadows...
  3. T

    IPcamera using Starlink Internet and RTMP

    I'd like to get a webcam setup using starlink to stream to youtube. Has anyone tried this or know if it is possible? Thanks.
  4. S

    What is the meaning of decoding capabilities.

    I'm planning to buy 16ch hikvision DS-7616NI-K2 NVR but got confused by this " Up to 2-ch@8 MP or 4-ch@4 MP or 8-ch@1080p decoding capacity ". It have 160 Mbps incoming bandwidth. Can it record 16 (Sixteen) IP cameras @ 4 M.P each in full resolution to HDD @ H.265 HEVC compression.
  5. samirsarwar

    Ip camera - which cameras can i buy with vulnerabilities to test

    As a project for my university dissertation i have chosen to talk about IoT Security, my practical design will cover a IP camera and i will perform a penetration test on it, as most cameras have been patched such as the TP-Link Tapo c200 for example. i would like suggestions on which IP cameras...
  6. O

    Bricked HeroSpeed S2L33M/IMX322

    Tried to update firmware on HeroSpeed S2L33M/IMX322 after update the web interface became inaccessable. Advanced IP Scanner shows that the camera is connector to the network and shows IP address yet can't telnet nor open the webinterface. The last working firmware on the IP camera...
  7. warchargerxl

    SoulLife x30 PTZ Camera - IR switches to RGB on detection

    Me and this camera have developed a love/hate relationship. Mostly because it has a slew of features/functions that are undocumented anywhere and it has been impossible to find it. In any case, the camera was purchased through Amazon here: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B08F9Z4SBB/ Some of...
  8. ruwan

    Hikvison Camera Recording in both NAS and NVR

    I have Hikvsion Camera Setup and NAS Storage, I need to Set Camera Main Stream Recordings to NVR and Substream to NAS, Can anyone guide me to do that???
  9. Shubham1520

    Nvr Settings for 8 1080p ip cameras

    Hey can someone tell me the best settings for ip cameras. I recently searched online but it is not working for me. The video is lagging a lot and is buffering. Ex- when a car goes by it just freezes es. I have done the following settings (photo attached). My internet speed is 250mbps. Please help!
  10. Karthik0108

    NVR Stopped recognising 2 out of 3 cameras

    Hi I have an unbranded "Secure vision" IP CAmera with NVR setup, two of them have stopped showing in my devices list, auto add, refreshing, deleting, factory reset(on software) doesn't help... tried doing manual reset, cant find the button, the PCB doesn't resemble any of the ones available...
  11. Tuckerdude

    New 4K PTZ 20X Optical Zoom from Alptop - Surprisingly good camera at $329

    Hey everyone, I hope you are all coping with the current craziness! Back in 2018, I posted a review of the 4K Hikvision which had great performance characteristics but at a quite hefty price tag and extremely large and heavy footprint. Since then, I've been scouring the web for ANY alternatives...
  12. watech89

    Hikvision camera cable pinout

    Was given a Hikvision camera by a coworker, only problem is that someone snipped the cable off. Was told it was the siding guys. Finally got around to diagnosing it, and compared with another camera I have to get the correct pinout for repair. Hopefully someone out there will find this useful...
  13. I


    Hi guys, I bought a Suneyes kit (NVR+4 CAMERAS) 3 years ago but I'm struggling to find the below data because of the Suneyes webite is not available : last sw/firmware for Camera and NVR I have the Android app file to control the CAMERAS and NVR (it is an apk file) but it is not working on my...
  14. M

    Hikvision IP camera playback failed

    Hello All, Below is my CCTV Spec. Hikvision 4 MP IP BULLET CAMERA (model no: ds-2cd1240-i) Hikvision 8 CH NVR RECORDER (model no: ds-7p08ni-k1) Here is my problem. CCTV live feed is showing in my TV via HDMI without any stuck or freeze. It just plays fine. But when i use playback option to...
  15. rifaazeem

    Geovision ADR1300- IP Camera not working through switch/router ports

    Hi all, If anyone could assist me on this issue will be much appreciated. situation cable from camera to Rack side ( aprox 120 meters) but it has separate power source nearby the camera, when connecting directly to the laptop its working and pinging without even 1 drop out. but when i connect...
  16. R

    Downgrade Sricam SP005 firmware. Need help from experts.

    I am having sricam SP005 ip camera. Current version is and it can be updated to The recent firmware versions of Sricam ipcameras are having RTSP and UPnP protocols running on it. I am building a college project and I want older versions of Sricam firmwares. PLEASE suggest...
  17. Breakrellom

    **FIXED** Complete newby, damage to RJ45 connector!

    So, I’m new to all of this, I am pretty tech savvy for the most part but I am stumped. I have a 8ch 1080p SANNCE NVR wireless system, came with 4 cameras paired to NVR, i was considering changing interface so I was changing the camera ip’s to my network’s gateway, well silly me conflicted the...
  18. ermac

    Packet loss, jittery image at times

    Hi, I notice on the live feed from my DH-SD49225T PTZ that it can be a bit jittery on large scenes with fast moving objects. Seems to be less so when the camera is zoomed in on a smaller area. Recorded playback seems to be smooth and so does live view on mobile devices. The DH-SD49225T IP PTZ...
  19. theORCHARD

    Is There An App For ChromeBook Available To Use For Any IP Camera?

    Hey guys and girls. As the title says, Is There An App For ChromeBook Available To Use For Any IP Camera? I have a "Reolink PoE IP Camera 5MP Super HD Home Security Camera" I want to use with the CB laptop. Here's an Amazon link to the the product. https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B07C75C47B/
  20. J

    Email not sending from ip cam on Hikvision NVR

    Hi, First off thanks in advance to anyone who can help me with this problem! I have a Hikvision NVR which is on my home network with 3 cameras attached to the internal POE switch in the Hikvision NVR. However the ip cameras do not appear to have access to the internet to send emails due to...
  21. Abdallah

    Which IP camera should I use for my fourth year project?

    For my fourth year project, we are building a smart IoT traffic intersection, we need 4 IP cameras to use to detect cars and lanes, these cameras need to connect to our Cisco router and send the data there so the router can apply the image processing code locally. Where do you guys think I...
  22. MrSman

    Hikvision IP Camera - REST API?

    Hi guys, I'm interested on buy a Hikvision IP Camera (Dual-Lens People Counting Camera) but first I want to know if it is able to connect to the camera using a RESTful API. I have a Java Application an is important to methe posibility of get Camera data directly from my Application. Is there...
  23. C

    Hi everyone! Urgent help needed please!

    Hi everyone! I need a bit of help please as I don t know how to go forward with the following system please. So I bought 6x Camera bullet IP Hikvision DS-2CD2T55FWD-I8 5MP, 4mm, IR 80m, IP67, WDR120dB, RO 1x NVR 8 canale Hikvision DS-7608NI-K2/8P 160Mbps, 8xPoE, HDMI 4K, ONVIF And 2 tb...
  24. Hawkeye64

    Hello...from Calgary, Canada

    I just joined. Looking for like-minded people with ONVIF knowledge and experience. I am a developer for over 30 years now, having worked with 50+ languages. I recently just published a Node ONVIF package: onvif-nvt. I am looking to add more functionality in support of ONVIF, but need to find...
  25. nofali

    Firmware upgrade

    Hi guys i am new here in ipcamtalk hope to find all my answers about ip cameras in this forum , I've recently ordered tow Dahua Chinese Version ip camera from Aliexpress, I got tired finding the English firmware could anyone here give me a hand...
  26. Muneeb Shafique

    HIKVision IP Camera for Tug Boat

    Hello Guys I'm looking forward to install a Hikvision network camera on a Tug Boat. What I think "DS-2CD6626BS-R" best suits my purpose but it's above my budget. Please recommend me a cheapest most viable solution? Will a normal IP67 but non "GB/T19845-2005 standard " camera could work because...
  27. Muneeb Shafique

    IP Camera for Tug Boat

    Hello Guys I'm looking forward to install a Hikvision network camera on a Tug Boat. What I think "DS-2CD6626BS-R" best suits my purpose but it's above my budget. Please recommend me a cheapest most viable solution? Will a normal IP67 but non "GB/T19845-2005 standard " camera could work because...
  28. K

    Problems with setting up new cameras

    HI guys wondering if i can get some assistance. I currently have a hikvsion 7732 16c NVR box running 8 cameras. 6 via POE plugged directly into the box and 2 pluged in via a POE switch. im using my own ip addess 10.0.0.x and all the cameras seem to work fine. im now trying to add 2 more...
  29. C

    Qvis zeus nvr issue

    Hi Guys, Ive got a qvis zeus part of the dahua family but the camera i have is qvis 4mp dome. I have configured it kept the same ip as the nvr and port 8999 the nvr is picking up but the screen is blank ive tried with few cameras im still getting the same issue. Anyone know whats causing it.
  30. W

    Need help to config audio for IPCAMERA c6f0sgz3n0p0l0

    Hi, I have chines IPCAMERA model: c6f0sgz3n0p0l0 And I am trying to config path in Blue Iris for audio, camera supports audio and has microphone. Could you please help me? Thanks.