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    SSD drive vs conventional hard drive

    What do you use for cloning?
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    Android Blue Iris App on Google Store

    I have a copy of the APK BI app ver. 1.0.63 which is stable on current android versions 10 and 11. I just installed 2.0.69 about 4-5 days ago on a tablet and ended up removing it and downgraded. I recommend you try Smart Switch (Windows) from Samsung to create a back up of what you need...
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    Android push notification stopped working in

    Do you mind re-installing and see if it still is happening? Also, who's your service with? I've been trying to get to the root of Android notifications problems which have been around for awhile. I'm not convinced it's the software . . .
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    [Solved] Anyone else having push notifications issues/failures on Android?

    gilkman, are you T-Mobile? Cameraguy, are you T-mobile and Android, Galaxy?
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    [Solved] Anyone else having push notifications issues/failures on Android?

    Not in front of my server, . . . but go to one of your camera properties page, alerts, then send push notification configure page, then test. I think the server will tell you how many device it sent a push to. Compare that to the number of devices listed on the server and that might help...
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    [Solved] Anyone else having push notifications issues/failures on Android?

    I have seen it with the T-Mobile Android (Galaxy) for several months. I haven't figured it out yet. Did it start after a T-mobile update?
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    Image missing from push notification

    Clear the cache on the phone should fix it. Let us know how that works. . . .
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    F-ing Spider Webs!

    Be honest . . . how many of you got a can of WD-40 and a lighter and gave it a try? Tell the truth! :)
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    BI5 Slowing Network (Wifi only but only 1 wifi camera)

    Flag Up Detector? I'm curious . . . please tell more.
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    SMS Alerts Stopped Working [UPDATE: ANSWER FOUND!]

    FWIW, I'm having same issue (similar issue) with T-mobile (Android) also. Started about 6 months ago. I was looking more into the Android security, but yours being an Iphone has me scratching my head. . . To my specific issue . . . my problem is not text or emails, its BI notifications stopped.
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    My Wife And The Skunk

    Parley, the skunk is stinky cool but please tell me about the classic sitting in the driveway! I'm guessing '60's era . . .
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    Who runs 6+ 1080p wireless cams flawlessly (no disconnects) in there BI environment?

    Lame-dic set up an account to see if he could get banned in his first 3 post. . . . took him 7 . . . . what a loser!
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    blue iris 4 app jumps to desktop whenever a camera is triggered

    Whattada know. . . all these years using BI I somehow overlooked this feature. Nice to know. Thanks kiwibird.
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    Older Foscam 8919w no signal?

    I think most folks here threw the Foscams in the garbage. :welcome: I know I did.
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    Alert for my mailbox

    Here are a couple of options that work great. If you have a hub even better.;15682928648577727590210090301008005&creative=395261&creativeASIN=B003IHTZEY&linkCode=asn MisterHouse...