1. F

    Same model name but different series/generation for Dahua Cameras ?

    Hello there, First of all I hope you're all having a good day. I was asking different suppliers for quotations for my video surveillance system that I wish to install in one of my warehouses in France and while talking to the first one giving him a list of my needs to get recommandations on...
  2. O

    Dahua ANPR Screenshots not saving via NVR

    Hi all, Hoping someone can help. I have a Dahua ITC-413 ANPR Camera camera connected with 7 other cameras to a Dahua NVR5216. I was able to get the ITC set up and if I'm connected to the web manager at the time of an ANPR event (car is seen) it downloads the screenshots of the car and license...
  3. U

    Can't open device config in SmartPSS with some Dahua devices

    Hi all! I'm getting the following error when trying to manage some Dahua NVR devices in SmartPSS under the "Device CFG" option. I can perfectly connect and view to all my IP Cameras through the Live View and Playback sections, but when I try to enter or change any parameter under "Device CFG"...
  4. T

    NVR showing port 80 not port 1 etc

    HI , I have not found what i am looking for as an answer yet so thought i would post my question here. I have a dahua DHI-NVR4432-16P-4KS2-4T and some hikvishion cameras IPC-D261H-MU Camera directly connected to ports on back of nvr I am trying to access through the explorer button but it...
  5. Archy54

    Dahua Tioc Alarm and voice over POE?

    Few questions over Dahua TIOC Advanced 2.0 DH-IPC-HDW3549HP-AS-PV-0280B-S3 Dahua 5MP AI Active Deterrence Full color Starlight IP Turret Camera. Can all of the functions be used over just POE, so alarm, lights, 2 way voice, AI wizsense. Hoping to use Home Assistant running frigate NVR + a 24/7...
  6. wvthoog

    Dahua PTZ control by joystick

    Hi guys, was looking for some library (python) to control a Dahua PTZ camera with a joystick. But apparently there aren't any, so i wrote my own. Tell me what you think Code GitHub - wvthoog/Dahua-Joystick-PTZ-Control Blog Dahua Joystick PTZ Control - Wim van 't Hoog Regards, Wim
  7. D

    Dahua VTO2000a SIP issue: stops working every time few days after reinstallation

    Hi My vto2000a and VTH worked for long time (with vto as SIP server), but recently I noticed that the VTH did not react anymore when someone pushed the VTO button at the door. The DMSS app still gets the signal, but that is P2P. I could not solve the issue so reset both VTO and VTH and...
  8. A

    [restart fixed, but unknown cause] Crippleware [or bug] by Dahua? Motion Recording was disabled for all non-Dahua IP cams on Feb 27, 2024

    1. Did Dahua push a stealth "crippleware" update? 2. How can I re-enable Motion Recording (yellow bar playback) on my IP cameras? 3. After #2, please explain how to setup IVS on my IP cameras? Thank you. On Feb 27, 2024, after 7:30AM – the Motion Recording (the yellow bar) was disabled on all...
  9. Bixler1

    Advice for settings for 1 Toic camera and 3 non Toic cameras

    Hello, i want to be able to get the best quality video and best AI feature balanced. Ive got models Dahua - DH-IPC-HDW3849H-AS-PV-ANZ-BLK - x1 Dahua - DH-IPC-HDW3666EMP-S-AUS-BLK - x3 here is a photo of my current encoding settings and image settings Ahua
  10. 8edw


    Hi. Recently upgraded one of my IPC-HDW3849H-AS-PV 's to the latest firmware and straight away it started acting funny. going online/offline logging in/out and coming up with failed to find network host. aswell as covering half of the screen with this colourful rainbow static. also its been...
  11. victorfsan

    IP Cam <-> Web server direct connection and integration

    I've been doing a lot of research lately, including this forum, into the possibility of implementing a direct interface between IP cameras (possibly Dahua, but I'm open to others) and a web server as part of a commercial solution. My goal is to be able to have several cameras monitoring...
  12. imran_ningolai

    I upgraded ptz DH-SD-65F230F-HNI-T with wrong firmware, now issue with SPI flash.

    I upgraded ptz DH-SD-65F230F-HNI-T with wrong firmware through ncom and tftp, Now there is an issue with SPI flash, When i am trying to upgrade, it shows error, like when i use "saveenv" it says "Saving Environment to SPI Flash... Environment SPI flash not initialized." please help me recover it
  13. Y

    Beginner question - POE 12V, 24V, 48V

    I am installing my first Dahua camera (N85FB7Z) after using Ubiquiti for several years. From what the sales department told me, it's a 48V system (and what few details I can scratch up online seem to confirm this). Why, then, is a 12V adapter recommended? Is it correct that this is a 48V POE...
  14. mcalex

    Dahua nvr stopped recording and displaying camera survilance video(event video loss)

    It happened all of a sudden at 5a.m in my shop 2 days ago. I was outside and no one was doing anything to the video recorder or cameras,so it happened all by itself. Since then Instead of video stream ,I only see dahua black logo on all 4 squares where video stream should appear. Video footage...
  15. Tnerb93

    IPC-T5442TM-ASE randomly stopped working

    Hi Guys, I have had 3 of the IPC-T5442TM-ASE purchased from Andy via Aliexpress randomly stop working. The first would have been after just over year old and another 2 have done the same a couple of years later at less than 3 years old. They all just randomly stopped showing up and I have...
  16. S


    Has anyone tested these new cameras from Hikvision ? Interested in their low light performance . https://www.hikvision.com/au-en/products/IP-Products/Network-Cameras/Pro-Series-EasyIP-/ds-2cd2667g2ht-lizs/
  17. A

    IPC-HDW2439TP-AS-LED-S2 WDR? How?

    I have a IPC-HDW2439TP-AS-LED-S2 (IPC-HDW2439T-AS-LED-S2? - not sure what the extra T means) and it's supposed to support WDR, HLC, and BLC as "Backlight" compensation. However, when I go to Backlight, the mode is Off, and the only option is WDR, but when I select it nothing happens and if I...
  18. B

    Dahua AcuPick

    Does anyone have an AcuPick enabled NVR & Camera that can provide some unbiased feedback on just how useful this AI feature actually is and if they feel it was worth the upgrade? Specifically I am wondering how well the accuracy is and if it requires face-level cameras to accurately work or...
  19. yorkie

    Update Gone Wrong - Possibly Bricked

    Hello, I am new here but have tried for an answer elsewhere and had no replies. Basically I have an IP PTZ which is kinda old and is a rebadged Dahua SD6982 / SD6982A - the product label is IC Realtime ICIP-2001HD-IR however as soon as it connected to my network the identifier was "Dahua" and...
  20. jayv

    No motion detection recorded only 24/7

    Just had new Dahua cameras put in with Dahua NVR. Had it for one week working normal and getting alert notification from MD. Suddenly stopped working today, only captures 24/7 recording no settings changed. The only thing I did was format disc to male more space on harddrive. Other than that...
  21. J

    Lorex started taking pre orders for new 4K doorbell B862AJDB

    Hi All, I know Lorex sells Dahua rebranded cams and till now they were selling 2K doorbell similar to Amcrest AD410. But now I just saw them taking pre-orders for new 4K doorbell with model# B862AJDB. Specs say it has vertical head to toe view and person, vehicle, animal and package detection...
  22. M

    Dahua camera and problems with new software

    I have spent some time investigating the problem, so now I share the results. The first step that caused the disaster was clicking "Update software". The newest software V2.800.0000000.43.R, Build Date: 2023-08-29 (DH_IPC-HX3XXX-Leo_MultiLang_PN_Stream3_V2.800.0000000.43.R.230829) was installed...
  23. D

    Need Help with Dahua PTZ Drive Belt Replacement & Power-On Issue After Outage

    Hello IPCamTalk Community, I'm reaching out to this knowledgeable community for some advice and potential solutions to two issues I'm facing with my Dahua cameras. Replacement Drive Belt for PTZ Camera DH-SD59A230TN-HNI My PTZ camera's drive belt recently snapped, and I've been unable to find...
  24. ardoo

    DAHUA XVR Email Motion pictures COULDN load

    Hi guys, i have a problem with the dahua xvr motion email photos. I have configured to IVS to send email notification with a photo attached to . But the thing is that the email is coming but the picture atacched is broken. Says COULDN load. ( screenshot below ) Does anyone have any clue why...
  25. cellman

    Unbrick Dahua NVR5216-8P I/L

    Hi, i need some help with my NVR. After a third Party Camera did not work correct i restarted my NVR (at this moment the 3 Dahua Cams worked fine). After a few Minutes i tried to open the Webinterface but got no response. When i checked the NVR Hardware and connect an Screen it Only shows NVR...
  26. B

    How to connect ZKTeco camera to dahua NVR

    Hi! I am new to this world and I just bought my first NVR (Dahua DHI-NVR1108HS-8P-S3/H), when buying the cameras, the seller sold me 2 ZKTeco cameras and told me the NVR and the cameras where compatible. Fast foward a month and I cannot for the life of me cannot successfully add the cameras to...
  27. B

    Can't edit active users in DAHUA XVRs- Please help!

    I have multiple Dahua DVRs and each one has multiple user accounts. Each time I want to edit a user account (remove access from a camera, change password, or simply remove the user) I can't, and I get the error that says: "user is in use now" as shown in the image attached below. To solve this...
  28. N

    Dahua face detection after update

    Dahua face detection option gone after nvr (dhi-nvr4104hs-p-4ks2/l) and (dh-ipc-hdw3549hp-as-pv) camera update the opition was there before the update and working i cannot get it back after multiple different manual updates any help woud be appreciated
  29. sdd123

    connect nfs smartpss

    I'm having trouble viewing camera recordings on my PC. Essentially, I have a mini PC running Ubuntu with an NFS server that stores the camera recordings. I was considering using SmartPSS, but I can't figure out how to connect my mini PC to it. When I connect from SmartPSS to my camera, it shows...
  30. P2K921

    Dahua VTO3211 doorbell and VTH2621monitor

    Hello everyone, I recently bought a VTO3211 doorbell and a VTH2621monitor. I can't make them work together. I followed the Dahua wiki for the installation. I see the doorbell on the monitor, and i see the monitor on the webservice of the doorbell. I installed the VTO on the VTH but ican't see...