1. S

    No audio in UI3 on iOS

    Hi everyone, we're running UI3 version which has been great. However, my fiancée pointed out to me today that there's no audio when viewing cameras live in UI3 or when viewing alerts on her iPhone 14 Pro. I'm an Android user so I can't say if it was ever working for her, but it's always...
  2. johndball

    Key frame is required error - not working on iOS Safari

    Welp, my Blue Iris went belly up with iOS. Not sure the culprit. Tried various Blue Iris versions but nothing seems to help. Ruled out Cloudflare by bypassing Cloudflare altogether and connecting directly to my Blue Iris server. iOS update maybe? Error persists across iOS devices and device...
  3. Scubadave112

    Camera Masking via IOS Shortcut

    So I am a noob and based on everything I have read online, this should be easy, but I am not a programmer and I know nothing about all the solutions I read... What I can say is that I can disable the camera masks via...
  4. martyouel

    Filter ALTER view

    Hi, is it possible, like we can do with the Windows application, to filter the alert to only show the flaged one ? My "real alert" are flaged by an external AI tool so it is those alerts that I wanna see by default. Equivalent of this option :
  5. martyouel

    Details view not showing last real alert

    Hi, I switched my configuration of BI to trigger the ALERT from an external application. Since this, when I open the Details view in the BI Iphone APP, the "last alert image" in the right column do not show the last alert. It is stuck on the last alert image triggered when I was not using...
  6. martyouel

    Datetime Text overlay on clip viewing on iphone app

    Hi all, when I watch recorded clip, from the Iphone APP, I have a datetime text overlay added on the clip. I do not have this on the live preview from the app and I do not have it when I watch the clip from the web UI. Any clue ? Thanks Martin
  7. D

    NVR/IPCam Package That Supports Remote Viewing over LAN (With no Internet access)

    Hi everyone! First post here. I've been browsing the forums for a year or so now as I planned my transition away from an Arlo camera setup to a PoE IP Cam setup. I've read through many of the starter guides, talked to support at a few IP cam companies, and still haven't been able to find the...
  8. AveryFreeman

    Has anyone gotten a Dahua camera to work in iVMS-4500?

    Hey, I have a friend who bought some Dahua IP cams. He already uses iVMS-4500 for his Hikvision DVR, which I've gotten to work with off-brand IP cameras but never a Dahua camera. I would rather not tell him he has to get a new app to view his new cameras, so I thought I'd ask to see if anyone...
  9. iseeker

    iOS app not connecting when on VPN; can login to BI machine through browser though

    I connect fine to the iOS app (v 1.63.10...latest) when at home on my LAN wifi. However, when I log in on my iPhone over VPN (OpenVPN server in my Synology Router), the app won't connect. Over the same connection, I can login through safari to the static ip address of my BI server (with port)...
  10. T

    iPhone push error

    I haven’t received any iPhone push alerts in a couple weeks using Blue Iris 4. Status messages show iOS push error. I have 3 different devices and it doesn’t push to any. I tried doing a complete uninstall and reinstall, still with no success. Anyone else have this issue or know what to do to...
  11. S

    Value & Update Policy for Blue Iris iOS App?

    Anyone know what the update policy is for the app? I'm considering buying, but not sure how much value it adds over UI3 in the browser. It looks like it hasn't been updated in a while either. Can anyone with both apps comment on the functionality of one over the other?
  12. rubdom

    IOS app and 4k Cameras issue

    Hello, I’m trying to solve a strange problem that recently came up. HIK vision 4K cameras won’t display in the iOS blue iris app only when viewing a single camera and only during the day. The cams display correctly at night (ir setting), when looking at the multi cam display, thumbnail...
  13. N

    No iOS Notifications Being Sent

    I haven't been getting notifications to iOS. At first I thought nothing of it, but now I am wanting it. Checked my settings under mobile, phone was listed, ensured box was checked for PUSH. Went into the one camera I want notifications for, went in there, turned on Alerts Tab, enable mobile...
  14. J

    no Blue Iris push notifications at all on ios..

    Hi guys, anyone stop receiving push notifications on ios app from BI?...not getting anything...tried re-installing on iphone xs max running ios 12.1...also tried removing the phone from Mobile in the BI settings on PC...nothing yet. running BI x64 Thanks!
  15. V

    Playback on Mobile App when connecting to HikConnect/GuardingVision

    Hi all, I've just setup a Hiwatch NVR-108-A/8P NVR and when I connect to the NVR in app via the HikConnect/GuardingVision "platform", I am not able to Playback any recordings. On the playback timelines, lines where motion/alarms have triggered the recording are yellow suggesting "something" has...
  16. vnr111

    Get error “Can not open video” when trying to save alerts

    hi, I can’t seem to get the iOS app to save videos to my library. When I goto an alert, I see the video clip great, but when I try to save it I get “cannot open video”. If I goto the live feed and click the video save button, nothing saves. Any thoughts?
  17. P

    Delayed alerts on iOS app

    I'm having an issue where my alerts are 8-10 minutes delayed in reaching my iPhone. For example, I just drove up my driveway at 8:30 AM Eastern and did not get an alert on my phone until 8:38 AM Eastern. I can walk around my house and trigger all the cameras, but all the alerts are delayed...
  18. S

    LaView NVR owners, are you receiving notifications on iOS?

    A few months ago, I stopped receiving notifications on my iphone from the LaView Net app (it's just a rebranded version of iVMS 4500). I've been having a painfully slow conversation with LaView's support trying to get things working again. They don't seem too interested in helping me. To make...
  19. OldGoat

    Open Cloud Stored .bvr Files on IOS Blue Iris?

    My home system stores it's clips on OneDrive. My iPad BI client app can view clips when my home BI system is up and running. But what if my system is down, my home LAN is down, or computer stolen? How can I view those cloud saved .bvr files on on my iPad with the BI client? I know I can save...
  20. Steve Pepin

    Hidden cameras still show in iOS app

    In an attempt to have a real-time clone of my clips saved to NAS (as a real-time backup, and in case the BI server is stolen), I've followed advice here and created clone cameras which save to the network share, and then hidden the cameras. I've configured the BI server to not show hidden...
  21. C

    Missing camera on mobile app

    Recently got BI setup and added the mobile app to my iPhone. Everything is working fine except for the fact that one camera doesn't show up on the mobile app. It is listed and shows up fine on the PC, but it is nowhere to be found on the iPhone. Is there something I'm missing? The camera...
  22. M

    Push notification not working

    I have DS-7608NI-I2 / 8P NVR, and email notification seems to work. Now I want to turn on push notification to my iOS. I thought all I have to enable is "Notify Surveillance Center" on the NVR; not on individual HikVision cameras. Am I missing anything to enable push notification? Thanks, Mark
  23. H

    IOS BI App, User manual

    Anybody know where I might get a hard copy of the User's Manual for the IOS App for BI. The necessity pf switching back and forth between screens on the I Phone to review operating procedures is cumbersome. Thanks
  24. J

    Just purchased BI, need help with webserver. Going through my mifi

    I believe I have all the forwarding done properly but it still will not work. Internet comes in through my mifi, to a linksys router acting as a wireless bridge, into a powerline adapter, then into my blue iris server. Anyone see any settings that need changed or have any experience with this...
  25. C

    Blue Iris iOS App Missing Alert Clips

    I am running Blue Iris version and the Blue Iris iOS app version 1.18.03. In the iOS app, when selecting the alerts button, if I am going through a VPN, many of the alert clips are missing. I know the missing clips should be there because they can be seen in the server's clip window...
  26. B

    No video or audio feed when viewing single camera

    I'm running BI3 and just downloaded the BI iOS app. The app seems to work just fine except for one important detail, when i go the Cameras List, and select a single camera, I just see the controls, but no video. The PTZ controls work, but there's no video, and from what I can tell, no audio...
  27. S

    iOS App IDMMS for Dahau Cameras

    iOS App IDMMS: Does anyone know what the difference is between IDMMS HD AND IDMMS PLUS, which is the best to buy? Or is there something else better with to use with Dahau 3mp cameras. Thanks Supie
  28. lojix

    Blue Iris V4 Compatibility With IOS App

    Is anyone using the Blue Iris IOS app with V4? If so is there any known issues or compatibility problems?