1. C

    External Siren to Dahua KTP02 - VTH2421FW

    I have 2 wires siren I would like to add to VTH2421FW. I did the following wiring: COM ➡️ DC +12V NO ➡️ Siren DC -12V ➡️ Siren However, if door is open for certain time, internal beep on VTH is triggered and siren is not working. Any advice if this setup is correct? Is it possible to allow...
  2. orfaly800

    Changing IMEI for hikvision ax pro64 device

    Hello, friends, how are you? I have an alarm device from Hikvision(Axpro64), and I need a way to help me change the imei number on the device. Recently, I opened the cover of a device and noticed that there was an electronic piece of the sim card(Sim Com)"I will attach a picture of it" bearing...
  3. P

    SMD Alarms not appearing in Log anymore

    I've got a bit of a odd problem with a Dahua DH-XVR5108H-4KL-I Recorder. We've got a reasonably big Setup with 6 HDCVI and 7 IPC-HFW3849T1-ZAS IP Cameras hooked up to the Recorder which were all installed by a Security company at my mothers place. The idea is that the IP cameras in the most...
  4. 2

    Dahua Tioc 2.0 IVS

    Hi, I am wondering when the dahua TIOC 2.0 camera is ‘armed’, for it to only trigger on my IVS ruling of line crossing. At the moment I am having the issue of the camera strobe and siren go off whenever it detects a human walking past the house. As it is installed at the front of my house to...
  5. saltwater

    What a great idea - garage roller door - wireless reed switch and door hinge

    I installed a wireless alarm system and have wireless reed switches on every entry/exit door except my garage roller door. When I purchased the system, many months ago, I was told the system did not have a garage roller door reed switch, period. As I now know, that was the knowledge base...
  6. K

    DSC alarm system with PC1555RKZ keypad wanting a display

    We have a DSC alarm system with 2 of the PC1555RKZ keypads (no display) and I want to update them to have the display. The docs suggest the LCD5500Z keypad. Is this as simple as just replacing the keypad making all the wires match up from the old to the new or does the LCD one require more in...
  7. amrogers3

    alarm wire from IPC-B5442E-Z4E

    Couple questions about this guy. I have 5 skinny wires coming form the IPC-B5442E-Z4E. Where is the best place to find compatible devices that work with the Dahua cameras? I looked on the Dahua site but didn't see anything. I am looking for a siren and light, something that will generate sound...
  8. S

    Looking for a solution for alarm and video all in one

    Hi all, So I've been tearing up the internet up and down looking for a solution to this. I want to be able to integrate a wireless alarm panel (like the Honeywell Vista Panel) with ONVIF cameras. I've been looking for a some sort of user friendly version, but I specifically don't want to use...
  9. amrogers3

    IVS scheduler

    I bought the NVR608-32-4KS2 from Andy. I got everything working for the most part. The only thing I can't seem to figure out is the IVS Scheduler. No matter what I schedule, the audio alarm triggers once the tripwire is broken. Anyone know what might be the problem? I've tried google and...
  10. amrogers3

    Acusense and 1/1.8 sensor

    Sorry, 2nd post in the same day. So couple guys here were super helpful in helping me figure out optimal sensor size. big thank you to wittaj and sebastiantombs. 720P - 1/3" = .333" 2MP - 1/2.8" = .357" (think a .38 caliber bullet) 4MP - 1/1.8" = .555" (bigger than a .50 caliber bullet or...
  11. denywinarto

    Motion based Rules + Alarm notification doesn't work

    Anyone got this working on 2021 R1? So i need to setup alarm + email whenever there's a movement at night for specific cam, I found some tutorials mentioning i need to use input from the cam like this one But the problem is, out of 5 cams only 1 cam has input, and it has 5 of them, so there...
  12. D

    Anyone experience with Dahua Airfly?

    Hi, I am looking for a new alarm system in my house. I already have 2 IP cameras with a recorder from the brand Dahua. Today I saw dahua also sellf alarm products named Airfly. Here in the netherlands they don't sell it. I also can't search on other countries. Is this end of life? Thanks Dion
  13. W

    Imou Looc (dahua ipc c26e) - How can I activate and desactivate motion detection with Onvif

    Hi, I bought this camera because it was supposed to be compatible with IFTTT but it doesn't. My end goal is to be able to activate and desactivate motion detection with a physical bouton but I know it's maybe too much to ask with this price range of camera ?? Do you think it's possible to do it...
  14. jd415

    Hikvision Turbo X Siren/ Police Light Demonstration

    Not my video but this is pretty cool, Dahua came out with something similar as well.
  15. E

    Feed KNX sensor data into VTH1660CH for alarm functionality

    Hi, a while ago I started to use my VTH1660CH / VTO2000A as a alarm system. For this I need to provide the available sensor data of my KNX system to the VTH1660CH and/or VTO2000A. Because - both system shall be galvanic separated (failure in one system shall not damage the other, grounding not...
  16. S

    Wired or Wireless Alarm System for Home

    I've been looking at some Dahua and Hikvision products on their alarm systems. Are the wireless systems good? Obviously in terms of installation the wireless would be better, however would the wireless be of interference with other wireless devices in the home causing problems? Router...
  17. J

    manually triggering siren from dahua mobile app

    Does anyone know if it is possible to manually trigger an alarm/siren that is connected to a dahua camera via their mobile app? I do not want to setup the alarm to automatically be triggered when detecting motion as to avoid a very loud false alarms! As soon as I get the email alert...
  18. wolfheart1981

    Ezvis Guard + set up help please?

    Hi, I have 2 x Ezvis wifi cameras conected to an ezviz nvr via lan, my problem is where in the earth do you turn on the siren and strobe light please, as the manual is useless and I cannot find any information anywhere on how to do this?
  19. Frankenscript

    Looking for sump alarm with phone notifications; Blue-Iris plug-in?

    Hi folks, I just got bitten by the sump complacency bug. I've got a fine pump, replace it and the float every five years or so, always worried but the water table seemed to be low enough that even in the worst of times the sump just runs occasionally. The last few days we had a little rain, not...
  20. J

    Doubt about Dahua NVR push notifications

    Hi! I have a system with 5 (for now) cameras. I am using a Dahua NVR4216-4KS2 to record footage from all of them. I connected the external alarm system to the first alarm input of the NVR. The behavior I would like to get is to receive footage from the cameras when the alarm system is triggered...
  21. nofali

    POE cable

    Hi guys, I jsut bought 2 poe cables for my dahua ipc with alarm input on and audio in and out It's two sided poe... But i am not sure how to use them! Please see attached photo Waiting for help!
  22. D

    Hikvision NVR arming schedule

    Hi! New to this forum. Please help. Anybody know if Hikvision NVR's can be set to have a motion alarm triggered for two time periods in one day? i.e. 7PM - 8AM overnight? From what I can tell, I can only go from 7PM to midnight each day, but I'd like it to continue throughout the next...
  23. luisrodz

    New DYI guy with new project

    Hi, I've been browsing your forum for a while looking for ideas for my new built house. I did some pre-wiring before the drywall was placed trying to avoid some headaches after moving in. Is one-story house with a bonus room upstairs (does this make it a two-story house?) Well, I was thinking...
  24. J

    Does anyone know of a good alarm and cctv app ?

    Does anyone know of a good alarm and cctv app ? Im looking for a complete system where the alarm and cctv is under one app rather than having a separate app for both We where previously looking at Pyronix (part of hikvision) but they have use the cctv part of the Pyronix app and now it’s an...
  25. D

    Using IP message (API?) to trigger recording

    Team, Camera: 2DS-2CD2135FWD Storage: Synology NAS with Surveillance Station I would like an external application to tell the camera (or surveillance station) to start recording. A smart solution appeared to be to make the Alarm OUTPUT trigger the Alarm INPUT (based on this thread). ALARM...
  26. T

    Alarm linkage?

    Hello everyone. I have a small backyard that should not be accessible. I'd like to put a camera that warns me if someone (or something) is in the 20 ft x 20 ft area. Unfortunately I can't install an alarm system and I'd like to have a live feed of the area during the day so I thought maybe I...
  27. Robert M

    Using JSON API to Mail Snapshots

    I'm working with the JSON interface now and already have working code to change profiles when I arm/disarm my home alarm. What I'm looking for now and not sure if I can do is trigger screenshots to be emailed on alarm triggers (vs just motion triggers from camera). Is this possible? Would it...
  28. Morpheus78

    DS-2CD2410F-IW alarm with SD card Inserted

    Hey everyone, I have 3 new DS-2CD2410F-IW cameras which I have set up on my network. My problem with 2 of the new cameras is that when I install a SanDisk or KingStone 64 GB SDXC or 32 GB SDHC, the audible alarm runs continuously and won't shut off until I remove the card. I have disabled all...
  29. smontoya

    How to get alarms from Hikvision IPCamera

    Hi all, I have an Hikvision IP camera DS-2CD2120F-IW model with firmware v5.4.5 and I need to get alarm events produced by Line Crossing Detection to work with them on my web application. Which ways do i have to get this information? I am trying to understand XML from ISAPI method GET...
  30. S

    "Optional" Alarm IO on Hikvision NVRs?

    I have a bunch of Hikvision cameras and want to get a Hikvision NVR. I need Alarm IO, but I don't need POE. I bought this NVR (NSN-616) from Nelly's and the specs are confusing: It says the Alarm IO is optional. The one I...