1. localhorst

    PoE+ IEEE802.3at for several Axis PTZ cameras

    Hello Community, I purchased second-hand following Axis cameras: P5414-E P5624-E P5532 Unfortunately none of the above is working when powered with PoE. As a PoE+ Switch I tested with: TP-Link TL-SG1005P Netgear GS308PP I was never able to obtain an Ethernet link. So I suspect the problem...
  2. M

    Axis equipment for sale UK

    is equipment for sale#260 4 minutes ago · 0 comments Discussion options McrAxis 4 minutes ago Hi guys. I'm a cctv engineer / business owner in the North West. (Manchester uk) I have alot of axis equipment left over from various jobs / over orders / spares. I'm planning on moving abroad...
  3. postscript

    WTS PRICE DROP (Open Box) (2x) AXIS Q3709-PVE Panoramic Network Cameras

    For sale: Two (2) open box AXIS Q3709-PVE panoramic IP cameras. ... ... ... These AXIS cameras are priced to move at $1099 each $599 EACH OR $1100 FOR BOTH with shipping to the lower 48 (CONUS) on my dime. Please compare to SOLD eBay listings for new/open box items and feel free to make...
  4. T

    Stream preview without login

    Hello all, 

I have recently purchased the sd49425xb-hnr to replace an Axis P5415-E.. However during the purchase I overlooked a significant feature that the Dahua does not include which is the ability to view the web stream without logging in.

 Is there any thoughts on a way around this or...
  5. V

    Connecting IP Camera with YouTube using FFMPEG

    I´m trying to connect my ip camera with Youtube using ffmpeg to convert the stream from RTSP to RTMP. rtsp_url="rtsp:/xxxxxx" rtmp_url="rtmp:/xxxxxx" ffmpeg -rtsp_transport tcp -i $rtsp_url -tune zerolatency -vcodec libx264 -pix_fmt + -c:v copy -c:a aac -strict experimental -f flv $rtmp_url...
  6. M

    HELP! I’m stuck w/ Blue Iris Setup (w/ Pics)

    Looking for guidance/help on my Home AV/Automation/Blue Iris Camera Setup Intro: Hello all! New member here. I have been reading many topics on these forums for the past three months and have learned a lot about camera and Blue Iris setups…. Let me start by saying I am very unfamiliar with...
  7. Mark_M

    Dome with IR that doesn't have glare issues?

    Came across this one from Axis Youtube channel. It's said to not to buy Domes because of IR issues at night, this looks to be a promising change. Seems like a similar IR arrangement to some dome PTZ cameras. I'm looking forward to when Dahua/Hikvision have some reasonably priced domes with...
  8. A

    Axis P3225-LVE won't run HikConnect liveview over ONVIF protocol, but plays loccaly ok

    Hello Team! I have a hudge problem with getting HikConnect liveview from my DS-7608NI-K1 and Axis P3225-LVE. Well, it is impossible to add&run camera via Axis protocol, what is well known problem. As community adviced, I added it via ONVIF protocol and connection is ok – playback, monitor view...
  9. R

    Hikvision NVR with Axis IP camera/ONVIF Issue

    Hello I have a Hikvision DS-7732NI-I424P and an Axis P1405-LE MK II The main stream is working fine but I can’t get the sub stream to work. Does anyone know the details of the built in Axis Protocol? I can create a custom one but will need the original one as reference. Alternatively, the...
  10. G

    Dahua/Axis - Not showing Channel/Time Overlays

    Hey guys, not new here but first post! I just swapped an outdated Exacquvision/IVT system for a 32 channel Dahua NVR. All is well other than none of the Channel names or dates are showing. See Photo I have the expected settings.. But I cannot save these settings, nor alter their settings...
  11. Bizentech

    Having trouble using AXIS protocol on NVR

    Hello all, I am having trouble using the AXIS camera protocol on a Hikvision NVR (newest firmware) I can get the axis camera to work using the ONVIF protocol, but since the camera is a fisheye, I need to capture the panoramic stream which is the second stream. If I try using stream/channel...
  12. ermac

    Axis Cameras on Dahua NVR

    Hi, I have a Dahua XVR and Dahua cams both IP and HDCVI. I am looking at some Axis IP domes on the remaining slots I have available on the system. Does anyone know exactly how much functionality will be lost on the Axis cameras going through the Dahua XVR? Is it still worth it? Would I still...
  13. JPercival

    Cannot add two Axis IP cameras to Tigersecu DVR

    Hi there. I am taking over an abandoned project at a new job of mine. The previous IT person is no longer here and I am trying to get an non-functional system working again with hardware that this place has laying around. I have 2 Axis cameras (one Axis P3215-VE and one Axis P1427-LE) that are...
  14. c hris527

    AXIS P3224-V MK 11..What am I doing wrong ?

    Hi Gang, I Inherited a axis system about 8 months ago that I need to figure out. The Company that installed it on one of our remote sites got banned so they are of no help to me. The system Is running fine but at the time they purchased extra cameras for future use, well as I was told the...
  15. weathernight

    install axis camera 207w - Dahua NVR

    Need help installing axis camera 207w non-onvif and manually install on Dahua NVR NVR4104-4KS2. See the attach images for references of my configuration.
  16. Q

    Axis Camera Station

    So I installed AXIS camera station on a PC I had laying around to use it as my main NVR and it will work for a while and then when the PC does an update and I try to reboot the camera station client it gives me an error saying local axis camera station server is not started. Start local server...
  17. Amic22

    1 New Still Sealed Axis M2026-LE -White

    1 New / Never Used Axis M2026-LE - White. In Box with intact seal. Didn’t end up using all the cameras with my system. Paid $425.00 would like to get $250.00 Selling in US
  18. J

    Axis M2026le MK II Setup issues

    I am having a heck of a time adding some new Axis MK2026-LE MK II Cameras into blue iris. I have tried general ONVIF (Created onvif user on axis) as well as every Axis specific profile. I got one to work for a bit but received continuous timeout errors and the image was very jumpy. Does...
  19. Jake Reindl

    Axis M1034-W Two-way audio works, but distorted

    I have an Axis M1034-W and the audio from the camera is great, but when I talk back through, it's very very deep and unintelligible. I don't see any settings in BI to adjust anything, but maybe I'm missing something. Any help?
  20. X

    Hikvision DS-7608NI-E2/8P with old Axis ip cams

    Hi all, i have a client with 3 old types of axis cams: 209FD, 215 PTZ and 221 we normally only work with hikvision products and therehow want to connect them to an recorder of Hik we have in stock and we know how it works. But is it possible to connect these cams? and is it possible to use the...
  21. guruerror

    Recommended Camera Software for Axis/Dahua Setup

    I've been testing various camera monitoring solutions and have yet to find one that adequately supports both Axis and Dahua cameras. Currently I'm running Axis Camera Station and SmartPSS independently to monitor my setup (4 Axis M1054s and 3 Dahua DH-SD22204TN-GN), but I'd like to find a...
  22. David L. Gelb

    WTS Axis Communications P1427-LE outdoor bullet style security cameras

    Selling 3 like new Axis Communications P1427-LE outdoor bullet style security cameras. All three cameras are in like new physical and operating condition. 2 come in original boxes. I purchased these at B&H for $677.22 each, selling all 3 for $1500. Axis Communications P1427-LE Overview The...
  23. N

    Help me add Axis camera to IVMS-4200

    I am trying to add a couple of legacy cameras, Axis M3005-V, to my IVMS-4200 setup (v2.6.2.6 build 20170719) but I cannot figure out how to do it. I have added them as "Third-Party Encoding Devices" in the "Device Manager" and they come up under "Device for Management" but not as "Online...
  24. B

    Blue Iris Live View Video Jumpy

    I have an Axis Q3505 that I am streaming through BI and every second or so the image will jump. I am not recording and have also found that when viewing the camera through the Axis web browser it is perfectly smooth. The FPS are set to 20 but I am getting an error indicator in BI and it shows...
  25. M

    BNC Analog into Hikvision NVR

    Hello All, I'm looking to include an old analog camera into a Hikvision NVR DS-7616NI. I am using an Axis M7011 to convert the analog BNC signal to Digital. I'm able to access the M7011 over ethernet, change the IP and access all internal settings. Are there any important settings on...
  26. C

    AXIS P3346-VE and P3364-VE has jumpy frames even though measuring network performance looks good

    Hi all I have a 3-year ongoing issue with my AXIS P3346-VE and P3364-VE cameras that I have mounted outdoors around my house. When vehicles are passing by the video playback from the recorded video (as well as the live stream) has some jumpy frames / "jumpiness". It looks sometimes like the...
  27. Dodutils

    Axis 207W 24/24 7/7 since 10 years !

    Hi, Just a word to say I do have 3 Axis 207W running for 10 years now (bought 330€ each), well not 3 but 2 as one suddenly stopped display any video (don't now why, may be some faulty memory component died). Of course the web interface and the codecs are in trouble with recent Browsers but...
  28. M

    Hikvision NVR custom profile for RTSP

    Hello everyone, I've just upgraded to a new Hikvision DS-7600 series NVR, and am having issues creating a custom profile for my Axis encoder. I have verified that the following strings work in VLC and am trying to figure out how to add it in the NVR: rtsp://user ...
  29. I

    What software/HW solution can compete with AXIS's VCA like AXIS Loitering Guard?

    What SW/HW solution can compete with AXIS Loitering Guard (having smaller pricetag)? Hi, Can anybody recommend software of hardware solution that is similar to AXIS' Loitering Guard? It can be simple, but still having reasonable false-alarm amount, unlike, probably, Hikvision's intrusion...
  30. J

    Are Axis camera's worth it?

    Hi, my father recently had a new security setup installed in our home. Our previous setup was from Honeywell and he was quite content on using an improved version from this brand, but the company we hired for the job suggested (and almost forced) us to go for Axis. Of course, the quality is...