Disabling IVS rules on Dahua NVR


Young grasshopper
Jul 11, 2020
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So I've got my system with Dahua NVR and multiple Dahua POE cameras working pretty well but I still am trying to be able to enable and disable having an IVS rule trigger an alarm or an email via the http API. I've searched a number of the latest Dahua http API documents and still can't find an http command that deals with IVS rules specifically. I can enable and disable non IVS Motion detect no problem just not IVS rules. Has anyone else learned how to do this? Andy hasn't been able to get me an answer from Dahua.

I'm guessing it looks something like an http GET call like:[0].AlarmOutEnable=true but that doesn't work.

It might also be related to the event manager API which I don't understand. Does anyone have any examples that have worked for them?