1. a1topgun

    New System Set Up

    Newbie here. I have set up a few webcams at our local small airport so I have some (very little) experience. We are building a new terminal building at the airport and the manager asked me to set up a new security camera system with 7 – 8 cameras. Looking at Amcrest, Lorex, or Dahua system with...
  2. R

    WTS Sold: Amcrest 8-Port POE NVR NV4116E-HS

    Purchased from Amcrest back in 2020 for a project but didn't get to it. Been in storage throughout the pandemic, finally got some time to clear everything. The bios battery somehow had died, and replaced. Please excuse the crudity of the hot glue as I couldn't fine an exact match of the...
  3. J

    Amcrest IP5M T1277EW-AI not fitting junction box, has anyone had success with others?

    I've encountered an issue with the IP5M T1277EW-AI cameras and their junction box compatibility. When I consulted the forums, most people seemed to have had the opposite problem – their junction boxes were larger than the cameras. In my case, however, the cameras are larger than the junction...
  4. J

    Dahua / Amcrest API Client

    I have several Amcrest IP cams that I had been struggling with. In the process of troubleshooting them, I wrote a shell script to download and change settings for several cameras at once. I figured this might be as useful to some of you as it was for me, so I rewrote it in Go, so that non-unix...
  5. T

    IP8M-2899EW-AI Auto-Tracking

    Hey guys , I know this might be stupid but I bought two of these cameras believing they support auto-tracking based on my discussion with the Amcrest Sales team. I don't know if it was a language barrier but my whole intention was the auto-tracking feature. I know Dahua makes the hardware...
  6. Mark_M

    Reolink, Hikvision and Amcrest reliability- mentioned by Lawrence Systems

    Video in question: Spoiler - graph of failure rates: Why is quality important? Also a mention about divided opinions on various forums. This video gives numbers on failure rates and opinion. Numbers don't lie unless they are a lie. A summary and quoting his opinion for each brand...
  7. Mikentosh2017

    Cam2: No signal

    I reconnected some Ethernet cables and now the camera fails to connect. I deleted the 1st camera thinking I should set up the camera again. Shouldn’t these port assignments match?
  8. N

    Camera Conflicts

    Greetings. I'm having problems with three new Amcrest indoor cams (ip4m-1041W) that I recently added to BI. I have no trouble adding them however I can not have them enabled at the same time. One works with no problems at all but when I enable a second one my system starts to bog down a...
  9. R

    Access Point for Wireless Cameras

    I am putting all my cameras in a separate VLAN. I have a few wireless cameras that are on my "main network"/LAN (with internet access). I want to connect a separate AP to the camera VLAN and then have the wireless cameras connect to that AP. Are there any particular things to look for when...
  10. R

    Android App or UI3

    We have some indoor cameras (VansView) and I am going to add some Amcrest cams. All of them will (not yet) be on a separate VLAN. Hence, to access them I have to use BI. There is the BI Android App but the reviews are pretty bad. So I am wondering if I should just use UI3. The main problem I...
  11. R

    Indoor Camera With BI and App Access

    When we are away I usually use OpenVPN to get into our network and look at the cameras via BlueIris. My wife doesn't like that and she wants an app to access multiple indoor cameras and that allows her to PTZ the cams and have 2-way audio "communication" (with the dog). What might complicate...
  12. M

    IP4M-1051 2022 Firmware Released

    It looks like on July 27, 2022, Amcrest finally released new firmware for its (Dahua's) IP4M-1051. Has anyone tried it yet? I am only using IP4M-1051s with BlueIris and they seem to be working alright as is so I thought I would ask before installing.
  13. M

    Amcrest problems with Blue Iris

    Just got a new Amcrest ASH43-W. I set it up using the android app, Amcrest Smart Home. Its wireless about 2 feet from router. I was able to add it to the app and it shows an IP address of It shows up on my router as the same. Also, it shows up on the Amcrest Config Tool. but...
  14. conner05

    Camera System/NVR Setup Recommendations

    Hey everyone, I'm new to this space and have been trying to do a lot of research to inform myself of the options for a camera system for my home. My wife and I moved into a new home about 2 years ago and now we're looking to get a camera system setup for in and outside of our home. After...
  15. KurtH

    New member introduction

    Hello IP CamTalk forum. I joined in Jan22 so I thought I'd throw in my intro. I hope to occasionally use the expertise on the forum as well as contribute to the conversations and help others if I can. I'm a retired IT and Cyber Security professional. I have about 2 years of experience...
  16. KurtH

    Amcrest security vulnerability (HIGH) - CVE-2020-5735

    Hello all. This has been out there since April of 2020 but I didn't see any posts here so in the name of information dissemination, I wanted to put it out there. Although Amcrest cameras have a few acknowledged and unacknowledged security-related flaws that we all seem to put up with for the...
  17. M

    Amcrest AD410

    I recently bought the AD410 from Amcrest. The doorbell is about 10-15 feet away from my other 2 cameras in the same location. I have set the doorbell with the same settings in BI as these other 2 Wyze cam V3 using Deepstack. I notice that the Wyze cams are able to detect motion from cars about...
  18. S

    AD410 Doorbell Camera - Running extremely hot?

    Howdy all. I just got my AD410 doorbell installed and my family has noticed that it's hot to the touch. I decided to take some measurements and was rather surprised by the temps I'm seeing. My entryway is in constant shade, the doorbell is never in direct sunlight, and the ambient temp outside...
  19. K

    BI5 dropping frames on Motion triggers

    When recording continuously with motion trigger recording enabled, I lose 10-60 frames at the beginning and end of the motion event. I am running the latest stable BI5, with four cameras currently, two amcrest, two unifi, though it seems to happen with any manufacturer/model I try. I have my...
  20. B

    Amcrest ASH22 - Web Interface?

    I see the camera's IP address - but when I browse to it, nothing (404). Does this camera have a web interface to control the settings? Can I connect to it with BlueIris?
  21. W

    Amcrest AD110 - Can I do better than this?

    I received my Amcrest AD110 video doorbell yesterday and was able to get both it and the included module for my existing mechanical chime hooked up. I have not been able to get remote access working yet, but that's alright because I will be using Blue Iris. Likewise, I did not install a microSD...
  22. P

    Quality IP Cameras

    Hello, I have been using Reolink cameras for a while now but from time to time they tend to go out of focuse, offline and just stop working. Are these a good quality camera or should I invest in another brand? I have been hearing alot about Hikvision, dahua, and amcrest. Can anyone please...
  23. W

    Amcrest Doorbell - Compatible UK Chimes

    Hi, Ive bought the Amcrest 1080p doorbell and im looking for a cheap chime. I noticed the ones listed on the site are US based, the one I fanices was Byron 776 as it has a built in transformer but on the site it says its not compatible. Anyone in the UK got the same door bell with any...
  24. Jb2644

    Amcrest NVR with other brands

    I wish I’d discovered this site before building my security system. Thank you to everyone for sharing their knowledge. I was wondering if anyone has experience with using non-Amcrest cameras on their Amcrest NVR. I have 3 Amcrest POE cameras, 2 smart home Amcrest + the Amcrest doorbell, and...
  25. M

    AD110 Amcrest Doorbell - Focus Distance Issue

    Hi, all, just added an AD110 to my growing collection of Amcrest/Dahua cameras. Interesting concern that I haven't been able to find online. It appears my unit's focus depth is stuck in macro/shallow. For viewing anything from two inches (50mm) to six inches (150mm) from the camera lens, the...
  26. H

    Amcrest camera motion detection event not triggering in BI5!

    I am trying to configure motion detection triggered by the camera and the event recorded by Blue Iris, and NOT the internal Blue iris motion detection. This way BI doesn't have to crank CPU usage when the camera can trigger a motion alert on its own. I have an Amcrest 8MP PoE outdoor 4K turret...
  27. athornfam2

    New Camera IP Issues?

    I'm kind of at a loss at where to go with this camera (ip5m-t1179ew-28mm). For some reason the camera will not recieve a DHCP address on my vlan 10 network ( I know for a fact the vlan is working, can route where I need it to, and get DHCP because I have a set of 10 devices...
  28. dm33

    How to fully reset Amcrest IP8M-2496E

    I have 3 IP8M-2496E cameras. They're all behaving differently even with same configuration. Is there a way to fully reset the camera? Apparently soft and hard reset doesn't do it. I "think" the irreversible change happened when I had an Amcrest NVR and it configured the camera. I've since...
  29. I

    Can I rotate video in Blue Iris if I mount this cam on the ceiling ? Amcrest 4MP UltraHD Indoor WiFi Camera

    Hi all, Just wondering if I purchase this Amcrest camera that is supposed to sit on a surface like a table, if I can use BlueIris to rotate the video feed 180 degrees while watching the live feed. I have a good area where I could mount this outside near my front door where it never gets wet. (...
  30. S

    New Amcrest IP5M-T1179EW-36MM graphical glitches and freezing runs hot?

    Hi everyone, I saw this drop to 59.99 on Amazon and figured I would try it as I am more interested in the audio than video quality to see when the mailperson comes or what happens with deliveries like when a loud thump is heard. When setting it up I noticed it was running warm to the touch vs my...