1. AveryFreeman

    Does Dahua NVR make the phone app work any better?

    Hey, I'm just curious if anyone who has the Dahua NVR has noticed if having an NVR gives the phone app better functionality/new features vs using it directly with cameras? Specifically - I've noticed Hikvision IVMS-4500 and Milestone phone apps both have multiple live feeds when you first open...
  2. AveryFreeman

    How can I get better definition at further range when camera is next to porch light?

    Hey, I have this IPC-HFW1831C-PIR mini-bullet. It's a nice little camera, I like its features as a front-door cam. But the picture at night really sucks for any distance further than the porch. A lot of that I think is because it's next to the porch light. The porch shows up well, but...
  3. T

    Another new build thread: Need help with locations/cams

    Hi all, Long time lurker. Finally made an account. I am building a 2 story home and would like to install some perimeter cams. I was thinking of using a synology box (like DVA3221) to record low frame rate streams, and upon person detection (using its AI), record high frame rate streams for...
  4. besimsokoli

    My Dahua Ip Villa outdoor station dont recognize

    Hi there, i have a problem, I connect Dahua to dc power and also my Ip Villa with ethernet cable to my laptop, then i change ipv4 to because my range is 192.168.178..., than when i go to a browser, i cant access to my Dahua ip villa outdoor station, its only loading, where is the...
  5. Buttan Butt

    Choosing Dahua firmware from a list of firmwares with no further explanation

    Hi guys.... Sometimes you will find yourself having to choose between different things in life. That can be a challenge but even harder if you don't know what each option means. Would you like to have "lkjh" or a "kjhlkjuy" ??! Today I was just looking for a new firmware for my...
  6. Ceezyro

    door lock problem

    So i have the VTO3211D-P2 and the VTH2421FB-P and somehow i can't unlock the door from the vth but i can unlock it with my phone with easyviewer pro. Any solutions? in the unlock logs i get the card unlock fail.
  7. Buttan Butt

    Some Dahua Camera settings don't persist after reboot

    Hi there! I post this information here in case someone else is experiencing the same problem. Who knows, with a little bit of luck maybe someone can suggest a solution. I prefer to set encoding for both the main strean AND the substream to H.265 and and I want to have the Iframe interval set to...
  8. stavros54cy

    Dahua VTO/VTH group call issue

    I am having an issue with Dahua doorbell in VTO and dual VTH setup. It was already set up and working, until I decided I wanted to upgrade to the latest firmware, because I was bored ( I know, upgrading something with no reason while it is working, it is asking for trouble, and I got trouble)...
  9. ilya77

    IPC-HDW4631C-A and DHI-NVR4216-I

    Hi, i have a DHI-NVR4216-I with latest fw V4.001.0000000.3.202210 How can I check that a hacked Chinese IPC-HDW4631C-A (2.460.GP01.16.R, Build Date: 2017-09-04 ) camera will work with my recorder correctly or with failures? I have one this cam installed on our office and work with Synology, i'm...
  10. R

    HELP: API Call To Reset People Counting Records

    Hi, Is there an API call that can reset People Counting records? Number of people, exit, enter etc. I found this API call in the documentation - http://<server>/cgi-bin/videoStatServer.cgi?action=clearSectionStat But it doesn't seem to be working. Any help would be very much appreciated.
  11. S

    Unable to establish connection with Dahua controller

    Hello, I'm a developer, I work on a project to make my own acess control system with Dahua products (I work with ASC1204b-s controller) However, I cannot connect to the controller with the HTTP Protocol (Basic and Digest authentication) using the API. Instead of sending back an error code (like...
  12. VivekSharma

    Issue related Dahua Get Stream By Http URL

    I am trying to access dahua cam feed from two different camera from Browser. But it asks User Id and password everytime when I hit a dahua URL. How to solve this issue..?? I just want toh get the stream by providing only one time user id and password for dahua camera.. Can someone please tell me...
  13. R

    People counting function doesn't work

    Hi. I'm having trouble with setting up the People counting function on my IPC-HDW5442TM-ASE I've set the smart plan to People Counting and have drawn the rules properly, but crossing the specified area doesn't seem to work. No data gets recorded in the "report'' section and no event gets...
  14. Firenor

    IPC-T5442T-ZE dual IR - electrical tape?

    Just got the fantastic IPC-T5442T-ZE from Andy, kudos! I use it fully zoomed in to cover my house and its backyard/porch from a distance since I have several buildings on my yard. I have sitting about 1 inch inside a wall so it doesnt stick out at all, quite sneaky. It works well with the...
  15. bukso78

    IPC-T5241TM-AS (Dahua IPC-HDW5241TM-AS) and Synology Surveillance Station

    Hello all. I have read a lot of excellent info in this forum and in wiki, but there are still few things I would like to clarify. If members of this forum could share their answers to my questions below, I would be grateful. I did decide to install several cameras on my house and given my...
  16. wopi82

    Review of Dahua NVR5208-8P-4KS2E + Dahua HFW7842H-Z cooperation

    I hate to hear my recorded voice. And my spoken language really sucks. Just turn down the volume if you can't stand it ;)
  17. I

    What NVR for Dahua TiOC cameras (ideally with live backup to Synology NAS)

    Hi all, I have six cameras, two on the main house and four on an outbuilding. Mix of: Dahua DH-IPC-HDW3549H-AS-PV WizSense TiOC Grey Outdoor HD PoE Turret IP Camera w/ 2.8mm Lens, 30m Full Colour, Audio & Alarm (5 MP) Dahua DH-IPC-HFW3549T1-AS-PV WizSense TiOC Outdoor HD PoE Bullet IP Camera...
  18. D

    SmartPSS not available for download anymore

    Hi Guys, Anyone know why they removed SmartPSS download from the dahuasecurity website? Thanks!
  19. M

    VTO2211G-WP + VTH5341G-W 'network abnormal video connect timeout' HELP

    Hi all, I own a VTO2211G-WP + VTH5341G-W but can't make it work and would like some advice. It is set up as one VTO and one VTH with VTO acting as SIP server. I can access VTO live view trough the VTH. But once I try to call the VTH from the VTO I get a black screen with the audio (only one...
  20. M

    Dahua Deep IVS - Newbie question

    So I am trying to configure Deep IVS on my new camera but it's not working. I set up a rule yet the live view detects nothing and shows no lines. I tried both tripwire and intrusion with no luck. I must be missing something very basic but can't find answers after browsing online for a while...
  21. martoblue salata

    Dahua Manual Track Http API or SDK

    Dear all how to set dahua manual track using sdk or http? Regards
  22. Jb2644

    Amcrest NVR with other brands

    I wish I’d discovered this site before building my security system. Thank you to everyone for sharing their knowledge. I was wondering if anyone has experience with using non-Amcrest cameras on their Amcrest NVR. I have 3 Amcrest POE cameras, 2 smart home Amcrest + the Amcrest doorbell, and...
  23. G

    Dahua/Axis - Not showing Channel/Time Overlays

    Hey guys, not new here but first post! I just swapped an outdated Exacquvision/IVT system for a 32 channel Dahua NVR. All is well other than none of the Channel names or dates are showing. See Photo I have the expected settings.. But I cannot save these settings, nor alter their settings...
  24. C

    Dahua NVR2108HS-4KS2, problem after firmware upgrade

    Hi Few days ago I replaced a very old and noisy NVR with Dahua's NVR2108HS-4KS2 which promised plugin-less management/operation with a web browser. Everything was working as expected using Firefox on Linux. Then my NVR found a newer firmware version and, silly me, I told him to go for it. Now...
  25. SemVC

    Video stream by HTTPS cgi-bin/mjpg/video.cgi?channel=0&subtype=1

    Hi there, I have a DAHUA IP Camera setup & trying to vizualise & control movement on my website. On my website I'm sending an AJAX call to my server side .php file. The server side code connects by DIGEST AUTHENTICATION with the API (see videostream.png attachment) & gives us a response. Now...
  26. L

    Dahua ip camera garbled audio (solved)

    Hello all, A little while ago I noticed my cameras were capturing garbled audio both in Liveview and Playback (Dahua DH-IPC-HDW4831EMP-ASE ). The distortion made people sound satanic and illegible. I had a play around with settings this evening and found the cause. The relevant setting is in...
  27. N

    Possibly Bricked VTO - Please Help

    Hi everyone thank you in advance for reading my thread. I have a VTO6210B that I changed the http port from 80 to 37777 as I thought that was the issue with why it wasn’t alerting me. (Silly I know). I cannot now reach the VTO via a browser and have even tried and it’s...
  28. D

    SmartPSS stuttering image

    Hi Guys, My setup is 2IP cams and NVR from Dahua. When I display my cameras on the DMSS app it works like a charm. Without any lag on HD quality. When i display the cameras on SmartPSS is has a bit of lag. On the main stream it is very noticible, on the sub stream not that much. My camera...
  29. Ubaid Masood

    Dahua Lite Series Thermal BF1241 | Demo

    Dahua Lite Series Thermal BF1241 First impression | Fog testing Dahua Lite Series Thermal BF1241 IVS Human Detection | Demo
  30. G

    Smart PSS Dahua problem

    Hello, i have problem with smart pss. Every time the camera gives an alarm ivs smart pss takes a screenshot. Where to disable this option?